How to remove fluid from the lungs

Phlegm accumulated in the bronchi, can significantly complicate the human condition. Deviation from the norm worsens health, provokes the development of serious pathologies. In the event of this phenomenon, the accumulated mucus should immediately try to withdraw from the respiratory system. How to get phlegm out of the bronchi in each case will be prompted by a specialist, prescribing a drug treatment, physical therapy. However, at the initial stage of developing pathology, sputum accumulation can be completely eliminated at home.

How to remove fluid from the lungs

Airway clearance

Generally, the secretion to the surface of the bronchi occurs constantly, this physiological process is considered natural and normalized, the purification process, if the accumulated fluid has time to get out in time and along with it remove the pathogenic microorganisms, particles of dust and villi that have fallen on the organs along with the inhaled flow of air.

At the same time, immune cells of the body are involved in active work, increasing resistance to the onset of pathologies. Excreted substances are simply swallowed imperceptibly. When the villi are disturbed, which are on the surface of the bronchi, changes in the correct excretion process fail. Such a condition necessarily provokes something. The development of mucus while accelerating 10 – 15 times.

Causes of mucus in the bronchi

Depending on what provoked factors, it is necessary to make decisions on measures to eliminate such an unpleasant phenomenon. The source of mucus accumulation can be developing pathologies of internal organs, external factors associated with a person’s lifestyle, place of work. Based on why the bronchial mucus appeared, the consistency, the properties of the accumulating product are significantly different. That is why the doctor, before deciding on the diagnosis, to prescribe treatment, first takes from the patient the appropriate tests of urine, blood, sputum.

How to remove fluid from the lungs

Medical statistics show that most often this problem occurs with the following attendant factors:

  • Bronchial asthma. Obstructive bronchitis. Cystic fibrosis. The accumulated substance acquires a dense consistency, becomes viscous, dense. The nature of such manifestations of infectious-allergic. Sput externally is a serous, yellowish mass of mucopurulent content.
  • Pulmonary bleeding. Accumulations contain blood clots, streaks. The consistency is frothy, the shade is closer to scarlet. Often this is accompanied by flu, bronchitis.
  • Diseases of the respiratory organs of an infectious, viral nature, accompanied by cough, are often characterized by the accumulation of sputum. Outside, the viscous substance is transparent, transparent. When pneumonia occurs, the mucus becomes dense, like a cast, “rusty” in appearance.
  • In pneumoconiosis, the excreted product acquires a dark shade, exhaled coal dust.

Depending on how long the disease is tightened, how it managed to take shape, how the hue of the excreted substances changes, you can observe gray, green, yellow, brown, rusty, purulent clots. Glassy, ​​dense, dense, viscous, dense in consistency.

How to understand that sputum is formed

Pathology, provoking puffiness, inflammation of the respiratory mucosa, always accompanied by coughing, fluid accumulation in the bronchi. First, there is a dry or slightly wet cough. It is not recommended to suppress such symptoms, as the body performs an active fight against irritants, trying to suppress an unpleasant phenomenon on its own. When the cause of this phenomenon is identified, you can begin drug treatment to eliminate it, suppress the associated symptoms.

When wheezing, “gurgling,” and other suspicious sounds are clearly audible in the bronchi, there is definitely liquid on their surface. The sound appears because the drops are shaken by the flow of inhaled air, the doctor, and the patient himself hears them clearly. A dry cough suggests that it will be problematic to remove sputum from the bronchi, until the substance separates from the surface of the organ, takes on a less viscous, liquid consistency, so that the patient can turn it off.

The danger arises if pus comes out additionally, along with accumulations, cough increases, especially when there are sharp bends in the body, the patient as a whole becomes weaker, the general condition worsens. This indicates an airway abscess, the need for urgent hospitalization.

What contributes to the removal

Depending on the complexity of the developing disease, you can use excellent ways to alleviate the condition of the patient. Using therapy separately, or combining therapeutic procedures, activities.

Drinking hot drinks

Soften, dilute the contents of the surface of the body, allows plenty of warm drinks. This is primarily milk, which is recommended after heating for each glass to add a small pinch of baking soda, alkaline mineral water, any hot alkaline drink.

Decoctions of medicinal plants

Warm broths prepared on the basis of medicinal plants: chamomile, calendula, thyme, peppermint, lemon balm, St. John’s wort, and yarrow have high efficiency. Such drinks have high expectorant, analgesic, anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties. Regular drinking makes it possible not only to start coughing, improves the general well-being of the patient, activates the immune system, tones the work of the internal organs.

Air humidification

The room in which the patient with such symptoms is contained, it is desirable to systematically further moisturize. High humidity makes breathing easier, softens mucus. It is recommended to hang wet towels within the room, to wipe dust several times a day. Humidify the air with a spray bottle.

How to remove fluid from the lungs

Physical exercise

Different bending, bending of the body, turns, lead to the fact that the clusters are simply shifted, which contributes to their exit outside. These methods can be considered effective in the question of how to quickly remove sputum from the bronchi at home. The first branches will start to leave immediately.

  • The patient is laid horizontally on the bed, where there is no pillow, face up. Slowly, you need to rotate the torso at an angle of 45 °. In this case, the patient inhales deeply, exhales. Almost immediately, when driving, the first “grunt” will appear, they will need to spit and repeat turns five times. After that, when the patient rests, repeat the exercise after a couple of hours.
  • Having laid the patient horizontally on the edge of the bed, he is forced to turn the torso so that the body hangs over the edge. After completing the exercise 4 times, you can feel the first exits of the sputum-forming substance. Similarly, lean on the other side of the bed. Allowable 6 receptions throughout the day.
  • Kneeling down, you need to perform forward by bending, almost to the floor, bending down, six bends. Be sure to rest a minute and repeat the movement.
  • Having laid the patient horizontally on the hard surface of the bed, the pillow is not used, the legs are raised to a height of 30 cm, fixing in this position for half an hour. For convenience, use a roller, rolled blanket. Every 15 minutes, repeat, just following five steps.

Exercises alternate, combine. In each case, only some of the proposed options can be particularly effective. It depends on where the accumulated substances are located.

For removal of fluid accumulated inside the respiratory system, it is recommended to perform inhalation of the vapor. Healing vapors of medicinal herbs, essential oils made from them, food products dissolved in hot water, and medicinal preparations have therapeutic, expectorant properties. So, how to remove sputum from the bronchi at home is not easy, the bulk of the procedures can be repeated every three hours, combined.

  • On a liter of boiling water add three tablespoons of salt and two, baking soda.
  • In a liter of hot water dissolve the crushed tablet Validol.
  • Alkaline mineral water is heated.
  • Preparing decoctions of eucalyptus, cedar, pine buds, chamomile pharmaceutical, St. John’s wort, coltsfoot, ivy. Adding to each liter of boiling water 3 tablespoons of dry matter, you can use fresh plants, take 100 grams.
  • Solutions for inhalation are prepared on the basis of the essential oils of eucalyptus, cedar. Adding in heated water from 2 to 10 drops of the substance.
  • Perform inhalation over boiled potatoes.

Despite the high efficiency of these procedures, they can adversely affect the body if improperly performed. You can simply burn yourself or not get the desired effect. So that everything goes well, bending over inhalations over a hot liquid and inhaling the vapors. The upper part of the body, it is desirable to cover the head with a dense cloth. If there is a feeling that the liquid is very hot, you need to wait a bit so as not to burn the throat, nasal passages.

When the general condition of the patient, after a couple of inhalation procedures, is noticeably complicated, they need to be stopped. Perhaps individual intolerance to the components or, in general, with this type of disease, inhalation is contraindicated. That is why it is important, before removing the sputum from the bronchi independently, to find out if there will be any complications. It is best to consult with a specialist. However, when there is no such possibility, then it is desirable, at least to test for an allergic reaction, to the natural components used for the decoction, essential oils.

It is necessary to smear the inside of the elbow bend with cooled broth and wait for a quarter of an hour. In the case of an allergic reaction, redness, itching, will manifest, if nothing like this is noticed, you can perform inhalation.


A number of drugs, with which you can dilute and remove sputum on their own, without going to the hospital, is sold freely available in pharmacies. This is primarily – Lasolvan, Ambrobene, ACC, expectorant charges based on thyme, althea, thermopsis, licorice. However, if the patient’s condition does not begin to improve within a couple of days, it is necessary to go to the doctor’s office, otherwise you can start the development of more dangerous pathologies such as pneumonia, tuberculosis.

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