How to recover from exhaustion

Tip 1: How to treat nervous exhaustion.

  • How to treat nervous exhaustion
  • How to recover from a nervous shock
  • How not to bring yourself to nervous exhaustion

How to recover from exhaustion

  • exhaustion how to treat

Tip 2: What is the depletion of the body.

Causes and symptoms of exhaustion

The most common causes of exhaustion include malnutrition, diseases of the gastrointestinal organs, neuropsychiatric diseases, endocrine-hormonal pathology, prolonged alcohol intake (binge), burns, infections, injuries, diseases accompanied by unconsciousness, cancer, and certain drugs.

A typical symptom of exhaustion is weight loss. At the first stage, it may be poorly expressed, but at the physiological level, the body suffers a deficiency of basic substances, and this is reflected in vital activity. Patients complain of weakness, rapid physical and mental fatigue, drowsiness, unstable chair, frequent colds. In the corners of the mouth, “bunches” appear – signs of vitamin B deficiency, astheno-neurotic states of patients alternate with relatively stable central nervous system performance.

For the second stage of exhaustion, edema is characteristic, especially of the abdomen and lower extremities. They appear in connection with the violation of protein metabolism, to get rid of them is not easy. Patients’ performance has been drastically reduced, they look exhausted, there is a total hypovitaminosis, disturbances in the nervous system, depression, disturbances in the volitional and mental sphere, suicidal thoughts appear, patients become suspicious, their character worsens. Consequences of the third degree of exhaustion (cachexia): a critical decrease in mental processes, immobility, the face of patients is pale, has a grayish or yellowish tinge, features are pointed, eyes sunken, convulsions, involuntary urination may occur. When the first symptoms of rabies appear, the disease is fatal. There is no treatment here.

Exhaustion of the body: diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis is made according to a medical examination, while comparing the weight of the body to the constitutional constitution. The patient is required to undergo a thorough examination to exclude the main diseases that can lead to exhaustion. Studies are being conducted to objectively assess the state of the main metabolic processes of the body, and examinations of the internal organs are performed to select the correct therapy. The consequences of the third stage of exhaustion after treatment remain for the whole life in the form of mental or somatic disorders of varying severity.

The treatment is carried out in the hospital, it is aimed at restoring digestion, normalizing metabolic processes, and correcting the metabolism. The patient is prescribed parenteral nutrition, while gradually expanding the mode and volume of food intake. Enzymes, vitamins, vascular preparations, as well as treatment of associated diseases are required.

Tip 3: What are the symptoms of nervous exhaustion.

Causes of nervous exhaustion

Before you consider the symptoms, you need to deal with the causes that can bring to this state. The main one is, of course, overwork: the load at work or school, supplemented by household and family troubles. Spending a large amount of energy and not getting the same amount back, a person depletes his nervous system and tires the brain. Everyone has heard such an expression as “burn out”

Symptoms of nervous exhaustion

There are a lot of symptoms of nervous exhaustion, and it is impossible to say for sure that these symptoms apply to him.

Often, patients complain of pain in the heart. When examined by a doctor, then they can see a heart rhythm disorder (arrhythmia), pressure fluctuation (from low to high and vice versa).

Also, there are symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, insomnia, headaches. If you do not treat this to the doctor, then it is quite possible to take it for the symptoms and any other diseases, since these symptoms are quite common. As for sleep disturbance, if a person falls asleep, his sleep is disturbing, with restless dreams.

Some also find sexual dysfunction: a man may experience premature ejaculation, which can later develop into impotence.

Since with nervous exhaustion the main blow goes to the brain and nervous system, there may be a loss of memory, a disorientation of orientation in space, frequent violations of the sense organs (speech, hearing). In addition, there may be a deterioration of mental activity, impaired attention.

In some patients, there are sharp outbursts of anger for the most insignificant reason: they can be annoyed by some minor trifle. Irritation flares up literally to everything, even to the closest people, favorite music, etc. The unexpected feeling of anxiety and anxiety can also be attributed here.

As you can see, the symptoms of nervous exhaustion are quite diverse and non-specific, so they can easily mask themselves as other diseases. In any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor who, if he does find a nervous exhaustion, prescribes the necessary course of medications and helps to get the person out of a depressed state.

Tip 4: How to treat seborrhea folk remedies.

Treatment of nervous breakdown at home or in hospital – medicines and folk remedies.

A temporary condition in which there is a deterioration in human activity due to prolonged stress is called a nervous breakdown. In response to an external stimulus, a feeling of fear and anxiety appears. Outwardly, it looks like a sudden outburst of anger, unexpected tears, laughter or falling into a stupor.

How to recover from exhaustion

Treatment of nervous exhaustion at home

A patient with a nervous breakdown needs help. The person next to him must remain calm, not to raise his voice and not to engage in hysterics. A common method of treating a nervous breakdown is physical and mental peace. It is important to eliminate the stress factor, at least for a while. At home, the following methods will help to cope with a nervous breakdown:

  • Power change. It is recommended to use products with lecithin, vitamins B, polyunsaturated fatty acids: seafood, sea fish, legumes, vegetable oil, honey, liver.
  • The correct daily routine. It is necessary to sleep 8 hours a day, enter walking before bedtime, more often be in nature.
  • Healing bath with rose, geranium, mint, lemon, orange or pine essential oils. They need to take 10-15 minutes. every day before bed. Judging by the reviews, help to relax and foot bath.

Hospital treatment

When a nervous breakdown is necessary to contact a neurologist, psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. Experts will help to understand the causes of the disease. Sometimes the patient will require inpatient treatment. Indications for hospitalization:

  • psychosis, accompanied by a complete loss of self-control;
  • suicidal tendencies;
  • prolonged depression;
  • pronounced somatic manifestations of a nervous breakdown.

Treatment of nervous disorders is not complete without regular proper nutrition, proper rest and light physical exertion. Only with an integrated approach can one normalize the psycho-emotional state. Treatment includes the following activities:

  • taking medication;
  • psychotherapy;
  • breathing exercises;
  • relaxation treatments;
  • lifestyle change;
  • physiotherapy.

The treatment begins with lighter drugs: sedatives and sedatives. They are taken in pill form. If such drugs do not give the desired effect, then go to more serious means: antidepressants, tranquilizers. Additionally, they use mood stabilizers, drugs to stimulate mental activity and relieve symptoms of a nervous breakdown. Frequently used products:

50-100 mg overnight.

Depends on the severity of the disease.

1-1 capsules 2-3 p. / Day.

At least 2 weeks.

0.75-1 g in 3 doses.

Depends on the severity of the disease.

Psychotherapy in the treatment of nervous breakdown

The essence of psychotherapy is a conversation with a specialist to find out the root of the problem that led to a nervous breakdown. The task of the psychologist is also helping the patient in a less painful deliverance from the “emotional zone”. Psychotherapy uses the following methods:

  • relaxation;
  • hypnosis;
  • individual and group psychotherapy;
  • autogenic training;
  • neuro-linguistic programming;
  • music therapy.

Folk remedies

In the treatment of folk remedies need to choose recipes that do not contain ingredients that cause allergies. It is equally important not to interrupt therapy, because herbs have a cumulative effect. It is better to consult a doctor before starting treatment.

Folk remedies help cure nervous exhaustion only at an early stage. In more severe cases, medication is required. The effective popular recipes include:

  • Pour 0.5 liters of boiling water 50 g lemon balm, insist 20 minutes. Drink infusion throughout the day. To enhance the sedative effect add peppermint and some honey. Drink remedy every day.
  • A few tablespoons of dry valerian root pour a glass of warm water, leave for 7-8 hours. Drink the resulting infusion throughout the day and 1 tbsp. l., preferably before meals.
  • Add a drop of iodine to a glass of warm milk. Drink a drink every day on an empty stomach.

9 tips from a psychologist on how to help yourself with a nervous breakdown yourself ..

According to the general interpretation, a nervous breakdown is a protective reaction of the body against an adverse attack on the nervous system. This may be a conflict with the spouse, constant tension, disobedience of children. As a result, we get mental stress due to long and intense mental stress.

Symptoms and causes of a nervous breakdown.

Very often, among the symptoms that portend a nervous breakdown, you can observe that:

  • You experience chronic fatigue, weakness.
  • Requests from others cause you irritation and unwillingness to do anything.
  • You begin to engage in self-flagellation, often thinking of yourself is bad. Most often, you blame yourself for having to put up with the circumstances.
  • Words and deeds that previously did not cause you any emotions hurt you. It seems to you that they want to offend, insult you, spoil relations with relatives.
  • You have disturbed sleep, appetite, you lose weight and do not do well with work, study.
  • You cry a lot while feeling helpless.

These symptoms do not appear just like that; all the above are just signals and a temporary reaction to the inner contradiction of your desires and what you have and face every day. It is very important to learn to notice them in a timely manner!

In other words, internal stress grows without getting any output, for example, when we tolerate conditions for a long time that do not suit us.

A nervous breakdown can occur when we spend more energy than we receive for weeks, months, and even years. This state of affairs can very often be found in a relationship where a wife tries to win her husband’s love and attention through accomplishments (for example: a wife can keep her house clean, take care of her husband, pay much attention to her, but does not receive feedback).

In the above example, a woman will be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and it is his breakthrough that can be a way for her to release the accumulated negative energy. Very often, such breakdowns end with a rupture, divorce, or hospitalization at a mental hospital. In fact, it does not relieve the nervous breakdowns in the future. After all, a break in relations or medication is the methods that temporarily prevent the accumulation of stress. And once in similar conditions (relationships) or any other stress, the likelihood of the next failure will increase. It is best to seek advice from a psychologist and understand your behavior and your own motives. Sometimes close people are not guilty of the fact that you do not know how to “ask” attention and care in another way.

It is very important that the breakdown is not delayed and does not lead to negative consequences for the general condition of the body. Of course, if you threw out your aggression, cried and calmed down, then in this case, your psyche just gets a discharge. But here, if you can not return to normal, you may need the help of a psychologist.

You need to change the strategy of behavior, this is carried out at a psychological consultation, where the psychologist, together with the client, builds the model of behavior and attitudes that for the client suggest the best way out of any stressful situation.

Very often, our attitudes and beliefs (often unconscious) interfere with coping with circumstances that are oppressive to us. As a rule, these are attitudes aimed at relationships.

We all want to be accepted, loved, tolerated, communicated with us and were friendly, but in many families substitutes of this very love were “propagated”. For example: in order to be complimented, we needed to clean the room, bring a good grade, or be polite to the parent. And then attitudes are born in us, that if we do something or say what we want to hear from us, then we will be loved. All this is good, but it all worked in childhood, and now another reality that demands our interests and needs from us. As a rule, we do not satisfy these needs. We are either too polite and patient, or we try to earn more in the house. This does not add to the love, but we spend both physically and emotionally a lot. And so over the years. Thus, we get a nervous breakdown, or psychomatics.

And with this, with great difficulty, they are ready to accept, to love, to endure another.

Do not think that if a person just often changes mood, then he is on the verge of collapse. But in this case, if these symptoms of a nervous breakdown in the complex begin to manifest themselves with enviable regularity and the person is constantly embraced by mood swings, then it is worth thinking about asking for help from a psychologist.

Frequent precursors of a nervous breakdown are: weakness, chronic fatigue, irritability, the appearance of insomnia. Therefore, the appearance of all these violations in general health and behavior can be a signal that there are serious problems.

It is impossible to allow such a state to drift, as a nervous breakdown can cause violations not only of the mental state, but can also cause serious problems with other organs and body systems. Therefore, it is prevention of a nervous breakdown that is the key to normalizing the condition.

You need to rest, but if the vacation is not soon, set aside 4 hours of daily rest for yourself regardless of your business. In this case, the rest can be a change in the type of activity. You need to change your daily routine. At this time, you should do more of what you like, getting pleasure and satisfaction from it. Spend time on your body, it can be a bath with oils, a massage or a walk around the city (even though it is winter).

Begin to clean up your diet. Do not want to eat? Start eating a little walnut with honey (raises hemoglobin), drink kefir, your intestines should work. Eat a little bit, do not force it into yourself. At the same time, food should not be abused, as eating too much is as harmful as eating almost nothing.

Be sure to find time for entertainment. Let there be more than one job in life. Let it be any hobby that would remove monotony and bring satisfaction.

Exercise relieves stress caused by stress, so make it a rule to set aside time for intense exercise, especially if you don’t work physically at work. The body needs our attention and physical exercise will be a special concern for it.

It is important for you to speak out and share your feelings with someone, if friends are no longer a resource for you, you should consult a psychologist for advice.

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