How to raise my vibration

There are probably a million ways to raise your vibrations, I’m going to list my favorites.

How to raise my vibration

Pay attention to the following list, because some of these things will be completely obvious to you, and some will just surprise and inspire you.

Connecting with the universe through their emotions always happens. The quality of these emotions determines where you are. Love is the highest frequency of vibration, and the fault is the lowest.

We can consciously change our vibrations! Raise them and thereby improve their lives, because according to the law of attraction we attract what we think and feel.

7 ways to raise the oscillation frequency

Obviously, meditation will raise your oscillation frequency fairly quickly. The advantage of this method is that there are many different meditative ways.

Someone prefers to meditate traditionally, but there are people who love dynamic meditations. For example, when walking, playing sports, or through painting …

Laughter really is a great medicine. If you ever feel the low energies, start watching something funny that makes you laugh.

How to raise my vibration

3. Express yourself through artistic creation.

It does not matter whether you are an artist or not, we all have creative abilities, and artistic style can come in a variety of forms. Do not limit yourself to the idea, just do something new. Take pictures. Draw. Graphic Design …

4. Get social energies!

Meet your friends and let yourself relax. Raise your vibrations through loving communication, joint inspiration, positive pastime.

If Your Spirit loves to dance, dance. Allow yourself to move freely to the music, open your heart and really feel the music through it and through your whole body.

6. Go outside

Communication with nature increases your frequency, heals. Even such a simple thing as watching the squirrels chasing each other will lift up your soul. This is because we have a divine connection with the Earth and all beings that we encounter every day.

I like to go out several times a day and take small walks, look at the beautiful trees and animals that surround me. It literally fills my soul with positive and makes me feel alive.

Love is the highest frequency of vibrations. The beauty of love is that we can express love and surround ourselves with love in a variety of ways.

If you do not feel the vibration of love, I suggest starting with yourself. Start giving yourself Love. One way is to write yourself love letters. Or fill yourself with love in meditative practices.

This is a great way to increase your vibrations.

Use this list to raise your vibrations. High frequencies will bring wonders, splendor and joy into your life.

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