How to overcome

We periodically need to go out of the comfort zone and act in one way or another, risking or not looking back. Only from time to time does the fear of fear interfere. Of course, fear is created by nature as a quality that protects against any misconduct. But it happens that this property becomes so strong that it obscures the clarity of the mind and the ability to perceive what is happening in the light of rationality. How to overcome fears and grow over them? – this is a question that practically every person asks himself during a certain life period.

The more life experience, the stronger the fear

The newborn does not know fear, because he never came across it. Gradually, as one acquires life experience and the emergence of diverse situations, one begins to fear. He has an understanding that a certain situation may end unfavorably.

How to overcome

Such negative thoughts make it difficult to live fully. To improve the situation, you just need to realize the need to solve the problem, because everyone can overcome fears. With an increase in negative experience, a person fears an increasing number of adverse factors. At the same time, the negative experience of different people is different. Therefore, it is far from always that which scares one, causes similar sensations among his acquaintances.

Fear of fear

Over time, a person may begin to fear situations that cause fear. That is, he is not afraid of any object, but the feeling of fear. Such a person makes efforts to consciously avoid relevant situations.

In this case, you need to identify the cause of fear, and then take up the development of self-confidence. Do not assume that the task is large and impracticable. In fact, it simply should be divided into small subparagraphs, for which almost no additional effort is needed. This is especially clear to athletes. And after performing small tasks, you should deal with larger issues.

Do not suppress fear

A person in a state of fear is deprived of the opportunity to make decisions and act. Fear may arise in front of some new actions that have not been done before. If a person has become interested in how to overcome fears, then you must first admit to yourself that they exist. Because only in the case of honest detection in oneself of these qualities can measures be taken to eliminate them.

Better yet to act, despite the internal state. If you repeat this several times, it gradually turns out to exceed your fear. After all, too much fear only hinders. Therefore, you need to make every effort, as to overcome the fears – is to make them afraid of themselves.

Volitional decision making

While there is no clear program regarding their actions, fear increases. Therefore, you need to make a decision about how to act in this situation. After a certain course of action has appeared, fear shrinks into a ball. Of course, he waits some time, exactly whether the decision will be implemented. But when it turns out that the person is not going to deviate from the intended plan of action, the fear becomes smaller, until it disappears completely.

What is fear? – only emotion. She is able to fill everything, becoming a big jellyfish. Is it really worth allowing this unreasonable “object” to influence its own life? Of course not. That is why you should turn it into a small compressed ball, which subsequently disappears.

While making a decision, a person may worry about its correctness. If you look at the question from the point of view of rationality, it becomes clear: any action is always preferable to the fear of the unknown. After the first steps are taken in the accepted direction, the situation becomes clear. And it becomes possible to turn it in the right direction.

The worst development

Working through the issue often helps to overcome fear "How to overcome the fear of the unknown?" That is, in this case, you should reflect on the topic: what will happen if … Typically, such reasoning opens the veil of secrecy and it becomes clear that the outcome is not dangerous in principle. Often people think that the result will be frightening. But with the help of this exercise on a clear example, it gradually becomes clear that the problem disappears.

If it turned out that the discomfort persists, then we should think about what the inner voice tells us. Therefore, if intuition really saved from the unfavorable event, then this is just wonderful. In such cases, you need to rejoice in your own sensitivity and thank her for her salvation.

Analysis of the situation

Careful consideration of what is happening without hiding unfavorable and “ugly” qualities from oneself is the best option for fighting fear. The analysis helps to understand the following points:

  1. What exactly scares?
  2. What is the reason for fear?
  3. Is it worth spending your internal reserve on a negative emotion?

How to overcome

The list can be continued until the moment of receiving an internal state of satisfaction. The essence of the method consists in a thorough study of the “enemy”. Because only knowing your fear completely, you can learn how to overcome it.

And if there are several options for eliminating fear, then you need to work out each of them. It helps the use of their own imagination, because when you scroll through the situation in it, it is very clear. A man who overcomes fear always knew in advance how to do it.

Some might think that analysis is something long and boring. In fact, everything is absolutely wrong. It is very interesting to identify positive and negative, without obscuring it with anything. After all, it is not necessary for anyone to provide the information received. She is going only for herself.

Common phobia: fear of death

Many people fear death, which is considered normal. But it happens, everything becomes very serious and goes into such phobias as:

  1. Swim in the sea.
  2. Ride a car.
  3. Touch handrails in public transport and other things.

It is necessary to accept its demise as a phenomenon that is the logical outcome of the life of each person. So how to overcome the fear of death is to really understand the beauty of the present moment. Yes, everything will end, and even Pharaoh Tutankhamen and King Solomon have not escaped this. That is why you need to appreciate every breath, and make every act consciously.

And if a person is afraid to live?

You should rejoice at what is happening, perceive it from a positive point of view. Even if situations are unfavorable, they should be perceived as a test. And it is better to consider them as lessons. After all, a person is born in order to become better, to learn something.

And those individuals who are afraid to leave the house in the morning are likely to wake up in their declining years. They will understand that their whole life has passed by, and nothing has been done. And in order to avoid such a turn, one should ponder the questions: is there any point in experiencing the fear of life? How to overcome it?

Childbirth – it hurts

Future mothers are always very worried before childbirth. This is due to the fact that everything is prepared for the future baby at home. Also, any woman worried about such questions:

  1. How to cope with pain.
  2. Will there be enough strength?
  3. Everything will go well and so on.

So how to overcome the fear of childbirth – this is the key to the success of the event, you should work on it. As for pain, one should realize that it will be very strong and accept it as it is. Physical fitness and health should be taken care of for 9 months, following the recommendations of the doctor and attending special courses for expectant mothers. Regarding whether everything goes well, the doctor should think. Therefore, before childbirth should take care of a good specialist.

The main thing is to tune in to the positive. For each of his actions, only prosperous views should be taken as a basis. And in such an important matter as the birth of a new person, this rule should be considered an axiom. Everything will be fine, because other options simply do not exist.

And if you are afraid to get on a plane?

The media do not always feel sorry for the public, talking about unsuccessful flights. Often the information is accompanied by colorful photos or informative video. At the same time, impressionable citizens decide to travel long distances exclusively on trains.

Trains are very good, although much longer. But how to overcome the fear of flying, if you want to get to another continent? The best recommendation is to distract yourself from what is happening. If the person sitting next to him is willing to communicate, then you can get to know him. Communication with a fellow traveler is a pretty strong distraction. No need to drink coffee, because the heartbeat will increase, and the excitement will increase. It is preferable to pay attention to alcohol, which will help relieve tension.

Fear is a part of life. Every person is afraid of something. Even, for example, a very strong and formidable athlete, who respectfully nods around, is also able to survive. Perhaps he is afraid to eat a product with the presence of E. coli in it. Options can be very diverse. And this does not mean that you need to surround yourself with a vacuum. After such an act, life turns into existence, and its taste simply disappears. That is why it is necessary to answer for yourself the question: “How to learn to overcome fears?” And they must first be identified and subjected to a thorough analysis.

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