How to meet your spiritual guides

Look at everything through the eyes of an immortal soul.

Each of us somehow has to think about what really happens to a person after death.

Book M. Newton "Soul Travel" – this is a sensation.

Immediately after its release, it became a world bestseller.

Thanks to this book, reliable, detailed scientific information about what happens to a person after death has become available to a wide range of people for the first time. What is described in it, finally removes the veil of secrecy from the most mysterious process that awaits each of us.

Everything, it turns out, is not as bad as the various religious teachings have presented to us for many millennia.

This book helps us to look at death more optimistically – not as a terrible punishment, but as the possibility of a miraculous transition to another life, full of freedom and spiritual experiences. From this book you will learn how an amazing process of soul reincarnation takes place: who will meet us after physical death, where we will go next, who our guides and guardian angels are, what they do and what we do after death, and what structure and hierarchy exist in that unknown world. You will also learn why and how we choose our body, the country in which we live, the profession, friends and even "of enemies".

How to meet your spiritual guides

And all this is not someone’s inventions and conjectures, not legends and myths of various religions, but the results of scientifically grounded studies conducted by one of the best hypnotherapists of our time, Dr. Michael Newton.

This book is built in the form of dialogues with patients whom Dr. M. Newton, using his own methods of regressive hypnosis, introduced into the superconscious state, during which they recalled what happened to them between physical incarnations. Their surprising and often unexpected answers became a revelation even for the author of the book. This book is certainly relevant, important and interesting for all people living on Earth. The information presented in this book has never been published before.

Look at everything through the eyes of an immortal soul.

Why are you here on Earth? Where will you go after death? What happens to you when you get there? Many books have written about past lives, but before this exciting book appeared there was little information about the continued existence of our soul in the period preceding our new birth.

When Dr. Michael Newton, a graduate hypnotherapist of the highest category, began to regress his patients using his regression methods to evoke their memories of previous lives, he unexpectedly made a discovery of tremendous importance: "take a look" through the mind of subjects who are immersed in the hypnotic state of the superconscious; and in this altered state of consciousness, patients are able to tell what their soul did between lives on Earth.

What you now read in this book will shake the foundations of your ideas about death. For many years, the author has immersed hundreds of people in deep memories of the spiritual world. The twenty-nine cases cited here include reports from people of different religious beliefs, spiritually undecided, and those in an intermediate position — all of which demonstrate remarkable consistency in answering questions about the spiritual world.

Dr. Michael Newton discovered that the healing process of finding one’s place in the spiritual world is much more important for its subjects than the description of their past lives on Earth. Book "Soul travels" is the result of a decade of research by the author, which will help you understand what lies at the basis of your life choices, as well as how and why your soul and the souls of those you love live forever.

This wonderful, breathtaking book reveals some of the mysteries of life in the spiritual world.

NAPRA Trade Journal

Book "Soul travels" – This is the first for many years, really new metaphysical information, which appeared in our literature. Read it is important to anyone who wants to know what awaits him. "on the other side of life".

Book Feedback "Soul travels"

This book seems to me a very clear and correct reflection of the inner potency of every human being from the point of view of the author of a man who, no doubt, was deeply imbued with what he writes about and realized it in practice. I am quite sure that every reader will find something significant and extremely useful for himself in this book, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in self-healing and spiritual development.

Robert Campagnola (Hari)

"Soul travels" – This is a masterpiece, which, unlike many other books on this subject, will long remain in the memory. Congratulations!

Frank, Boston, Massachusetts

Your book helped me to realize my inner self and opened for me the meaning and purpose of life. She is spiritual without any religious dogma. How can I thank you?

Vicky, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Having bought a book "Soul travels"I carry it with me wherever I go, because I can’t tear myself away from it.

I am convinced that your spiritually rich book has no analogues among the literature on the Spiritual World, its laws and processes,

Joti, Istanbul, Turkey

I have to tell you that "Soul travels" – the most serious and interesting of all the books that I know about the period of life between incarnations. No water book has such details. Her strength in your critical way of interviewing your patients.

Zelko, Tubingen, Germany

Book "Soul travels" – This is a classic, and it should be in every library. I wonder if you suspect about the hearts that it touched?

J.K., Dublin, Ireland

How to meet your spiritual guides

Ph.D. Michael Newton is a graduate hypnotherapist of the highest category in California, as well as a member of the American Association of Counseling Psychologists. He dedicated his private hypnotherapy practice to correct various kinds of behavioral abnormalities, as well as helping people uncover their higher spiritual self. In developing his own technique of age regression, Dr. M. Newton discovered that patients can be placed in the interim periods between their past lives. thus confirming and demonstrating with practical examples the real, meaningful existence of an immortal soul between physical incarnations on Earth.

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