How to make important decisions

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Faced with a choice, a person begins to analyze information, weigh the pros and cons, hesitate, doubt and try to predict the outcome of each of the options. All this flashes in my head for a few moments, attention focuses only on the most significant moments. Therefore, the majority of decisions in a person’s life are made, even without involving the conscious part of his mind. But, by no means always, decisions made automatically bring good changes to our lives. Some of them lead to irreversible consequences, while others make you regret for a long time.

In order not to be disappointed in yourself, it is important to know some things about decision making. It is important to understand how this mechanism works in our mind in order to use it as effectively as possible for the benefit of ourselves. So how to make the right decisions? Consider the tips.

How to make important decisions

1. Allow emotions to subside

If you need to make an important decision or make a choice that will affect the whole future life or some of its areas, you need to give yourself the opportunity to calm down. Reasonable decision and choice is possible only in a state of emotional balance, so do not rush – people driven by feelings in most cases regret about impulsive decisions, but they cannot do anything.

How to make important decisions

Allow your emotions to subside and only then proceed to the analysis of information, meditation, weighing the pros and cons. If you feel that, in the process of thinking, you are again under the influence of emotions – postpone decision making until calmer times and try to quickly bring yourself to a state of equilibrium.

2. Do not tighten

The more time you spend thinking, the more you will doubt the correctness of your choice. Of course, it is not necessary to make vital decisions at lightning speed, but try to spend a minimum of time on obtaining and analyzing information, if you want to make the right choice.

How to make important decisions

Our brain works like this – it analyzes the pros and cons, but focuses on the decision that requires the least effort and resistance. Therefore, in the end, you can choose not what you need, but what you unconsciously considered a simpler way.

3. Do not choose from “two evils”

To choose the lesser of two evils is not just a popular expression, but the most common practice of making important decisions. However, there is another approach – to make a choice and make a decision, not on the basis of a comparison of minuses, but on the basis of advantages.

Try it and you will see that this approach works. Do not choose the lesser of two evils. Look at the objects of choice from a different angle, evaluate what is more important for you, more valuable and necessary. So you definitely will not regret your decision. Consider an example – a person is offered 2 vacancies. Each has its own set of minuses, but the first allows you to develop professional skills. If the value of a person is not the absence of minuses at work, but professional growth, of course, he should choose not the option that has fewer flaws, but the first ones where there is an opportunity for professional growth.

4. Decide alone

Many people know the wisdom of the people: “One head is good, but two is better.” But, far from always, collective discussion provides an opportunity to make the right important life decisions. If we are talking about the choice that is important for the whole team – then yes, we need to discuss it and decide it as a group. However, if this is your personal decision, you can consult, listen, analyze, but finally decide only in solitude.

Social pressure to make a decision is a powerful force that can lead you away and not allow you to make a decision that will be right for you. Do not allow society to have a decisive influence on your life, because only you will be the person who will bear the consequences of their choices. It is important to realize this and not allow public opinion to become the decisive factor in your fate.

5. Hurry up with actions

If you have made a decision and consider it correct, it is important to take at least the first step within 3 days to make it a reality. The fact is that the enthusiasm and energy for the realization of the planned one diminishes, if you delay the implementation of the decision made and the result can be that the situation will not change. Hurry to make your decision a reality, and even if it turns out to be wrong, or if you change your mind, you will have valuable experience that will help you not to make such mistakes in the future.

Any serious changes and achievements in life require balanced and deliberate decisions, the consequences of which are taken into account and taken into account. Therefore, do not rush and do not allow anyone to influence decision-making, but do not delay the choice, so that you do not regret the missed time and lost opportunities.

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