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Every woman dreams of thick and silky hair. Manufacturers of women’s shampoos promise to the fair sex chic hair and the absence of any problems with hair. In fact, almost every woman is experiencing certain problems with her hair and no shampoos can solve them. How to make hair thick and beautiful? Why do not help cosmetics?

Causes of rare hair

Before you start to deal with the problem of thin hair, it is worth finding out the reason. Normally, 80% of hairs are in the growth stage. This phase of growth is called anagen and lasts up to 6 years. The catagen phase is rest. Hair does not grow or fall out. Duration – 2-3 weeks. Telogen phase – hair loss. About 15% of hair is in this phase.

Hair loss is normal. Hair is constantly updated, and without loss it is impossible. However, sometimes the hair begins to fall out very badly, and baldness appears. How to make hair thick in this case?

Causes of severe hair loss

A lot of girls after diets are wondering how to make hair thick. Together with those extra pounds, the girls lose all their hair density. Malnutrition and heavy loads affect not only the waist, but also the hair. The density of hair suffers more if you decide to become a vegetarian. Protein is necessary for hair, and with its deficiency dystrophy of roots occurs. Hair becomes fluid and stops growing. How to make hair thicker if you are on a low-calorie diet? The solution – taking vitamin complexes.

Strong mental work, insomnia and nervous tension are the most common causes of rare female hair. Hair starts to fall out not immediately, but after a few months. How to make hair thicker? Avoid any nervous tension and remember that it can lead not only to problems with hair density, but also to the whole body.

Endocrine diseases cause rare hair. At decrease in work of a thyroid gland hair not only becomes dry, but also drops out. The increased work of the thyroid gland leads to premature graying of hair and loss. Make hair thicker in this case is possible only after treatment with hormonal drugs.

  1. Taking some medicines

Hair can become thin by taking pills for pressure and arthritis. Contraceptives and antidepressants can also have a negative effect on hair. Chemotherapy can lead to complete baldness, but after a while the hair of patients grow and is thicker more often than they were. How to make hair thick when taking medicines? In this case, nothing can be done until the treatment ends.

If the cause of thin hair is heredity, then nothing can be done in this case. Cosmetics for hair density will help maintain the appearance and create a visual volume. Thin hair how to make a thicker hereditary factor? Try to maintain the condition of hair cosmetic and therapeutic agents.

  1. Seasonal hair loss

Occurs mainly in winter and autumn. How to make hair thick with seasonal fallout? Use firming masks and wear a hat.

Hair can start to fall out and become thin even after applying certain cosmetics. The main thing is to use only high-quality cosmetics.

How to make hair thicker at home?

Despite the condition of the hair and their structure, any woman can make her hair thick and beautiful. To do this, follow the rules:

  1. Rational mode of operation. Work affects not only the advancement of the career ladder and the receipt of funds, but also the density of hair. Do not work until exhaustion – take the time to active rest. How to make hair thick if you are a workaholic? In this case, only good rest can help.
  1. Hair protection. It is impossible to make hair thicker without timely protection of hair. Headgear is needed both in winter and in summer. The cold is detrimental to the hair – they can not only become liquid, but also start falling out. The sun’s rays also adversely affect the condition of the hair. They become brittle and porous.
  1. Massage. Massage that can be performed at home will help to make hair thicker and thicker. It increases blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. You can perform it with your fingers, and a special brush.
  1. Cosmetics. If you have liquid hair, you need to use special cosmetics against hair loss. Use these tools for hair density should be strictly with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

How to make hair thick at home? First and foremost – no stress! Second, pay attention every day to your hair and, if possible, nourish it with useful elements.

To make the hair thicker – we make masks

How to make hair thicker with masks? To do this, take time to prepare and apply special nourishing masks for hair density. Onion, cognac and mustard masks are the most effective for hair density.

The main task of hair products is to strengthen the bulbs and stimulate hair growth. It is necessary to make masks to make hair thicker, and regularly, and every day, prepare a new composition. After applying the mask for hair density – wrap hair. With strong hair loss, therapeutic hair masks are effective. But they can be used only according to the instructions for a certain time.

Tips for thick and voluminous hair

  1. Nutrients. How to make hair thicker? The best hair product – proper nutrition from the inside! Everything that we use is reflected not only on the skin, but also on the hair. Dairy products, nuts and meat can make hair thick. Do not follow a strict diet for a long time and refuse protein foods.
  1. The right choice of hair products. Thin hair how to make fatter? Also ask such a question? We all want thick and beautiful hair and get special shampoos for this. Refuse from cosmetics, which have in their composition silicone and polymers. They will not help make your hair thicker, but only make them heavier. How to make hair thicker with cosmetics? Carefully study the instructions and remember – keratin and proteins are necessary for hair.
  1. Proper hairstyle. How to make hair thicker with hair? Ideal – beautiful curls that can be made not only with forceps, but also curlers. Visually, you can make hair thicker by twisting hair into pigtails.
  1. Natural pigments. Excellent volume can be given to hair with hair coloring. At the same time for the density of hair, it is desirable to use natural pigments that treat hair.
  1. Modern methods of hair restoration. How to make hair thick and what methods of hair restoration exist? Any beauty salon can offer a list of services for hair restoration. These include mesotherapy, ozone therapy, lamination and capacity. A more effective result is the treatment of the scalp, but this procedure is quite expensive and has contraindications.

Tip # 1 – Power Inside

How to make hair thicker with proper nutrition? The first thing you need to pay attention to is eating foods with vitamins A, B, C, E. But if you follow certain diets, you can make thick hair with a special vitamin.

Tip # 2 – Stop Weighting Your Hair

Excess styling products make the hair heavier and make it unkempt. Do not use varnishes, foams and mousses, which are bound to affect the condition of the hair. But if you can’t imagine your life without these tools, take care that the product suits your hair type.

Tip # 3 – Curlers

With the help of curlers, you can visually thick any hair. Using curlers is quite simple – twist the strands, and wait for the hair to dry. When using velcro curlers for thickening, before you remove them, dry your hair with a hair dryer.

Do not get involved in the frequent use of thermal rollers. Despite the fact that they very quickly make the hair thicker, frequent use has a very negative effect on the structure of the hair.

Tip # 4 – Do not wash your head too often

Female hair does not need to be washed very often. Now you can find a large number of shampoos for daily use, but it only spoils the hair. The skin begins to produce sebum, after which the hair becomes oily and untidy.

Tip number 5 – Painting and perm

Coloring helps not only to completely change the appearance, but also to add the missing volume to the hair. When stained in the inner layer of the hair pigments fall, which increase the volume of the hair. More rarely look on the sparse hair highlighting, brondirovanie and complex staining.

Each type of coloring, except lightening, will help to add volume to hair. If you prefer a natural color – use the vegetable group of dyes.

How to make hair thicker using a perm? Beautiful curls always look volume and perfectly complement the romantic style.

Hair is the dignity of a woman. In order for them to be beautiful and silky, careful care and diligence is required. Any hair can be restored in any condition. Hair loss is a problem that only a competent specialist can solve after identifying the cause.

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