How to live in the moment and stop worrying

How to stop worrying over trifles?

Year after year, many people are in a state of constant nervous tension. Having solved another problem, they start thinking about the next one. Anxiety – this is a bad habit that takes a lot of strength away from a person and deprives him of such a natural emotion for him – the joy of life. If you are subject to such a habit, then reading this article will help you find a way out of its vicious circle. Solving problems as they arise. A balanced person will never be worried about the past, much less guessing something for the future. He lives in the present day and solves only those tasks that concern him at the moment. And this in no way means that he does not care about his own future. On the contrary: if a person lives as well as possible today, this becomes a guarantee of his good future. If every time I wake up in the morning, say to myself: “Today I will do everything in my power to live this day with maximum benefit,” this means that you can live it only once. Consequently, every day, beginning with such optimistic thoughts, will be ideal by definition. A calm person will not worry about his past, which is no longer to return. He does not waste time on memories and dreams of the future, he is happy today, at the moment! Right now!

What can happen in the worst case? Think about it if you are concerned about solving a problem. In most cases, the final and worst result of an unsolved problem is not as bad as you think. Objectively assess this situation, be prepared to calmly accept any consequences and look for ways to improve it [the situation].

Define clear goals. Decide what exactly you want from life. A clear awareness of the purpose / goals of your life will many times reduce the number of reasons for anxiety.

Effective problem solving. Solve problems effectively. How to learn this? Very simple. First write all your problems on paper, and then prioritize them. Decide for yourself what you need to figure out immediately, and what may suffer for some time. Put all your affairs in the diary and cross out them as they are resolved. Such a principle of problem solving will allow you to get rid of the anxiety caused by the bustle and fear of many upcoming new cases.

Lesson interesting thing. In order to relax, a person who is constantly worried about trifles, it will be useful to do some interesting thing. Or a few things that would completely occupy all of his free time, busy thinking about an outsider. Well relaxes and distracts from the problems of reading, dancing, photographing, games (computer, desktop, cards) and much more. In this case, everyone fits something different. It is important to find this “own”.

How to live in the moment and stop worrying

Proper assessment of situations and things. Often, things that seem valuable now, after some time lose their price or even become useless to no one. So is it worth it to make a scandal, go to war and break spears for the sake of things or situations that are sure to lose their relevance in the near future? Is it not better to stop and think about this moment, and is it not too high a price you pay for it?

No guilt feelings! If it seems to you that only the coldest, soulless egoists do not bother about anything, then you are mistaken. Moreover, excessive experiences lead to neuroses and stomach ulcers, but they never help anyone. Do not confuse concepts: experience and compassion are two different things. The first creates fear, and the second – love. To be compassionate is not to torment yourself with empty feelings. Compassion is the desire to help, projecting on yourself the situation of the victim. You should never be upset if you are powerless to help a person, and even more so you should not take responsibility for the actions committed by him. After all, they are adults, and, however cynical it may sound, their problems should not concern you, much less cause a feeling of guilt.

Coming up with new problems. It often happens that, in anticipation of any event, a person begins to lose his mind, to represent the worst, to think about what has not happened before, as a fact that has already happened. As a result, the nerves are again at the limit, and in the eyes of fear and insecurity. It is also necessary to learn how to relax in such a situation – to ask yourself, but what is the likelihood that all these horrors will actually occur? Stop worrying – if you are not able to change the upcoming event, let everything go to chance. Relax – what is destined to happen will surely happen. As an example, a similar situation can be cited: you are worried in anticipation of the result of the exam you just passed. But you have already done everything possible to get a good grade, and you were quite worried about the exam itself. Why worry even now when everything is over?

Freedom from fear. Many are worried that their husband / wife will change them, that they will be fired from their jobs, that they will get fat, they will lose weight, they will grow old, and their children will not meet their expectations and

How to live in the moment and stop worrying

Recognition of your own imperfections. Are you constantly worried because you don’t like yourself? Change your attitude immediately! To love yourself is to find peace of mind. You need to love yourself no matter how you look. Remember that excessive demands on yourself will not lead to anything good. There are no perfect people, and even those beautiful young supermodels from the covers of popular glossy magazines in life look completely different. So you love yourself the way you are (with all your excess or underweight, low or too big, with all your wrinkles, freckles, and so on). You are you. And you are unique.

Opinion surrounding. If it seems to you that others are constantly discussing you behind your back, drop this ungrateful business. Believe me, they have plenty of other things to spend time thinking about you. Relax, do what you want, behave as you like (everything is within reason, of course, because nobody has canceled moral norms) and do not think about someone else’s opinion. And in order to further increase self-esteem, read books on this topic (the benefit of which there is now a great multitude), and then not a single sidelong glance or rude word can knock you off track.

Meet your expectations. Understand that no one is obliged to adapt to you. Stop being annoyed with your loved ones for not being what you would like. Enough of harassing others with your niggles, accept people as they are. Remember, everyone has flaws, including you. Judge not lest ye be judged.

How to live in the moment and stop worrying

Pleasure and work. Balance these two concepts. If you like to have fun and “burn” life, then, naturally, you will be annoyed by any mention of work. After all, it will take away the precious time that you could successfully spend on entertainment. In this case, it is important to understand the need to make money. And ideally, it would be nice to start getting pleasure from work. Not satisfied with the current work – find another. Do not forget that unloved work daily reduces your life by eight hours!

Rush. There are people who try to do everything as quickly as possible. They have a minute to plan every day – and this is a source of stress! This is because, in view of their haste and excessive (often made-up) employment, these people can get rid of any trifle that has upset their plans. An unexpected bell, a broken plate, a sudden blackout are stressful for them. If you are one of these people, quickly change your habits. Stop rushing! Relax, stop, enjoy a moment of peace, the one you just wanted to spend on the usual bustle of “important” things. Judge for yourself, is it possible to enjoy life, being in constant motion?

Conclusion Of course, you will not be able to stop worrying about any reason. In order to feel the result, you need to try and from day to day try to look at life with different eyes. Review your life values, begin to understand the reasons for your irritation and excitement. Every time you feel an upcoming excitement, calm down and think about why this happens. Over time, you will definitely become more calm and happy person.


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