How to keep your wife happy

Family and marriage are the blessings of the Most High, but on human shoulders lies its safety and strength. A husband and wife, fulfilling the duties prescribed by him, will be able to make the marriage truly happy. My wife will be happy to do the following:

  1. Let your wife feel safe with you, do not be aggressive.
  2. Coming home, speak to your wife “Assalamuleykum.” In such a house there is no place for shaitan and strife.
  3. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that a woman is like a crystal vessel that should be treated with care and love. Female nature is very thin, be selective in words and actions.
  4. When giving advice to your wife, do it gently in a relaxed, secluded setting. Do not display the shortcomings of your wife to people.
  5. Be generous and do not skimp on your wife.
  6. Don’t let anger take you up. In family life is different. In the event of disputes and difficulties, do not let anger guide you, cool ardor. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that if you are angry, sit down, and if you sit down, then lie down.
  7. Try to look good and smell good for your wife, such things help to keep warm in relationships.
  8. Do not be cruel to your wife. It will distance you from each other. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “I am the best among you, and the best in relation to your wife.” Cruelty will distance your heart from Allah and will not strengthen your family relationships.
  9. Learn to listen to your wife and accept her opinion.
  10. Praise your wife. Everything that a wife does, she does for you and for the family. Respect and praise her for work.
  11. Do not argue. A dispute is a poison for marriage. In one of the hadiths it says: “If Allah wishes evil to people, He will start a dispute between them.”
  12. The Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered the believer to call his wife the best names that she liked.
  13. Make her surprises. Do not forget to please your spouse with unexpected gifts, for example, if she loves watermelon, bring home a watermelon, it’s so easy, but it will bring great joy to your wife.
  14. Hold your tongue. In moments of disagreement, be careful not to become a hostage to your emotions. Be sensible and remember that “the language will lead a person to hell.”
  15. Everyone has their flaws. Take your wives as they are and tell them about them in a gentle manner.
  16. Show that you appreciate her. Let her know that everything she does is very important and valuable to you.
  17. Support her desire to maintain good relations with her relatives and parents.
  18. Talk to her about her interests.
  19. Praise her in front of relatives.
  20. Maintain faith in her, wake namaz, if she has overslept. Spouses are created to lead each other to Paradise, become for her the key to paradise.
  21. Do not notice her wrongdoings or mistakes, for example, if she oversold the soup. Think only good things about your wife. And even less hold on her evil.
  22. Be patient and condescending towards your wife. Especially when she is in position or during women’s days.
  23. Jealous of your wife. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: “That man who is not jealous of his wife will not enter Paradise.”
  24. Respect her opinion, consider her opinion. Do not put your opinion above it and do not make a final decision without consulting with your spouse.
  25. Do not put friends above your wife.
  26. From time to time help your wife with the housework. The entire responsibility of household chores rests on women’s shoulders, she can tire, show that you understand this and want to ease her burden.
  27. In words and actions show that your wife is the best that Allah could bestow upon you. She will answer you with even more love.
  28. Remember your wife in prayers. Only Allah can send you love and barakat in marriage.
  29. Do not remind her of past mistakes. The past of your wife is the work of the Most High.
  30. Do not be proud and do not show her that you are more important in the family, as you provide for the family. Show her that she is an equal family member performing her duties.
  31. Feed her. The Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us this. It increases love and mercy between spouses.
  32. Protect your wife from evil. A wife is like a precious pearl that needs protection from the human evil and evil of devil.
  33. Smile to your wife, smile is sunna and mercy.
  34. Avoid roughness and sharpness. The best of men was the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), He trembled and understood his every wife. Follow his lead.
  35. Support her. Do not forget that you are its main support in life. In moments of difficulty and sorrow, be gentle with her.
  36. Help her take care of the children. Some men think that childcare is women’s work. But do not forget to pay attention to your children and help your wife with children. It will strengthen your family.
  37. Tell her about her beauty. The wife makes efforts to be beautiful for her husband, support this aspiration in her.
  38. Do not hide from her. Inefficiency can lead to misunderstanding and separation of the spouses from each other. Be frank with your wife.
  39. Support each other in gayibadat, plan joint trips to the hajj or die. It will strengthen the love between you.
  40. Allah has prescribed to treat his wives with kindness and justice.
  41. Be a caring husband. Be interested in her health and support in times of illness.
  42. Share your thoughts and feelings with her. Let her feel you need.
  43. Provide it. Your wives are your Amanat, which you must take care of, feed and clothe.
  44. Take it for what it is. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that women are created from a curved rib, and if a man tries to straighten it, he will break it.

How to keep your wife happy

May Allah fill your homes and hearts with tranquility, love and mercy and make a number of pious men.

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How to keep your wife happy

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