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ABHM stands for “absorption lithium-chromium cooling machine”.

The principle of operation of the absorption chiller based on certain properties of the refrigerant and absorbent that provide heat removal, cooling and maintaining the required temperature.

ABKHM is an absorption refrigeration unit (chiller) operating at the expense of thermal energy, not electricity. The source of heat energy can be hot water, exhaust gases, steam, natural gas and other fuels.

How to improve concentration

The main elements of ABHM and device ABHM

ABHM chiller principle of operation

Visual scheme of work ABKHM (functional diagrams ABKHM)

Modes of operation ABKHM

Water cooling

Water-coolant enters the left side of the chamber – “Evaporator”. Inside, under conditions of high vacuum, the process of boiling the refrigerant takes place, which removes heat from the cooled water circulating through the tubes of the heat exchanger.

This process directly cools the water circulating in the heat exchanger (“chilled water”) and performs the main task facing ABCM – cooling mode.

Drops of a concentrated solution of lithium bromide are fed to the right side of the chamber (“absorber”), where they absorb water-coolant vapor.

In order to prevent the temperature of lithium bromide from rising and its absorbing properties to lose, cooling water is needed that stabilizes its temperature.

Heating of the absorbent

The solution of lithium bromide, obtained after absorption, is sent to the generator using a pump.

There, under the influence of heat, some of the water boils away from it. This restores the initial concentration of lithium bromide in the solution, which is necessary to maintain its absorbing properties. This is how ABCM works in heating mode.

Refrigerant condensation

In the condenser, the process of condensation of the refrigerant vapor formed during boiling of the solution in the generator occurs.

Further, this water-coolant again falls into the “evaporator” (left part of the chamber) and the cycle repeats again.

In many cases, absorption chillers can drastically reduce the operating costs of central air conditioning and industrial cooling by using an available alternative energy source, which is often less expensive to connect and use electrical power.

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Absorption Chillers (ABHM) Thermax manufactures are applicable to all types of objects – both for cold supply of air conditioning systems, and for providing industrial cold supply.

ABAHM Thermax uses water as a coolant, and a concentrated solution of lithium bromide LiBr is used as an absorbent.

These fluids are non-toxic, which makes ABKhM safe to use *.

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Types of absorption chillers

How to improve concentration

For ABKhM various options of use of low – and high-potential types of heat are possible. This may be hot water from the heat line, low and high pressure steam from the process or boiler room, direct combustion of various types of fuel (diesel, gas, etc.), exhaust gases from equipment. Thermax technology allows you to use multiple sources of energy and combine them.

* There are also water ammonia absorption chillers, in which ammonia is used as a refrigerant.

The price of ABCM depends on many parameters (power, type, etc.), therefore, if you want to buy ABCM, it is better to make the calculation of ABCM from our specialists for a specific task and object. ABChM is selected for you by our experts on absorption chillers.

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