How to improve blood circulation

The role of proper blood circulation is difficult to overestimate. Normal blood circulation is the key to longevity and health of all organs.

Circulatory disorders are one of the main factors leading to the emergence of serious diseases that require competent and immediate treatment.

For example, problems with blood circulation in the limbs and pelvis can lead to such unpleasant phenomena as increased fragility of the capillaries and, as a result, varicose veins.

Why is the state of the blood flow system so important?

The fact is that it is with blood that all the organs of the human body receive oxygen and other nutrients that are vital for the normal functioning of the body.

How to improve blood circulation

Also, it is with the bloodstream that toxic substances removed by the cells are removed – in the event of a violation of the blood circulation in the limbs or pelvis, the products of cell activity accumulate in the body, which contributes to the development of complex pathological processes.

What are the causes of circulatory disorders?

There are many reasons that can cause various disturbances in the normal circulation.

There are major factors contributing to impaired blood circulation:

  • causes of traumatic nature, associated with the application of various penetrating damage;
  • impaired normal blood circulation in the limbs may be caused by other concomitant diseases – diabetes mellitus, hypertension, renal failure;
  • high cholesterol in blood;
  • overweight, which greatly complicates the normal blood flow;
  • thrombosis, atherosclerosis, endarteritis obliterans – these diseases can be the root causes of various problems with blood circulation in the body;
  • Other factors that can significantly aggravate circulatory problems include: smoking and old age;
  • sedentary lifestyle with the lack of necessary physical activity, it aggravates venous congestion and contributes to disorders of the circulatory system.

What can lead to circulatory disorders in the limbs?

Violations of the normal blood flow in the arms and legs can lead to the most serious consequences.

Circulatory problems in the limbs lead to the following consequences:

  1. The first results of these problems with proper blood circulation can be called the appearance of an unpleasant sensation of numbness in the limbs, convulsive seizures, accompanied by intense pain. Convulsions can occur at any time of the day – both at night and during the day.
  2. As a result of blood flow problems. heat transfer is disturbed, subsequently, the body temperature in the area of ​​the affected limbs decreases markedly. Experts call this phenomenon “cold hands or feet syndrome.”
  3. With poor blood circulation in the legs, so-called spider veins, and also grids of small blood capillaries. This suggests that in the very near future you can get acquainted with a disease such as varicose veins. The initial stage of varicose veins in the majority of cases is accompanied by a feeling of constant fatigue and heaviness in the legs, and the appearance of swelling of the limbs.

How to improve blood circulation

Also, a natural result of circulatory problems can be:

  1. Rapid development varicose veins, The main signs of which are considered to be the appearance of a fine mesh of blood vessels on the limbs, pain and a feeling of heaviness, swelling of the legs.
  2. In some cases, disorders of the normal blood flow may be accompanied by the appearance of painful trophic ulcers. At the first signs of this process, you should immediately contact a specialist for the appointment of a course of treatment. In the absence or delay of treatment, trophic ulcers on the surface of the extremities can provoke a gangrenous process with the most dangerous consequences.
  3. A critical consequence of poor circulation can be a critical one. lower limb ischemia, which also requires immediate treatment.

Improving the blood flow of the whole body

Of course, any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. This also applies to a variety of circulatory disorders.

It is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​how to improve blood circulation in the legs, arms, pelvis and directly the whole body.

The necessary measures are as follows:

  1. The basic rule of the normal functioning of the circulatory system – sufficient physical activity. This is especially true for office workers engaged in mental work. Every two hours, try to take a short break to perform any physical exercise. It is not necessary to perform a whole set of exercises – it is enough to walk around the office in order to activate the blood circulation.
  2. Sure to pay attention to what position you are sitting in. The leg-to-foot posture is extremely undesirable – it contributes to the squeezing of blood vessels and greatly increases the fragility of the capillaries.
  3. Plays a very important role shoe selection. It is strictly not recommended to constantly wear high-heeled shoes, with an abundance of tight straps or laces. For healthy feet, you should abandon shoes with a narrow toe – this form of products contributes to the compression of the toes of the foot. Shoes should be moderately wide and as comfortable as possible, as narrow shoe products exert strong pressure on the foot, contributing to the disruption of normal blood circulation in the limbs.
  4. An excellent means of preventing and treating varicose veins is massage, which can be done independently. Consult with an experienced phlebologist regarding a set of massage exercises to improve the functioning of the circulatory system and prevent varicose disease. Also this information can be found in special print publications and on specialized sites.
  5. Excellent effect have drugs that improve blood circulation – venotonics. They are used not only for the treatment of an already existing varicose disease, but also for the purpose of its prevention, as well as improving blood flow. Regular use of venotonics promotes the activation of microcirculation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and improves the overall tone of the capillaries.
  6. Hiking contribute to the improvement of general health, as well as the normalization of the circulatory system. Regular walks in the fresh air, in comfortable and comfortable shoes are the key to excellent well-being and normal blood circulation in the limbs, pelvis and the whole body.
  7. To improve the functioning of the circulatory system is recommended stop smoking. According to the results of clinical studies, it was established that this harmful habit can provoke a disease of the peripheral arteries. In this disease, the arteries in the extremities lose their sensitivity and harden, due to which the normal blood circulation in the legs is disrupted. Quitting smoking will help you prevent the occurrence of this disease and keep your feet healthy. The same applies to strong alcoholic drinks, which do not in the best way affect the condition of the blood vessels.
  8. Remarkable prophylactic is contrast shower for limbs. Alternately drench your feet with cold and warm water – this simple and affordable technique not only improves the overall skin tone, but also contributes to the normalization of the circulatory system.
  9. Try regularly control your weight. Overweight is one of the main factors contributing to the appearance of various circulatory disorders. Extra pounds is an extra load on blood vessels, which can be avoided by normalizing your weight.
  10. To improve blood circulation good rest and night sleep for at least 7 hours. Lack of sleep and chronic fatigue can lead to failures in the harmonious work of the circulatory system.
  11. Today there are a huge number of folk recipes to improve blood flow. For example, birch bark tea, rubbing with hawthorn extract, compresses with ginger or various spirit tinctures. Before using any popular method, you should always consult a doctor.

Proper blood circulation is the key to excellent well-being and the health of the whole body.

Failure of blood circulation can trigger the development of serious diseases that will require long-term treatment.

It is enough to observe regularly preventive measures that improve blood flow in order to save yourself from numerous health problems.

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