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It may be necessary to check the operability of the RAM in cases where there are suspicions that the blue screens of death of Windows, the oddities in the operation of the computer and Windows are caused precisely by problems with the RAM. See also: How to increase notebook RAM

This manual will look at the main symptoms of memory failure, and describe in steps how to check the RAM in order to find out exactly whether it is using the Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 built-in memory check utility, as well as using third-party free program memtest86 +.

Symptoms of RAM errors

There are a significant number of indicators of RAM failures, among the most common signs are the following

  • The frequent appearance of BSOD – the blue screen of death Windows. It is not always associated with RAM (more often with device drivers), but its errors can be one of the reasons.
  • Departures during intensive use of RAM – in games, 3D applications, video editing and working with graphics, archiving and unpacking archives (for example, an error

I note once again: the presence of any of these symptoms does not mean that the case is in the computer’s RAM, but it is worth checking it out. The tacit standard for this task is a small memtest86 + utility to check the RAM, but there is also an integrated Windows Memory Diagnistics Tool that allows you to perform a RAM check without third-party programs. Next will be considered both options.

Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 Memory Diagnostic Tool

The Memory Diagnostic Tool is a built-in Windows utility that allows you to check RAM for errors. To launch it, you can press the Win + R keys on the keyboard, type mdsched and press Enter (or use the Windows 10 and 8 search, starting to type the word “check”).

After running the utility, you will be prompted to restart your computer to perform a memory check for errors.

We agree and wait for the scan to start after a reboot (which in this case takes longer than usual).

During the scanning process, you can press the F1 key to change the scan settings, in particular, you can change the following settings:

  • The type of check is basic, normal or wide.
  • Use cache (on, off)
  • The number of test passes

Upon completion of the verification process, the computer will reboot, and after logging into the system, it will display the results of the verification.

However, there is one nuance – in my test (Windows 10) the result appeared after a few minutes in the form of a short notice, it is also reported that sometimes it may not appear at all. In this situation, you can use the Windows Event Viewer utility (use search to launch it).

In the Event Viewer, select “Windows Logs” – “System” and find out information about the results of the memory check — MemoryDiagnostics-Results (in the details window, by double-clicking or at the bottom of the window, you will see the result, for example, “Computer memory is checked using the Windows memory check tool; No errors found. “

Check memory in memtest86 +

You can download memtest for free from the official site http: //

Note: on the Internet at the request of memtest there are two sites – with the program memtest86 + and Passmark Memtest86. In fact, this is the same thing (except that on the second site, in addition to the free program, there is also a paid product), but I recommend using the site

Options for downloading the program memtest86

  • The next step is to burn an ISO image with memtest (after unpacking it from a ZIP archive) onto a disk (see How to make a boot disk). If you want to make a bootable USB flash drive with memtest, then the site has a set to automatically create such a flash drive.
  • Best of all, if you check the memory you will be on one module. That is, open the computer, extract all the memory modules, except for one, perform its check. After the end, the next one and so on. This way you can accurately identify the failed module.
  • After the boot drive is ready, insert it into the drive to read the disks in the BIOS, install the boot from the disk (flash drive) and, after saving the settings, the memtest utility is loaded.
  • No action on your part is required, the check will start automatically.
  • After the memory check completes, you can see which RAM memory errors were found. If necessary, write them down so you can find on the Internet what it is and what to do with it. You can interrupt the scan at any time by pressing the Esc key.

Check memory in memtest

In case errors were found, it will look like the image below.

RAM errors detected as a result of the test

What to do if memtest found out RAM errors? – If failures seriously interfere with work, then the cheapest way is to replace the problematic RAM module, besides, the price today is not so high. Although sometimes it helps to clean the memory contacts (described in the article Computer does not turn on), and sometimes the problem in the memory can be caused by faults in the connector or components of the motherboard.

How reliable is this test? – reliable enough to check the RAM on most computers, however, as is the case with any other test, the correctness of the result cannot be 100% sure.

And suddenly it will be interesting:

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Very long checks. He waited only 2 hours and turned off. For users of 7-ki there is a built-in utility

Memtest86 + tests the memory cyclically until it is interrupted, it is convenient if you need to check the memory for many hours, if the memory lasts more than 4 hours without failures, then the modules are high enough

When checking both slats at the same time, red graphs were added. When checking alternately there are no defects. What kind of nonsense and how to deal with it?

Perhaps you somehow wrong placed them in the slots (if slots 4, then place “through one”). What generally reports errors?

Each Memory operates at different frequencies. Replace with the same type

The 10-ki also has a built-in utility. In Windows search, enter mds, a memory checker will appear.

But after all, it’s written on the example of Windows 10 …

There are problems with Windows on the laptop, it wasn’t possible to install any way (from a disk, from flash drives recorded by different programs) a single OS (Win 7, 8, XP): various errors appeared during installation or after installation on a screw . I decided to get rid of the RAM (one bar for 2GB costs) with metest. He chased several times, each time a different number of errors, but the number is large (now 2000, then 2000 and higher). Can Memtest be wrong or is there a problem with the bar?

In such cases, I usually mine another, guaranteed working bar, and try it. And, even before that, I simply clean the contacts of the current bar and try on it.

How to help memory

Friends, and I used the standard Windows 10 functionality. But the waters of trouble, on the console screen, what arises after the reboot instead of the Russian characters – questions … Either the font, or the problem with the driver and character generator … Can someone tell me where to dig?

Sasha, I can not answer right away. Using c: \ Windows \ system32 \

Yes, we are talking about

About two years ago, a computer was purchased, assembled in a store. It was necessary for a friend of 4 GB of RAM, since I had 2 strips of 4 GB each (only 8 GB), he assembled a PC for accessories. They pulled out, turned on the computer and wrote something like the amount of memory changed and the buttons enter the BIOS. They went into it, did not understand anything, we start Windows, everything is as usual, and the PC is very slow, it takes a lot of time to load. Restarted, it took a lot of time, without changes. My friend is flying. Processor i5 4 generation, 64 bit Windows 10 PRO. Please help.

It may be enough to simply reset the BIOS settings (Reset Bios to Defaults). But not sure what this is. Although, if the memory sees – a strange situation all the same. Memory installed correctly (in slots of the same color?)

There were only 2 slots, they were 8 GB (4 GB in 2 bars). Here one bar was removed and this happens.

And you tried to reset the BIOS parameters? Try it.

The meaning of this … Play slats

If you have the same labeling and

Yes, and MemTest86 + does everything without “fools”, but also depends on the processor frequency, if possible, just reset it, Everything is on a benign mode … I’ll also go to this site, in this thread, write down the link. if your everything is fine, then you should sing.

Good day! One evening, I wanted to check my RAM for errors. With the help of a standard program in Windows began to check. Then I clicked f1 to see which tests are still there. After 5 minutes of pressing, only the name of the test suite was displayed, and then the Windows logo was displayed and that’s it. I thought that something was wrong and ran the test again, and at the same time did not press anything. The test showed that no errors were found. Question: why at the first time pressing F1 was so long? The memory is not a lot of 4 GB.

Standard Check goes well oochen long. left for the night – only 2% of the first pass. What can be wrong?

I install the memtest from the site on the flash drive, when rebooting it does not boot from it, I put the boot correctly from the flash drive, it is formatted in Fat32, win 10. Help is the problem. And on the site it is written that the installation for the boot flash is not there win 10, but only 9x \ 2k \ xp \ 7, but what about 10? I also tried to write the iso file through UltraISO, it’s still the same

Booting may not work due to the included secure boot. Well, about Win 10 is not – usually what works in 7-ke will work on 10-ke.

Launched memtest from another source, passed one bar 7 hours, the second 10 hours. Errors 0. But before that I had blue screens. How accurate is this test, and is it worth saying that the RAM is valid not broken?

There would still know what the blue screens (you did not write about it) and at what point. Maybe there are drivers to blame or curve assembly (if during installation).

There was no such question when checking with the memetest of errors on two plates, but after the test in a multithread (you need to press F2 when starting the memtest, errors were found on the 4th pass, why so? And exactly the fault of the RAM or percent?

Maybe nothing is to blame: in memtest on some motherboards and with some percents there are bugs, just like you have – a relatively new percent, multi-threaded test, on a certain pass either hangs or errors, usually it does not mean anything. True to 7700, I did not find such information, but it is quite likely.

Hello, yesterday, when the game overwatch, the BSOD took off, SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION was written without any references (if I take a photo again), the fact is that this is not the first time, before, the blue screen of death also took off once a month and a half, but I did not take it seriously, I thought which drivers were in conflict, and there was no particular desire to steam. So, polaziv in Google, I learned that this is a mistake again, either a conflict of drivers, or RAM. I came here, learned how to make a test of RAM, and Windows issued some minor errors, but everything is fine, after that I played and there were no problems, no drawdowns FPS anything. The RAM is new, bought half a year ago, crucial for 8GB, it’s hardly a problem, otherwise I would have serious problems in games. Is there a way to more accurately check the RAM?

It is better to start by looking at what exactly the error is there (which file / driver causes the problem). Even if there are no references on BSoD itself, use BlueScreenView or WhoCrashed, there will be information. Not the fact that the memory is to blame.

Engaged in a system engineer. It is known that he has a big chance of having a problem in the RAM. Installed 4 absolutely identical strips of 512 MB. I checked each bar and each slot separately with a wide test of the system utility, there are no errors. But when I put all 4 strips at once for a wide test, about 92% of the utility finds problems. Is it possible to somehow identify in which particular slats / slots the problem is, checking them all at the same time?

Ways I do not know. But I have a guess. Given the amount of memory, I assume that the motherboard is old, and they were often “not so simple” when installing 4 memory bars at once: somewhere for volume, somewhere only one-way memory was supported with this configuration. However, sometimes it worked, but from time to time it fell.

Because of what there can be problems: Motherboard – Asus H81M-C Memory – 2 strips exceleram e30143a With the test of each slat – everything is fine. Just put both – “Hardware Error” …

And at what point is the error? Any additional information reported?

Hello, the problem is when I turn on the PC, it displays a blue screen after “welcome”, but it loads all the time after the next boot, and all the rules, but when I start something to turn on the games or the antivirus to check for viruses (privateer), everything slows down and gets a stake Even errors can not be displayed, but they are in the task dispatcher. On the blue screen, it always writes one error 0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000006, 0xFFFFF80005561A1A, etc.) and it all started after the pc was moved from one room to another. On googled that the error in the wood or RAM but the firewood standards I installed them with sd is not the first time. PS: moving the PC back did not bring sense)

Hello .. I can’t give you a hint .. In theory, if somehow SATA / power supply cables or some boards began to sit loosely, they could affect .. but this is only in theory.

I have such a situation, I start installing games, it’s a mistake, that

No, not 100%. Errors

Hello very often, the blue screen of death began to take off, I read in the internet that it was connected with the drivers, reinstalled Windows 10 pro, but it continues and I think with what it can be connected with a hard disk or frame. There used to be a problem with the hard drive but we replaced it under warranty. And now I don’t understand what to do. Ram check hangs at 21% and I have one of 8 GB

Are there any messages on this blue screen? In particular, the mention of any files?

How to help memory

The question of RAM, more precisely, to determine its volume. I used to write to you that I have 2 systems installed on my laptop (on different disks), both 10-ki, but one is “gray” on ssd, and the second is the official (honest) last with all the updates on hdd. There are two memory bars of 4 years, totaling 8. When booting into “gray” – memory – 8, and when booting into an official – memory 8 (2.74 available). Exactly in brackets. Checks memory means win from this thread – no errors are detected. Where to dig, tell me, pzhl. thank

I remove my previous question on determining the amount of memory – I found a solution.

I checked it with an internal windows tool. I used the usual type of check in order not to wait long. No errors. Operative in use for almost 4 years. By the way, about the information after verification. Personally, I had information on the tray for a few seconds about the absence of errors and did not have to dig in the journal.

always shows any RAM error

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