How to have fun

Probably the topic of preparing and conducting reporting concerts is more relevant than ever. Now I am engaged in the preparation of the reporting concert of my team. And I will try to talk about my experience. I think that young choreographers who are going to hold such a concert for the first time will also benefit from my experience and the experience of other choreographers. In addition, under the heading “Your questions” there is a question on this topic.

So, you decided to hold a reporting concert. What does that require?

First, you need to decide on the venue for the concert. I think, most likely, this will be the place of your work: school, School of Art or House of Culture. But it also happens that there is no stage or concert hall, then you need to look for a place where you could hold your concert. But this, as they say the worst option. Since it carries additional difficulties and costs.

Secondly, you need to make a program of the concert and write the script. It depends on the script half how interesting your concert will be.

Thirdly, decide whether there will be guests at your concert.

How to have fun

Fourthly, it is necessary to determine the design of the scene. If you work in a team then, of course, great. You can assign responsibilities and stage design to entrust professionals. But this does not happen often. For example, I generally do everything myself.

How to have fun

Fifth, you need to find a good lead or presenters. So that they can prepare in advance for the concert. Well, and, of course, about the rehearsals with the leading, too, need not forget. If leading adult professionals, again easier. I often have a concert led by high school students, so they have to rehearse with them.

Further, do not forget to record music on a disk or USB flash drive, depending on what equipment is in the concert, and arrange with the sound producer. He needs to explain everything, where and at what point you need to turn on and off the music. To avoid lining.

If you have any video presentations or slides, then you also need to prepare them in advance.

Seventh, of course, take care of the posters. Otherwise, nobody will come to your concert. I usually hang a poster no later than a week before the concert.

If you have decided to give gifts, souvenirs or present some diplomas at the end of the year, then all this, respectively, must also be prepared.

In general, I need to do all of the above, plus, of course, the dress rehearsal for me. Be sure to “walk” with children in costumes,

These “little things” are often overlooked by inexperience, as a result, children come to someone in what. When you start expressing your discontent, they make big eyes and say: “But you didn’t tell us anything about it.”

Then you realize that she really missed herself. And children are children, especially younger schoolchildren. I don’t even speak everything to them, but I also make memos for parents,

Well, here, perhaps, the main points of the preparation of the reporting concert. Colleagues, add, if I missed something!

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