How to hang shui

A mirror is a necessary thing in the life of every person. It accompanies us everywhere and always. In Feng Shui teaching, it is believed that a mirror is a link between the subtle and the real world, it is a kind of conductor and an amplifier of any energies: both positive and negative. Therefore, the correct placement of the mirror normalizes the overall balance of all energies entering the room. Mirrors can not only confirm the beauty and attractiveness, but also bring new ideas into the interior design, make the space around you more comfortable, cozy and harmonious, remove old negative energy from the house and attract love, wealth, luck.

Feng shui mirror size

In any house or apartment there must be a large mirror in which all family members will be able to see their reflections entirely, in full growth. The best place is a bathroom, you can place it in a living room or dressing room. From the point of view of beauty, this is the only way you can evaluate yourself as a single image, and not separately as a face, waist or legs, because beauty does not exist in pieces, and those around you evaluate us exclusively entirely. From the point of view of Chinese feng shui, the full reflection of a person is especially important, because his inner strength is always the same, and his creative and energetic potentials are very high. It is especially good if the mirror leaves a free area above a person’s head, thereby giving people the opportunity to “grow” where it is needed: physical, spiritual, career, financial. It is believed that if a person looking in a mirror does not see himself completely (up to the shoulders, for example), then this attracts illness to the house.

How to hang shui

Mirror reflection in the interior of Feng Shui

If you want mirrors to bring well-being and positive emotions to your home, then they should reflect only pleasant looking species. Place flowers in front of or next to the mirrors, photographs that capture important and joyful moments in the lives of people dear to you, other beautiful furnishings. You can go to the Feng Shui shop and buy special Feng Shui love talismans, wealth or others, and the mirror will enhance the energy you need at this particular moment.

How to hang shui

Where to hang a mirror on Feng Shui

  • Mirrors in the kitchen and dining room. It is considered correct when the mirror reflects the table at which the family eats, and the cozy atmosphere of the dining room – according to Feng Shui, this increases the prosperity of the house, and there will always be enough tasty food in it. In addition, it is useful for a woman who wants to lose weight and eat small portions – the amount of food, thus, visually increases, plus the woman does have a constant incentive to see herself more slim. Also, Feng Shui recommends hanging a mirror near the stove so that the hostess can see people entering the kitchen and communicate with them “in the eyes”, which is psychologically very comfortable.
  • Mirrors in the bedroom. According to experts, Feng Shui, a mirror in the bedroom – a harmful thing, and it is better not to have it there. If a mirror is necessary, then the strict requirement of Feng Shui – sleeping people in the mirrors should not be reflected categorically. If you hang it so that it does not reflect the bed and people sleeping on it, it is impossible, you should put a screen between the bed and the mirror at night or curtain the mirror with a cloth. And it’s not just a matter of feng shui – it is still not clear what a dream is and where our soul goes, where it has dreams, and since ancient times the mirror has been considered a conductor to other worlds or dimensions and it is still actively used by magic, divination and generally esoteric, so here it is better not to experiment. Feng Shui, plus this, sees in the mirrors in the bedroom another danger, called the “third person.” That is, to a man and a woman in their box, reflecting how someone else is added, and Feng Shui experts argue that this can lead to the appearance in the life of one or both spouses / partners of a third person, that is, a lover or lover. Do you need it? If not, clean or close the mirror that looks at the bed. Especially unfavorable so-called mirror ceilings. If the mirror does not reflect the bed and the people sleeping on it, then this is quite acceptable.
  • No need to hang mirrors in front of the front door – then the beneficial energy of Qi, bursting into the house with visitors, will invariably be reflected back and all the good, instead of entering the house, will go back to the street. And some believe that a mirror located in front of the entrance attracts uninvited guests. If a kitchen or a room is located opposite the entrance door, then Qi energy is directed there in a straight line, and only then, reluctantly, moves through other living rooms. In this case, the output is to place the mirror so that it reflects the corridor, which more efficiently distributes the flow of energy.
  • Mirrors are not recommended to be placed in front of the windows. Although if there is a favorable landscape outside the window – a park or a river – then positive energy will increase. But if the landscape leaves much to be desired, the placement of the mirror opposite the window is unfavorable.
  • Favorable placement of the mirror in the bathroom, which visually increases the room and contributes to the accumulation of positive energy. – if you keep the toilet and bathroom doors open, your well-being invariably leaves with the sink. It is recommended to hang a large mirror from the outside, as well as from the inside of the toilet door, which in the first case will not give positive Qi energy to go to the toilet, and in the second – the negative energy of Sha from the toilet to penetrate into other rooms of the house
  • Mirrors facing each other. According to Feng Shui, it is believed that such a placement adversely affects clarity of mind, leading to reckless actions and instilling fear and other gloomy emotions in the residents of the house.

How to look in the mirror by Feng Shui

All esoteric sciences, including Feng Shui, are sure that the mirror remembers our images and even programs us on them. Conclusion – you should always look in the mirror in a good mood and with full confidence in your irresistible. Then the mirror itself will launch the program of your attractiveness. But do not overdo it, remember "I am the sweetest in the world. " Rejoicing your attractiveness, never envy others, do not exalt yourself over others … When placing mirrors, do not forget – all that they reflect, then symbolically doubles – both good and bad!

Feng Shui Mirrors – useful tips

Here are some more recommendations that allow you to normalize the space and relationships in the house with the help of mirrors.

  • Mirrors should be framed – so they will keep good energy and direct it in the right direction, rather than scatter it around.
  • Mirrors must be clean, then the energy emanating from them will be pure and positive.
  • It is very important to immediately remove, throw away a broken or cracked mirror. Remember why glass cracks in the house according to Slavic beliefs? The mirror works the same way, taking on all the bad, and it’s important that you throw it away from the house as quickly as possible.

How to hang shui

And the most important condition. A mirror is not just an element of decor, a mirror can be either a friend or an enemy to you. If you look in the mirror every morning and you are visited by bad thoughts – a mirror, like a sponge, will absorb this message and the next time you will return your share of negative energy. But, if your smile more often reflects in it, the mirror will be glad to help you in any unsightly situation.

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