How to get water out of your ear

Surely everyone in this life faced with such an unpleasant phenomenon as the ingress of water into the ear cavity. Such a situation is accompanied by the appearance of unpleasant gurgling sounds, but gradually painful sensations of a different nature can arise.

In addition, there is a danger that an infection has penetrated into the ear cavity together with the fluid, and this may cause an inflammatory process. It is for this reason that it is important to have information on how to expel water from the ear and prevent the development of unpleasant consequences.

Danger of water entering the ears

Complications when water enters the ear

In the cavity of the outer and middle ear is the eardrum, which is a kind of barrier to water inside the ear. It is for this reason that one should not panic and worry that water will penetrate into the aperture and remove it from there would be very problematic.

Most often, the ingress of water into the ear cavity in a healthy person does not cause any problems and complications, and its removal ends very safely.

However, they are encountered in a situation when various complications begin and their bright manifestation is the noise in the organs of hearing and the feeling of their stuffiness.

There are two reasons for which the development of the pathological process is possible:

How to get water out of your ear

  1. The fluid in the ear led to swelling of the sulfur plug, and the result was the development of discomfort and discomfort. To eliminate this trouble, it is enough only to remove the sulfur plug, washing the ear canal with special preparations. Of course, such a procedure can be carried out independently, however, it is best to entrust this procedure to a specialist. Removal of a sulfuric plug in a medical facility is carried out using special tools. In the presence of a history of ear pathologies, it is worth refusing to wash the hearing organs on your own for the reason that this may trigger the development of the inflammatory process.
  2. In the event that water is safely removed from the ear cavity, the development of the inflammatory process in the ear canal and the middle ear can be the cause and complications.

This pathological process is accompanied by certain symptoms:

  • Feeling of stuffiness
  • Unpleasant pain
  • Severe itching
  • Discharge from the ear with a mixture of pus

Such a condition is quite dangerous and requires an immediate appeal to a specialist.

Removing water from the outer ear

How to expel water from the outer ear

In the event that a fluid enters the outer ear, the person begins to complain of discomfort. At the same time, there are no painful sensations, and the feeling of water gurgling in the ear is created.

In such a situation, the extraction of water from the outer ear does not constitute any difficulty. The main solution to this problem is simply jumping on one leg with a slightly bowed head.

To eliminate the liquid, it is necessary to tilt the head slightly so that the ear with water is at the bottom.

In the event that water enters the outer ear of a child, the elimination of the pathology is carried out as follows: by virtue of their age, not all children are able to jump on one leg, therefore the principle of a plunger becomes the main method of treatment. This means that it is necessary to create a vacuum in the ear cavity and the ear plug will be destroyed under strong air pressure. To do this, press the palm of the adult to her sharply to remove it tightly against the child’s ear.

Video on how to “drive out” the water from the ear.

Removing water and ear can lead to the development of pain and treatment in this case can be carried out with the help of heating:

  • For this purpose, salt is poured into a small bag of cloth, heated slightly over the fire.
  • After that, it is necessary to put the patient on the pillow and place a warm bag under the ear carefully.

Most often, such procedures can get rid of the fluid in the organ of hearing. Usually, it does not flow from the outer ear to the deeper parts, because the barrier to this is the eardrum.

Water in the middle ear

How to expel water from the middle ear

When fluid enters the middle section, there is a development of pain, as well as a feeling of congestion and urchin. In young children, the main route of penetration of water into the middle ear is the nasal sinuses, through which it draws water in by the nose.

In that case, if there is stagnation of fluid in the middle part of the organ of hearing, this can provoke the development of serious pathology.

It is for this reason that if you experience pain and discomfort in the ear, as well as when it is severely stuffy, you should contact a specialist as soon as possible.

Of course, there are situations when there is no opportunity to get to the doctor with his problem and in this case, it is necessary to provide first aid.

If water enters the middle ear, the following procedures can be performed:

  • One should get rid of the fluid in the same way as in case of pathology of the external ear, that is, jump on one leg or carry out vacuum massage.
  • Water can be removed using a cotton wool tow that is inserted into the ear cavity to absorb water. However, it is necessary to use a harness in such a situation, since the use of a cotton swab will not bring the desired result.
  • Frequent swallowing movements can destroy the water plug that has formed in the middle ear.
  • In the event that pain is observed, you can take painkillers or put a warming compress on your ear.

However, even in the event that you solve the problem yourself, you need to see a specialist.

Useful tips

To prevent the ingress of fluid into the organ of hearing and the development of unpleasant complications, it is necessary to follow simple recommendations:

  1. If liquid enters the ear cavity during bathing, wipe them thoroughly with a towel.
  2. Cleaning the ears of a baby is best done after bathing, rather than before it starts.
  3. In that case, if the ingress of fluid in the ears and the development of the inflammatory process are observed quite often, then to identify the pathological condition, you can use the ear monitor, which is sold in a pharmacy.

It turns out that earwax has special water-repellent properties, and its presence in the organ of hearing before the bathing procedure prevents the penetration of fluid deep into. The normal state of the organs of hearing is one of the conditions for a person’s comfortable life, and for this very reason it is necessary with particular attention to their condition.

How to get water out of your ear

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