How to get rid of a bad mood

Do you know what to do when you are bored? 5 tips that instantly dispel your boredom and help breathe life!

So, the dictionary defines boredom as a negative emotion, experiencing which a person loses his activity, and also ceases to be interested in the world around him and people.

I, on the contrary, think that boredom can act as a positive, colored mood, for example, if we are talking about anguish that you experience from being separated from your loved one.

The main thing is not to drown in this feeling.

If you feel that melancholy is starting to suck you, you will learn from this article what to do when bored!

The ancient ancestors did not know such a phrase – “what to do when bored” …

Scientists believe that the ancient civilizations did not know about this concept.

Maybe they really had no time to be bored, they were busy with survival problems, or vital inventions, such as a wheel.

Or maybe the whole thing is that the ancient melancholic did not keep diaries, so scientists and can not find real evidence.

The gloomy Middle Ages condemned bored people, arguing that for their laziness and apathy men and women should experience incredible shame before God.

But the creative epoch of the Renaissance was characterized by a more loyal attitude towards boredom, it even received the romantic name “melancholia” and was elevated to the rank of a physical disease.

Gradually, boredom became more and more popular, especially among aristocrats.

Melancholic young ladies and depressed gentlemen did not leave the pages of novels, including Russian and Ukrainian, however, the Soviets, what to do when bored, they were not.

The Bolsheviks who came to power, instantly cut off this trend.

There was no time to be bored – everyone had to build a bright future at an accelerated pace.

Who, in their opinion, tried not enough – got a fascinating ticket to the edge of the permafrost.

Fortunately, the terrible times left behind, and today everyone can indulge in boredom with pleasure. But is it necessary to spend your time on it?

What to do when bored: where did this phrase come from?

Before you know what to do when you are bored, you should understand the reasons for the appearance of melancholy.

Most experts agree that the feeling of boredom arises when a person for a long time does not lift up his mood with a charge of positive emotions, simply speaking, plunges into a routine.

This is certainly one of the main reasons, but, in my opinion, far from the only one.

A man begins to miss if he:

A long time can not be realized.

Just imagine: for several years you have been trying to make a career or want to start your own business, but something constantly keeps you at a decent distance from success.

Even strong people may succumb to apathy and stop pursuing a goal, although it is actually much closer than you think.

    Regularly amenable to bouts of laziness.

    In my opinion, laziness is the main cause of boredom.

    We are too lazy to write an article, attend a training, clean an apartment, go on a first date (continue the list yourself), and then we start to complain about the lack of interesting activities, failure in personal and professional life and, of course, boredom.

      Can not love.

      I am talking now not only about romantic attachment to my soulmate, but I think the general idea is clear: you should not be bored next to a person in love with.

      The same principle needs to be practiced in everything: sincerely love your profession, household chores, friends and you will forget forever what boredom is.

      There are many more reasons related to the mental characteristics of each person, but they need to be considered separately.

      What to do to overcome boredom?

      Sometimes the body, refusing to do important and necessary things related to home and work, simply tells you that it is tired.

      How to get rid of a bad mood

      Do not force yourself, because of your work is unlikely to get something worthwhile.

      It is better to spend this time on a dream, reading interesting and useful books, watching an exciting video, meeting with friends, a trip with your loved one and other amenities.

      Naturally, it is impossible to abuse this therapy, otherwise you will simply turn into an idle loafer.

      Answers to the question what to do when bored, only one and he will definitely not like the lazy people: DO YOURSELF ANYTHING!

      It is much easier than it seems to you at first glance, it is enough just to make an effort and start some work, and soon you will not notice that you have finished it.

      5 options that will help to occupy you when you are bored:

      How to get rid of a bad mood

      Do morning exercises, go jogging, sign up for a gym, aerobics, yoga – the choice of training is huge.

      This will help keep in shape not only the body, but also the character.

      Always watch your appearance.

      Ladies with a manicure and freshly painted hair or a smooth-shaven gentleman find it much harder to fall into apathy than an incomprehensible creature in a greasy gown or stretched workout.

      Learn to make lists of cases and follow their implementation.

      The busy days will help not only to avoid melancholia, but also lead you to success.

      Get yourself a hobby or pet.

      Believe me, a funny puppy or kitten purr instantly banish boredom and come up with a lesson for you.

      Not ready to take on such responsibility?

      Start to embroider, knit, collect something.

      Be always on the move.

      Have you succeeded in some field?

      Then go ahead to conquer new peaks.

      If you stop, then laziness and boredom will quickly catch you up.

      And also, take an example from this baby … she is clearly not bored &# 128578;

      And finally: people who live a full life and strive for success simply have no time to be bored.

      From the blues suffer only losers! Are you a loser?

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