How to fix drunkenness

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About the amazing truth about the “Russian drunkenness” (3 photos)

In the West, they consider that Russia is a country of people who drink heavily. They say that Russians drink even in the intervals between drunkenness, and they happen almost every day for any reason. The most unexpected thing is that many Russians are happy to share such stereotypes, although why should we believe them? However, drunkenness itself is not so terrible as its consequences. And here statistics can shock an unprepared reader.

Scientists have created alcohol, after which there is no hangover

Spoiler – there may be more chemicals there than in ordinary laundry detergent.

Brothers! Self-destruct by little

I publish a table, not mine, of course, showing my people’s tendency to end life at the most productive age not from diseases, but from EXTERNAL factors. What’s this? What is it like?

How to fix drunkenness

Wedge wedge: German schoolchildren will start drinking alcohol (3 photos)

Very soon, some ninth-graders from the Federal Republic of Germany may become participants in an unusual experiment, which will later become the basis for alternative prevention of alcohol dependence among schoolchildren.

How did you fight drunkenness at the beginning of the 20th century? (5 photo)

In our country, the “dry law” was introduced several times. And for the first time, the struggle against drunkenness was begun in the days of Tsarist Russia, when it became clear that the population simply drank itself. So the subsequent anti-alcohol campaigns of 1918-1929 were not crowned with due success, although the elimination of drunkenness was carried out by all possible methods.

Altai investigators told: a five-year-old kid complained of drunken parents (3 photos)

Information about the fact, recorded back in May last year, was made public the other day by the Investigation Department of the RF IC in the Altai Territory. The agency summed up the work in 2018 of the “Child in Danger” telephone line.

Just a sad reading on Wednesday.

World hockey champion made a riot in the plane

World hockey champion Oleg Saprykin made a riot in the plane en route from Sochi to Moscow, as a result of which the board made an emergency landing.

How to fix drunkenness

Scientists talked about the most effective method of treating alcoholism

Alcoholism in the modern world is a huge problem. For some countries, the alcoholization of the population acquires a cosmic scale. Unfortunately, for Russia this problem is also very relevant. It is worth noting that alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world.

Beats mean love or how to become a bum (3 photos)

A woman lived on a 50-year-old passport, everything looked over 60. She had a husband, an alcoholic, and a lover to beat his wife for money. Lived in a high-rise building, the neighbors sympathized with her, but as they say: "once tolerated, then it is my own fault".

The country dying from alcohol became known. And this is not Russia (3 photos)

Strong alcoholic drinks are exactly the same scourge for a person as are terrible, ill-curable diseases. Every year, millions of people around the world die from alcohol abuse. This country was the first in the ranking of countries in which people are dying from the green serpent.

Upper low price segment of the European Alkorynka (2 photos)

The most popular alcohol-containing drink in Latvia is not beer, vodka or brandy, but BF Green cosmetic alcohol. Local "Hawthorn"which contains 60% of pure alcohol, sell for less than one euro for 250 ml. bottle.

How to fix drunkenness

The British set fire to a hotel in Mallorca, trying to set their legs on fire to their friend (4 pics + 1 video)

Four holidaymakers from the UK (two men and two women) were arrested after an unsuccessfully ending "jokes" over sleeping friend According to the police, drunken merry fellows lit the flame with an aerosol can and lighter and wanted to wake a friend in this way. The incident occurred at the BH Mallorca Hotel in Magalluf. People had to be evacuated from two floors of a burning building.

How to fight drunkenness in the USSR

Movie fragment "Not a year later"1973

15 inspirational photos of people who overcame alcoholism and started everything from scratch (15 photos)

Life is not an easy thing and at any moment a person can make a mistake by stepping on a curved path. Naturally, there is nothing good to expect from the presence of harmful habits, but one should not forget that, having made a mistake, everyone can fix it. Today we want to show you pictures of people who had problems with alcohol, but who found the strength and coped with their addiction, starting life from scratch. Their example is truly inspiring!

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