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Unbearable pain of the soul or fear from the past life


(Korf Mullen, Dorset, England), psychotherapist, author of articles and books on LBL, director of the teaching department of the Academy of past life regression.

This chapter quite concretely illustrates the fact that, thanks to the experience of regressions in past lives and in life between lives, subjects can go through many levels of healing and deep understanding. Our story demonstrates that one can free oneself from physical pain and fear if a person has understood and accepted the lessons of the soul. Practicing sessions also helps to learn to compare and contrast the perspectives of the human mind and the immortal soul.

When I first met Dean, I was impressed by his bright, cheerful disposition and wide smile. He was a senior marketing manager at an international bank and recently connected to one of my training seminars on past life regression in order to sort out his problems. He explained that in 1998, shortly after having started an affair on the side, he had pain in the left testicle, groin and lower abdomen. Here is what he said:

“The pain was strong, painful, and she held on for a week or two, and then disappeared for several months. During 2000, the pain was finally settled and at times became unbearable. One testicle decreased in size, and this, ultimately, made me turn to the doctor. I was given a referral to a urologist, as well as MRI, computed tomography, intravenous pyelography, and I was prescribed three sessions with ultrasound for one year. They did not find any abnormalities and offered to take Edvil (pain killer) for thirty days. The pain of the groin and the testicle disappeared and appeared, and, eventually, the level of discomfort decreased, but from time to time flashes of sharp pain suddenly still appear. The pain is as if someone is driving a nail into my testicle. For the last couple of years, it has become more controlled, but with the approach of the session, minute flashes of pain have become stronger. ”

During the session, Dean asked for regression to find out if this pain was related to past life. He quickly plunged into the life of the Roman centurion during the civil war, and after the session he described what happened in the following way:

“I entered a past life at the time of death, where several of my people kept me in a supine position. One put his foot on my neck, the other on my right hand, the third stood above me: he just pierced my groin with a sword. Before that, the one with the sword, cut off my genitals and, bringing them to me, said: “You will do little without it, will you?” He threw them on the ground and stepped on them.

During the healing process during this regression, I felt my body heal thanks to your leadership [Dean means Andy, the lead broker]: I was able to draw my sword with my own hands and put the body parts together87. Having done this, I felt great, as if my body had become whole again. Later I met my spiritual guide, who explained to me that in that life I raped and robbed. Those wounds were transferred to this life and were activated by the energy that I put into my sex life outside of marriage. It served as a reminder of the time when I was engaged in distracting my attention from achieving the goal of my life. ”

87 This author is convinced that body-transforming movements during a regression into a past life can be used by some therapists for healing, because movements often penetrate deeper than words or visualizations and have a very strong effect on the subject. This technique can be used when trauma or recurring pain occurs.

It is clear that Dean was in a hurry to sign up for a personal LBL session to find out the purpose of his life. In a state of hypnosis, he first plunged into his past life, which he had in the nineteenth century in the body of a merchant. He had just received the terrible news of the loss of his ship in Africa. Before that, he signed a business contract, and this news meant that he was losing his family business. With grief, he got drunk in a tavern, where he was attacked by gangsters, and in the ensuing fight he was killed.

I bring our dialogue from the moment of his first meeting with his spiritual Guide:

Dean: He asks me if I am ready to learn.

Andy: And what are you saying?

Dean: I say yes because I don’t understand. He says that I am here because I have to be here, and although I do not see the point in this now, understanding will someday come. This life should have shown that hard work is not always rewarded, you do not always get rewards for what you do. It may seem unfair, but it is just a perception. He asks me to think, because he feels that I still do not understand.

Andy: Ask how you figure it out.

Dean: He asks me to look at this life and what is happening … He shows me my life …

Andy: How does he do it?

Dean: I see the living room, but I’m not in my body. I look at myself sitting at a table with a contract, and he asks me to pay attention to one single moment of this evening, when I signed a business contract.

Andy: And what are you saying?

Dean: I’m starting to understand. At a time when I was young and wanted to please, I was happy to sign a piece of paper and get possession of a person. My father-in-law was happy with the deal in exchange for his daughter. At every step in this matter, and at every moment of that evening, what could be called the rude word “atrocity” was performed.

Andy: In what sense is “atrocity”?

Dean: I made a deal with my father-in-law, who sold his daughter for the financial gain he received as a result of concluding an ingenious contract. In the future, he gave him a certain power over the company of my family and, ultimately, over their fate and hard work. The atrocity was that human life can be the subject of a deal – this is an atrocity that I committed. I was ready to enter into this transaction, taking possession of human life, without really understanding the extent of the potential damage I could cause to my family, myself, and the people around me. As well as the family that I was going to create and which I did not even think about at that time. But now my signature on this paper has put the lives of my children in a rigid framework. The independence of my family was significantly curtailed. Gone from the hammer and the work of people and their livelihood, and their lives. I had no right to this. I understood. Now I understand this lesson.

This past life example illustrates how much we judge ourselves and the events of our lives. The role of the personal spiritual guide is to help us understand the course of events when things are going wrong, because it forms the basis of the future life.

It is worth thinking about the statement of the spiritual Guide that hard work and good intentions are not always rewarded. From the point of view of earthly perception, this can be surprising. From the point of view of the soul, our earthly decisions and consequences are perceived as learning88.

Now we will return to the moment when Dean, accompanied by his spiritual guide, is about to meet with his group of souls, which he calls his “group of advisers”:

Dean: I feel a lot of space. Andy: Describe it.

88. Readers may be confused by statements about the use of good “intent” in this case. Although getting a partner’s daughter in exchange for business advantages is the result of Dean’s not-so-good intentions in his past life, the author explains that trying to successfully organize his business and personal life is, from Dean’s point of view, a good intention. The more serious problem mentioned here is that “hard work and good intention are not always rewarded” in the life of anyone. This, of course, is true, because you need to take into account the karmic influences of our actions throughout many past lives, and not just the current one.

Dean: There are no walls and ceilings, but there is a table embedded in the foundation. There are chairs on both sides of the table, a larger chair at the head of the table, and so on from the other end. The chairs are somewhat moved away from the table, except for two at both ends.

Andy: Do you know what this place is?

Dean: Meeting Room89.

Andy: Are you there alone?

Dean: No, I am sitting in a small chair, and my spiritual guide is high.

Andy: What else is going on?

Dean: I have a feeling of fear (this anxiety emanates from Dean’s mind) 90 … The moment we were waiting for came. My spiritual guide communicates with me telepathically, very patiently. He says that I should make the first application. It’s time to submit my plan.

Andy: What plan does your spiritual guide talk about?

Dean: This is the plan of my current life. I ask why I fear.

89. Not to be confused with the room where meetings with the Council of the Elders take place – a completely different, not causing a sense of fear, sphere in the spirit world, where the soul is evaluated by a group of highly advanced wise beings. In this case, what is happening can be described as the spontaneous intervention of a group of Dean’s kindred souls in his current life course in order to discuss his life contract. This is a very effective technique that is sometimes used by the Oldest and spiritual guides in the regressions of life between lives to provide the subject with a deeper understanding. Readers should know that while our Guides and the Elders are very benevolent in their relations with embodied souls, our fellow souls can both tease and criticize our shortcomings, and praise us for our success in life. On the systems of groups of souls, see “Traveling Souls.”

90. In the true state of the light energy of the soul, we do not observe emotions similar to those caused by the central nervous system of the human body. Thus, when a hypnotizing subject, such as Dean, visualizes himself in a state of mind and expresses a strong emotion, such as fear, this is an interpretation based on the human sense of action, and includes human emotional transference. All our research indicates that such negative feelings as fear, in fact, do not exist in life after life.

Andy: And what do you answer?

Dean: This is a fear that I have experienced for a long time, over many lifetimes … I feel its evil nature, which I have known before. I brought fear into this world … because it was I who constantly experienced and used it as a support, while trying to avoid it at all costs. I grabbed it with me to show how ridiculous he is.

Andy: Is there anyone else around?

Dean: My mother … my son … oh, my friend is here – now this is Gloria … my father, oh God, this is my wife, and this is my wife’s former boyfriend. They are all on one side of the table.

Andy: And on the other?

Dean: My grandmother, my two aunts, my ex-colleague in the same place is Maurice, and three others whom I don’t recognize.

Andy: Tell me what’s going on.

Dean: They all smile. I feel more and more that they are playing me. I say, “Why can’t I catch up with you?” My mother replies: “We were all very patient, and you can have as much time as you need. While you study this step, we are doing other things. It doesn’t matter, but we all need to move on. That is the plan that, as you said, is best suited to bring us all closer to you. You wanted all of us to be there, to come in contact with you, to be near your life, and so you could do it. ” They really laugh at me … She means the fact that many of my soul groups have a close relationship, so that they will appear and disappear from my life as I grow up … My aunt stood up and said: “Each of us sent you your message in this life. It seemed you understood each of these messages, but in reality you just looked at them (Dean nods in agreement) and demanded more. ” She says that I will not receive any more messages.

Andy: They reminded you, what are these messages?

Dean: They laugh at me again. My spiritual guide says: “You know these messages – why repeat them?”

Andy: What happens next?

How to find your spiritual guide

Dean: One of the souls, with whom I am not acquainted, laid out a picture-puzzle and said: “Solve this puzzle”.

Andy: What does this mean?

Dean: They continue to make fun of me. The puzzle is assembled – there are no missing fragments … My spiritual guide told me to make sure that I am well fixed in my earthly body, since I am not moving forward. Everyone at the table is ready to move forward without me.

Andy: Is there something that you should do?

Dean: These are my writing classes, and especially the writing method, which they call the “black entrance to the subconscious”.

Andy: Tell me more about this method.

Dean: All the stories are in my head, and I have a technique with which I can bring them out … My goal is to help raise awareness, because many of the energies on Earth have stalled – just like myself – because that the easy ways are constantly being sought out in everything … More than one shift must take place in the consciousness. This is a gradual process, and I need to write stories for people to help raise awareness.

So, Dean understands the purpose of his life and its significance. Interestingly, this session switched from soul memories of events between lives to an interactive, real-time overview of his current life and the difficulties on his way to his life goal. This is an example of one of the powerful and effective methods by which LBL regression can help people. Than to wait for the end of life to get this kind of review, it is better to have it in the middle of life. This can help bring the soul consciousness to the conscious mind and speed up the possibility of soul progress. For Dean, it was an opportunity to understand the fear that was rooted in his past life as a merchant and which distracted him from fulfilling the plan of this life. Further, in the course of the session, we will see how some of the obstacles to the implementation of the plan for this life are discussed:

Andy: How are you going to recognize members of your soul group?

Dean: Through awareness, which must arise in certain conditions. It will take me a long time; so they come and go from my life, so they are part of my family. I recognize them as symbolic representatives of the problems I encounter at different periods of my life … My brother is there – at some point he will show me very clearly that lack of money does not mean lack of satisfaction or lack of purpose, that regardless of this he will find output. My son – he will show me the unmistakable image of love that I seek.

Andy: Are you still discussing something at this moment?

Dean: My earthly obligations to my family: taking care of them to be dressed, full, educated and have good living conditions, as I dreamed, but all this is in doubt. This can happen as I had planned, and maybe not. My spiritual guide knows that my conscious mind hardly comprehends what I now perceive as a waiver of my obligations to my family. I can now see from the position of a higher consciousness within me that the achievement of my goal in life can interfere with the fulfillment of my main obligations … I understand, I understand, I understand …

Andy: Are you discussing the possible consequences that will arise if you can not fulfill your goal?

Dean: Yes, I know. Someone else will do it. I will be left behind with another spiritual group. And yet it does not matter, although I really want to catch up with them … My spiritual guide says that it is favorable for me to have some earthly emotions, not staying with this group. Obviously, because of my relatively low level of spiritual advancement, I cling to my group, and this is conveyed to me through my earthly emotions (fear) and my carelessness. I really hardly reach 91.

91. Dinu was told that there is an “earthly emotion” (fear), which is associated with his anxiety because he does not stay with his group of souls, because he is slowly evolving. Dean’s comment that “it does not matter,” whether you are left behind or not, demonstrates in a certain sense bravado on his part. Although it is true that more successful students in the main group of souls do develop faster and move into new, specialized groups of souls with similar interests, motives and talents at intermediate levels, our entire practice, including thousands of cases, shows that slower souls nowhere not shifted. Dean may fear this at the level of consciousness, but his story indicates that he does not truly believe in it. This is due to the fact that the formation of new groups does not occur at random. In each group of souls, you can see the common denominator of goals, and they spend together endlessly helping each other. At the same time, we must always take into account in our work that deviations may occur in our spiritual conclusions. More details about the location, unity of the group of souls and the formation of the groups of souls “Soul Journeys” and “Life Between Lives”.

Wait, there seems to be a time limit on Earth for the messages, and he says that right now there are many individuals who are seeking to form a network around the planet, and that people like me want to be part of this web, come into contact with as many a shower before the next wave arrives.

Andy: Ask your spiritual guide about these pains in different parts of the body. Are they a kind of reminder for you?

Dean: Yes, but the reminder will be removed. I will no longer be reminded. Everything will now be in my hands; now the decision will be mine.

This is an extremely important point about eliminating physical pain in his testicles and groin. Recall that initially it was a reminder that Dean’s energy shifted from his life purpose to sexual ties on the side 92.

92. In the chains of many incarnations, the soul could have painful wounds, injuries and fatal injuries in some bodies. And we come across cases with traces of the painful problems of the body of the past life in the body of the present life. In this case, Dean’s pain in the groin was a reminder of past misconduct against women related to his current violation of marital fidelity. See Soul Travels, Soul Destinations (Chapters 5 and 7) and Life Between Lives.

It is rooted in his past life as a Roman centurion. Transformation work during past-life regression has eliminated these symptoms, but Dean needs to integrate this knowledge into his current life to achieve a stable result. It seems that due to Dean’s deeper understanding of his life plan through the LBL regression, the need for this physical painful reminder was removed, regardless of what he chooses to do. There was a re-planning of the soul’s purpose with the consent of the spiritual and self-conscious Dina. However, at some level the fear will remain until Dean decides to leave his current career and begins to write spiritual books in accordance with his plan.

Another interesting revelation was the spiritual guide’s commentary on earthly commitments. Of course, we all have responsibilities towards others, especially to our family members, but sometimes they can stand in our way to the goal of our life. We are reminded that all souls know the purpose of their life even before their incarnation; therefore, when we make difficult decisions not to follow the goal of our life, earthly consequences are of no interest from the point of view of the soul.

Here is what Dean says about his LBL regression session and changes in his life:

“The most amazing thing in the L session. L was the clarity of the information received. I have not the slightest doubt in my goal here and in what lessons I must learn in order to achieve it. The understanding that I gained regarding commitments helped me to find courage and prepare for the very difficult step I needed to take. I gradually discussed my intentions with my family and others, towards whom I felt obligated, and although I did not particularly expect any support from anyone except my wife, they willingly offered it. Since I expressed my intention to leave my job in the bank, things seem to have started to improve. The pain in my groin diminished, and I firmly felt that she would not return. The insight that I gained through talking with my soul group gave me a sense of calm. I reached a turning point in my life and chose the right direction.

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