How to find out what turns you on

Secrets of the relationship between a man and a woman from dating to sex: pickup lessons for men and a female pickup, the art of sex, love and intimate relationships

An article for those who feel that it is time (or almost time) to let in a bit of fresh air. Suitable for any stage of the relationship between a man and a woman, if you choose the right items. First practice, below theory.

How to find out what turns you on

A. How to surprise a man !? Make him unexpected and pleasant.

B. The best way is to suddenly become the girl of his dreams.

C. Read the 9 points below and select a couple you see fit for yourself.

Method 1. Apologize!

To surprise a man for real, apologize. Not after a quarrel, but simply. Tell him sincerely and seriously: “I understand what a fool I am. You are a man, you are my master, and I must behave better. I will try, and you tell me, please, when I behave badly. And punish. Thank”.

How to find out what turns you on

Question: – And if you punish? Answer: – Do not punish. He is obaldeet and say that he has no one better than you and will not be. Just talk seriously.

Method 2. Agree!

The next time he asks for something about you – no matter what – agree. Do not discuss and do not criticize, but simply say “Yes” – and do it.

Question: – And if he asks for something unimaginable? Answer: – Here you do it. Show that you know how to be obedient.

Method 3. Do it yourself!

Do yourself what you always ask for: take out the garbage, wash the dishes, drive a nail and

Question: – And if he gets used to it? Answer: – Then you begin to surprise your man with something else.

Method 4. Thank!

A great way to surprise a man is to say something like this: “You know, I’m really happy that you have me. No matter what happens next, I will always know that you are the best who I have had. ”

Question: – And if he relax after that? Answer: – Do not relax – the second part of the phrase will not allow him.

Method 5. Change clothes!

Change clothes from girl to boy or vice versa. It depends on how you usually look. If you emphasize femininity – change into a real man. If unisex – in a real woman.

Question: – And if I do not go? Answer: – And who are you to solve this? Coco Chanel? Change clothes!

Method 6. Undress!

Do not wear any time underwear – in particular, pants. And so he knew it. And not only being with him, but at all. Say it is more hygienic and, moreover, excites you.

Question: – And if he thinks I’m a nutty nympho? Answer: – You want to surprise him, not calm him down, right? Now, if it prohibits, follow paragraph 2.

Method 7. Pervert!

Ask him to hit you, put on your knees, tie up, cum on your face, throw two hundred rubles on the floor and, without a word, leave to watch TV. Tell me that you have long dreamed about this, but were afraid to admit. If he is surprised too much, do not say that it was a joke, but tell me that it was such a test, which you were taught at the leadership training – on strength of character.

Question: – And if he does that? Answer: – Then try to have fun, and if it does not work out – it means that it was a test of strength of character.

Method 8. Still be perverted!

Ask him: “And you never wanted this with a man? I would not mind to see. “

Question: – And if he says that he has long dreamed about it? Answer: – Then rejoice that you heard it before you saw it.

Method 9. Support!

When he starts complaining and whining (as is the case with men who have to pretend to be strong), do not blame or scold him, but hug him in a motherly way and say: “You will succeed – you are the strongest, and I’m you. You will ask them all. ”

Question: – And if he finally limp and turn into a child? Answer: – And if in search of a maternal resource, he will go to another?

1. Since I do not know you or your man, I place all the responsibility on you for the results of your actions. Try it at your own risk or not at all.

2. If you already do any of the above, you can, of course, skip it. The habitual surprises only when repeated an infinite number of times.

How to surprise a man – a theory (for smart)

Women, as you know, like to repeat that men “only need one”. And women, in the counter opinion of men, also need one. Just another. “One” in the case of men means sex without obligations, and in the case of women, just obligations.

Indeed, biologically and socially, a woman is designed in such a way that she cannot even have a good time, unless she has the ulterior motive of creating a nest. And this is such a deep, root installation, that the entire belief system of almost any woman comes down to her in the end.

Although without such a state of affairs, the human world could not exist, it looks immensely boring. And it shows a hard programmed (and we are against this, right?). But I, as a consultant, are saddened by the fact that an excessive desire to by all means build a serious relationship quite often leaves a woman without any relationship at all. Why? Because blind confidence in their “natural” destinations for marriage and motherhood leads to the fact that a woman does not consider them as a complex skill (which they really are) and does not see the point of qualifying in this field – as a result, when it comes to business, it turns out to be “incompetent”.

So, if a woman properly pretends that she needs something different from a man than biology requires (not marriage, not offspring, not caring for offspring), the man will be very surprised.

But what could it be.

Now is the time to admit that men and women need more than one from each other. But still not what they would like to give.

Familiarize yourself with the attached table, from which it is clear which roles men and men women want to see. Of course, the roles are described roughly and generically, but this is for clarity.

Details about the roles – in the lecture “Mother. Wife. Mistress. Whore”

How to find out what turns you on

In short, as soon as a woman shows a man that he can cope with at least three of the roles listed to the right, he will immediately give her heart, mind, passport for the stamp, seed for posterity, and a purse for personal use.

And – perhaps – from time to time will act for her in roles from the left side of the table.

Would you like to learn more about how to liven up relationships stuck in a routine and move on together? – go to the Penelope project.

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