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7 beneficial properties of bone broth

Bone broth is prepared by boiling the bones of almost any animal in water for a long period of time from 4 to 40 hours. Most often bone broth is boiled from the bones of chicken, calf, pig, lamb and fish, cartilage and sometimes the entire skeleton of small animals. Vegetables and herbs are often added to the broth, and the resulting broth becomes the basis for many soups, stews and other dishes.

Bone broth is rich in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and substances like glycine and proline – two unique amino acids that are important for human health.

Here are 7 useful properties of bone broth for health:

Proline and Glycine

The body can produce proline and glycine, but to avoid deficiency, it is better to get them from food. Proline and glycine are part of the glue that supports our body. They play a key role in our connective tissue, the formation of cartilage in the joints and the growth of muscles and their recovery. Glycine plays a key role in the formation of glucose. Proline is important for collagen. A deficiency of proline and glycine can contribute to the development of weak bones and joints, increased inflammation and arthritis, as well as other chronic problems associated with the connective tissue of the body.

Arthritis and chronic inflammation

Bone broth contains a significant amount of cartilage that can help in the treatment of arthritis, Crohn’s disease and other conditions arising from chronic inflammation. Regular consumption of bone broth can help prevent all of these conditions.

Proline and glycine, entering the body from bone broth, play an important role in wound healing. Proline is necessary for the production of collagen, which can also be obtained from bone broth in the form of gelatin. Collagen is necessary when recovering from surgery, tissue damage or bone fracture.

Bone broth is a substance full of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. These three elements are essential for bone growth and maintaining bone density with age.

DigestionBone broth helps the body’s digestive process. The substance in the composition of bone broth contributes to the digestive process in the intestines and helps the body absorb proteins and other essential minerals. Gelatin in bone broth helps coat and heal the mucous membranes of the digestive tract and can help protect against irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and other digestive problems.

Bone broth helps the liver to process toxins and can be a good addition to the diet when cleaning the body.

Glycine is necessary for the production of heme in the body – a part of the blood that helps carry oxygen. Heme plays an important role in the absorption and transfer of iron and other trace elements in the body.

  • Vitamins of group B;
  • Vitamins C, PP, H, C, E;
  • Trace elements (iron, iodine, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and others).

Is broth helpful?

Broth – the basis of therapeutic nutrition. He was even called Jewish penicillin, when everyone knew about his benefits. But today the question of the usefulness of the broth has become controversial. To the question "Is dill useful?", some answer that it is useful, others speak about its harm. Let’s try to figure it out.

Useful properties of broth?

The broth is saturated with phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, it contains a lot of vitamins, especially group B. Magnesium helps nerve cells to work normally, it is an excellent tool in the fight against fatigue, it relieves irritability, improves memory. Phosphorus helps to strengthen muscles, bones and teeth. Zinc contributes to the rapid healing of wounds, it is also useful for the brain. The broth will increase the body’s resistance to stress, help stabilize blood sugar levels, and also have a beneficial effect on the nervous and digestive systems.

Is chicken broth useful?

Chicken broth is not just a tasty first course, but also a wholesome food that strengthens the immune system. It has long been given to a person during illness. In terms of animal protein, chicken is superior to lean pork and beef. In chicken meat is a mass of beneficial fatty acids, perfectly assimilated by the body. Such food is recommended for hypertensive patients and cardiac.

High content in vitamin B2 chicken meat, regulates the rate of metabolic processes in the body, strengthens the immune system, normalizes the central nervous system. Vitamin B6 is responsible for the flow of fat and protein metabolism, is responsible for the condition of the skin. Vitamin B9 is involved in the process of blood formation, it plays a particularly important role in the body of a pregnant woman. Vitamin B12 normalizes blood pressure, supports the work of the reproductive organs, calms the nervous system. Chicken broth is useful for strengthening the immune system.

Sometimes when growing birds use prohibited methods. Therefore, there is a risk of concentration in the broth of salts of heavy metals, antibiotics that protect the chicken from diseases, growth hormones and preservatives.

Is meat broth useful?

Meat broth helps to reduce blood viscosity, preventing the formation of blood clots. Drinking a cup of broth at night, you will ensure a restful sleep.

Meat broth is also rich in phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and a whole set of vitamins, especially group B. But nutritionists recommend discarding meat or bone broth, since it is especially saturated with purine bases — nitrogenous extractive substances that trigger salt deposits. They are less contained in other types of protein broths, because chicken broth, for example, is less harmful to human health.

Is fish broth helpful?

The unique composition of fish broth makes this product useful for the human body. It contains vitamins of groups B, E, C, H, as well as PP, iron, iodine, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other compounds of natural origin, saturate the body in the required amount, ensuring normal human activity.

However, there should be careful. Fish caught in environmentally unfriendly areas contain harmful metal salts, toxic compounds, and carcinogens. Fish grown in artificial reservoirs, such as the salmon family, may contain dyes. Some species of fish, such as perch or tuna, reach large sizes as they grow in the process of growth with mercury.

Is beef broth useful?

Beef broth will help maintain the normal gastrointestinal tract. This first dish saturates the body with protein, vitamins of group B, the necessary amino acids, it contains the minimum amount of fat and cholesterol. This is the first dish of children and dieters. Its use will help digestion. Iron-rich beef broth is indicated for anemia, exhaustion, loss of strength.

Nutritionists do not recommend boiling beef broth on bones, since heavy metal salts accumulate in them, and a high concentration of extractive substances in the broth overloads the digestive tract, making it difficult for the liver to work.

Beef broth is made dangerous by purine bases contained in poor-quality beef, as well as antibiotics, hormones and preservatives.

Broth is contraindicated:

  • People with a weakened pancreas;
  • With a stomach ulcer;
  • Children up to 2 years;
  • With gout;
  • With exchange arthritis;
  • With increased secretion of the stomach;
  • In diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Omelette steamed chicken broth video recipe. The book is about tasty and healthy food.

How much can you eat broth per day?

For the normal functioning of the body enough servings of broth per day.

How to cook broth?

The best broth is obtained from proven, boneless, fat-free meat. Preference should be given to chickens, rabbits, veal.

Before cooking, the meat should be washed, cut off all the veins and fat. Put the meat in cold water, bring to a boil, then cook for another 10-15 minutes. The first decoction is drained – dangerous extractive substances will leave with it. Again pour the meat with fresh water, you should continue cooking.

Having added fresh greens and vegetables to the broth, it will become more saturated with vitamins and microelements, the aroma will become more pleasant, the taste more saturated.

Healthy Broth Recipes

Meat broth

Beef meat diced, put it in a large saucepan, fill with cold water, bring to a boil over low heat.

Remove the foam from the surface, add finely chopped onion, diced carrots, crumbled chives and celery. Salt to taste.

Boil the broth for about 3-4 hours over low heat. Remove the pan from the heat and filter the broth. The dish is ready. Meat broth can be sent to the fridge and used to make soups, sauces, risotto or gravy.

Fish broth

We collect water in a saucepan, add herbs (thyme, parsley), diced carrots, shredded onions, and celery. Pepper and salt to taste. Bring the water to a boil and set on slow fire. Cook another 30 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and leave to cool the vegetable broth.

When it becomes warm, put the fish in it, put it on the fire again, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and cook for 20 minutes.

Remove fish broth from the heat and let cool. Strained broth can be stored in the refrigerator and used for cooking soups, risotto with seafood.

Chicken bouillon

Is broth useful in chicken meat? With proper preparation, it is extremely useful. For chicken broth is better to find a homemade chicken or chicken. Remove the skin and excess fat from it, put it in a saucepan with onions, carrots and celery and pour enough water so that it completely covers the bird. Salt to taste. Bring the water to a boil over medium heat, then reduce the heat and boil the chicken with a light boil for another 2 hours. Do not forget to remove the foam from time to time. Ready broth should be filtered through a sieve and let cool. Serve this dish with dumplings, strips of vegetables, with noodles.

How to drink bone broth

Is it good to eat …

This tasty dish is undoubtedly familiar to each of us since childhood. The soft golden color, pleasant smell and delicious taste made chicken broth a dish loved by many generations.

Calorie chicken broth

Calorie chicken broth is only 15 kcal per 100 grams. But the calorie content may vary depending on what meat the broth is prepared from and what is added to it. So the broth from the breast (white meat) is more tender, light and non-fat. And for more rich broth, use the legs, offal.

You can add a rich flavor to the broth by adding greens, parsley root or celery, carrots, onions, spices and salt.

The composition of chicken broth

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits that the use of such a simple, at first glance, dish brings to a person. Chicken broth is rich in nutrients, trace elements and protein. These include vitamins from group B, iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and selenium. With all this, it is very easily absorbed by the body, which makes it even more useful.

Useful properties of chicken broth

Quite often it is a decoction of chicken meat is the basis of the diet menu. The broth helps to recuperate after a serious illness and operations, it helps patients with fractures and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Chicken broth in cooking

To make the broth as tasty as possible, as well as healthy, you need to follow some of the recommendations of nutritionists. In particular, for cooking, it is better to use poultry meat that has been raised by natural grain without adding vitamins and antibiotics to the diet.

Most broths have positive effects:

  • Thanks to the broths colds and viral diseases are more easily tolerated.
  • They contribute to the restoration of the normal functioning of the body after illness.
  • The work of the stomach and the pressure in the blood vessels are normalized. broths.
  • Broths can indirectly improve heart function.
  • With regular use of broths the blood is diluted, which reduces the possibility of blood clots in the vessels.
  • Thanks to chicken broth bones and teeth are strengthened, memory improves, healing of wounds is accelerated, depression is suppressed. And diabetics need to take note that the use of such broth normalizes sugar levels.

However, broths can have a negative impact. First of all, various broths increase gastric acidity. They also provoke the secretion of juice in the stomach.

Calorie broth

Since the basis for all broths is ordinary water, which does not contain a single calorie, all broths have a low calorie content. Depending on the main ingredients, the amount of calories in broths varies.

Chicken broth – the benefits and beneficial properties of chicken broth

Chicken broth is considered by many to be a dietary dish, which is recommended for patients in the process of rehabilitation from serious diseases and to children, in the process of growth and development. For some people, chicken broth is just a favorite culinary product, and for some people the only true hangover cure. Recently, however, replicas about the dangers of chicken broth have been increasingly heard. Many nutritionists and nutritionists claim that decoction of chicken meat and bones is harmful, since all harmful substances, as well as unhealthy components (excess fat, cholesterol, etc.), go to water when cooked.

What is the benefit of chicken broth

Chicken broth is a product saturated with useful substances: amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, peptides. If vegetables and spices are added to the broth during cooking, this greatly enhances the benefit of the broth, for example, the beneficial properties of garlic and onions make chicken broth an excellent preventive measure against colds and viral diseases. Also, the roots are added to the broth: carrots, parsnip root and celery. Thanks to all components, the product is saturated with vitamins, trace elements that affect all vital processes.

By consuming hot chicken broth, it is possible to adjust the work of the digestive tract, stimulate the work of the stomach and duodenum. Chicken broth is shown and to those who have gastritis, pulling the extra “acid” from the gastric juice this product relieves the condition. The content of cysteine ​​(amino acid) allows you to liquefy the sputum and alleviate the condition in case of diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, tracheitis).

Chicken broth is also useful for those who have problems with healing of fractures, many substances are boiled out of bones and cartilage and, when ingested, have a positive effect on the condition of bone, cartilage and connective tissue.

How to drink bone broth

Hot chicken broth is a concentrate of nutrients and vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, regulate heart activity, strengthen the immune system, therefore this dish must be included in the diet of people who are weakened, ill or undergone surgery.

As for diet and weight loss, chicken broth can be consumed only in small quantities, it should be a decoction of fillets and bones, absolutely no fat.

Which broth is healthier

Chicken broth – the result of cooking chicken bones and meat. Nutritionists recommend cutting off all the excess fat from the poultry carcass and throwing it out, along with the skin, so that only meat and bones fall into the pan. Since modern poultry farming widely uses all sorts of chemical and hormonal additives, as well as antibiotics and other farm. drugs, many nutritionists do not recommend cooking broths from chickens bought in the store. Only broth from a domestic chicken, which grew in the village, can be considered useful in the open air and fed only with natural grass and grain.

As for chicken broth obtained from concentrates, the so-called “bouillon cubes”, then its usefulness is not worth talking about. Broth cubes – a mixture of flavors, flavor enhancer, solid fat and meat and bone powder, such a product is not only not useful, but even contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the digestive tract. Regularly using the “cube” broth, the risk of developing gastritis and ulcers increases significantly.

How to cook chicken broth

Meat and bones are poured with cold water, brought to a boil and poured out, then poured again with cold water, roots and spices are added and boiled for 30-40 minutes.

Calorie broth

Broth is a tasty and hearty dish, which practically no one will refuse. Fatty or not very, with carrots, onions and herbs, meat broth gives our body a lot of good. And is it possible for those who wish to lose weight to use meat broth, whose caloric content, figuratively speaking, is “off scale”? After all, this first dish can be prepared both from fatty meat (for example, pork, chicken), and from low-fat meat – beef, rabbit, veal, lamb. In addition, each housewife adjusts the recipe of its preparation according to the taste preferences of her family.

The beneficial properties of broth

Chicken broth has a huge number of useful properties. Despite the low calorie content of this broth, it is quite nutritious. Its use rather quickly helps the body even of a sick person to regain strength and energy potential. Broth is one of the first tools that are used to treat patients with colds or the flu, as it has an anti-inflammatory and tonic effect on the human body as a whole.

Meat broth contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals – zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and also vitamins of group B, useful to the body. Considering how many calories are in the broth, its beneficial properties are invaluable.

Rich chicken broth, even allowed to people after surgery and suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Since the calories in the broth are small, it does not burden the body, but it also brings great benefits.

How many calories in beef and chicken broth?

In addition to the tonic effect on the human body, broth is also an excellent dietary dish for those who want to lose weight. It has excellent taste and nutrition, and is also easy to prepare.

The calorie content of the broth depends on the type of meat product and its fat content – pork, chicken, beef, veal. This indicator is also influenced by the amount of water used to cook the broth. For example, if you take 1 liter of water and 300 grams of not too greasy beef, you get a fatty broth, the caloric content of which will be about 60 kcal per 100 grams of product. For those who want to lose weight, chicken broth, which calories about 20 kcal per 100 grams, is best suited.

Nutritionists have concluded that it is chicken broth that is best suited for weight loss. First of all, because the calorie content of chicken broth is significantly lower than when using other types of meat. But it is worth considering that this indicator will depend on the chicken itself and the presence of spices in the dish. Calorie salty broth is slightly more than fresh, cooked almost without adding salt, but its taste is significantly different for the better. Therefore, to unequivocally answer how many calories in the broth, it is difficult. You can calculate their number only approximately or use the combined table of calorie foods.

To get a dietary dish, you must use only lean meat, or pre-cut off excess fat from it. Chicken carcass should be divided into pieces, put in water and bring to a boil. After that, the first broth is better to drain and pour the meat with clean water. Before this, rinse the meat well with water, add onions and greens. This will reduce the calorie broth. Also, a dish prepared in such a way can be given to young children, since its high fat percentage with this method of boiling will be significantly reduced.

Calorie content of beef broth and its beneficial properties

Beef also belongs to dietary dishes, it lacks carbohydrates, but it contains a large amount of protein. Beef broth is given for poisoning and severe intoxication. It is also very popular in dietary systems.

The calorie content of beef broth will be less if you use veal. This is the most lean meat. It is given to people in need of a therapeutic diet and young children. Therefore, in the diet often use broth from veal. The caloric content of the broth when using lean meat and large amounts of water is only 20–20 kcal per 100 grams. In addition, boiled beef broth is also an excellent dietary dish that can be eaten by all slimming. But to say the exact number of calories in this case is difficult, so if you are interested in how many calories in beef broth with various additives, you have to add up the caloric content of all its ingredients.

The calorie content of beef broth can be somewhat more if you add vegetables to it, cook with a small amount of water or use fatty meat. However, the calories in the broth will still not be more than 70 per 100 grams of the product, that is, one serving will bring your body no more than 150–200 kilocalories. At the same time the dish is very tasty, satisfying and nutritious.

Harmful properties of beef broth

Beef broth has a great effect on the stomach, normalizes the digestive processes in it. But only meat broth possesses these properties. Some people boil broth from cubes. Calorie broth cubes is also very small, but it contains a large amount of flavors, salt and food additives, which can lead to gastritis or even the formation of ulcers in the stomach.

Therefore, in no case should such cubes be used. If you do not have time to cook fresh beef broth daily, boil it every few days. The taste of the product will be slightly worse, but the beneficial properties and calorie content of beef broth will not change.

Those who are too afraid for their waists should know that from time to time you can even indulge yourself with meat broth, because it will allow you to saturate the body with the necessary norm of proteins and useful microelements.

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