How to detoxify the lymphatic system

When you perform a massage of the abdominal cavity, the pressure you put on the tissue automatically stimulates the lymph glands, D) then the stimulation will increase if you start to work carefully with the lymph nodes. Slight stimulation of the lymphatic system in the abdominal area will help to get rid of the stagnation in the lymph nodes in this area. Lymph nodes and the lymphatic system of the abdominal cavity play a very important role because they are closely connected with the intestines and the digestive system, as well as with the liver detoxification system. Usually, the source of lymphatic waste is food (animal proteins, fats, milk). Improper diet leads to damage to the intestines and the entire system. The treatment in this case can be the correct diet and massage of the lymphatic system according to the method of Qi Neijiang.

As soon as you begin the process aimed at improving the flow of lymphatic fluid, the body will continue it. There is not always a need to continue work on a specific lymph node until it is completely cleansed. During the next session, you will notice that the node has become softer and the entire lymph flow has improved. You should definitely pay attention to this of your student, emphasizing the body’s healing ability to heal and noticing that the body likes to be a bit jolted.

but. Manual techniques for detoxifying part of the lymphatic system located deep in the abdominal cavity

How to detoxify the lymphatic system

1) Removal of toxins from the lymph in the abdominal region begins with a massage of the navel. Massage is performed first clockwise and then against.

2) Use the wave motion technique until you clear the area and penetrate deep enough into the abdominal cavity. Feel the lymph nodes along the midline of the body. They will be smaller than knots or weaves. If you feel them, it means stagnation has formed in them. Massage them easily with your fingertips.

3) Continue to search for nodes in this area, especially around the aorta and vena cava near the spine. Massage any node found.

b, Work on the rest of the body’s lymphatic system

1) Start by opening your palms and placing them on the navel. Press your palms on this area and ask the student to direct the breath so that it resists your pressure. When he breathes out, press a little harder, thus activating the flow of lymph in the thoracic lymphatic duct.

2) Stroking the ribs of the ward, clean the surface part of the lymphatic system of the skin. Move your hands to the lower ribs on the level of the liver. Place your thumbs under the ribs and make them pushing movements from the sides and forward towards the center line, very gently stroking (just do not rub!) While skin. Gradually move towards the sternum.

3) Go to the intercostal space on the left side of the sternum. Place the tips of all the fingers except for the large into each such area and with the help of spiral-like movements, while simultaneously pressing down, push the lymph towards the thoracic duct. First, treat the lower part of the chest, and then gradually move to the top, up to the clavicle itself. Repeat the same for the right side.

4) Perform a drainage of the supraclavicular region, again direct the lymph down. Place the middle and index fingers of both hands on both sides in the pits above the collarbone and make spiral movements with them, directing the lymphatic fluid into the vena cava.

How to detoxify the lymphatic system

5) Stand on the side of the ward’s head and turn his head to the left. Having done this, move your left hand under her and support her so that the student can relax. Before you begin to send the lymph down from the right clavicle, lower the head of the ward. Since this area is very sensitive, you should use very light, airy touches. Use your fingers to work on the lymphatic vessels located under the jaw and ear, directing the lymph down the side of the neck and further into the space above the right clavicle (fig. 8-16). If the patient has thyroid disease, this procedure should not be performed, since it can be unpleasant for the patient.

6) If the lymph nodes in the armpits and neck are swollen and painful, they should not be massaged. Wait for the pain to pass. These lymph nodes are close to the drainage area of ​​the heart, and massaging them can push the infection into the blood and thus spread it throughout the body.

In the abdominal cavity is a large number of large lymph nodes. Since they are far from the drainage area of ​​the heart, they can be treated the same as the rest of the lymphatic system, and this will not lead to negative consequences. Massaging the lymph nodes in this area can help improve the entire immune system.

7) Then turn the ward’s head to the right, support it with your hand and repeat the entire massage for the left side of the body.

You can perform massage on both sides at the same time by placing your hands on both sides of the neck – with the tips of the fingers on the back of the neck. Perform spiral movements downward, stroking, but not rubbing the skin. If your palms are small, you can massage the upper part, and then move them below and repeat all the movements in order to process the entire neck.

8) With the palms flatly press the left axillary lymph nodes, directing the lymph through the body downwards. Repeat the same for the right axillary region.

How to detoxify the lymphatic system

9) Apply pressure on the inguinal lymph nodes with your palms or fingers in the direction of the collection point of the lower abdominal region next to the second lumbar vertebra.

10) In conclusion, you can lay the hands of the pupil on the navel area and give him the opportunity to rest.

Thank the lymph nodes for letting you disturb them and work on them.

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