How to deal with allergies

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House dust:


We present the perfect cleaning system for your home – Rainbow vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter.

Rainbow is a unique eco-friendly vacuum cleaner from Rexair. This is a perfect cleaning system that produces high-quality dry and wet cleaning of the entire room, as well as deep cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets.

Rainbow not only perfectly cleans furniture, clothes, linen, carpets, but also frees the air from the smallest particles of dust, allergens and viruses. So that the air in the room is always clean, use the advanced technology developed by the best specialists.

Complete disposal of dust, dirt and allergens

The technology of operation of the Rainbow vacuum cleaner is based on the same physical laws, according to which outdoor air is cleaned in the rain. Water droplets have a charge opposite to the charge of dust particles, so the air flow and Rainbow aqua-filter allow you to absorb and retain dust from re-emission into the air. This guarantees the highest degree of air purification from dust – by 99.997%.

A special HEPA filter even copes with particles that are not afraid of a water filter, preventing them from returning to the air in the apartment. The combination of an aquafilter and a HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner allows you to remove bacteria from the air of staphylococci, mite waste, pollen, and even mold spores. Studies show that during operation, equipment captures 99,999,999 particles out of 100,000,000.

This cleaning technology is not only as efficient as possible, but also completely environmentally friendly, so Rainbow will make life as easy as possible for people with allergies to dust, plant pollen and animal hair.

How to deal with allergies

Unique certificates and tests

Rainbow is the only vacuum cleaner in the world with an aqua filter that:

How to deal with allergies

  • is an air cleaner – this is confirmed by the European Association of home appliance manufacturers;
  • AHAM certified by an international organization that deals with the assessment and licensing of industrial air purifiers;
  • recommended for people with asthma and allergies by reputable international organizations dealing with asthma and allergies – AAFA and ASL.

The functionality of the vacuum cleaner Rainbow

In vacuum mode (high revs), the Rainbow performs deep cleaning and wet cleaning, as well as delicate cleaning of delicate materials.

In the humidifier mode (low speed), the Rainbow disinfects, ionizes and moisturizes the air without you, removes particles of flower dust, tobacco tar, and soot.

One of the unique and most important features of the Rainbow is the deep cleaning feature with the Power Nozzle brush. Power Nozzle cleans carpets, upholstered furniture, mattresses, toys. Knocks out waste saprophytes (dust mites), mold spores, fungi, bacteria that provoke allergies, asthma, dermatitis, conjunctivitis from a depth of 30 centimeters.

How to deal with allergies

On the Rainbow cleaning system, the Manufacturer provides a guarantee:

  • 4 years – on equipment and accessories;
  • 8 years – on the engine Rainbow;
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