How to cook ginger

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Rice is one of the staple foods for many families around the world. I loved this grass and Slavic peoples. However, if only recently we knew only white long grain or round grain rice, now you can see many other types of it on the shelves of stores. Recently, red rice has become particularly popular. The benefits and harms, as well as methods of preparation of the product will be discussed below.

How to cook ginger

How is red rice useful?

Of all the types of rice red is considered the most useful. This is partly due to the fact that the product is not subjected to polishing, so it contains a large amount of fiber, as well as the maximum of minerals, amino acids and vitamins. In addition, the remaining bran shell retains the shape of grains during heat treatment and gives them a pleasant nutty flavor.

Red rice contains many B vitamins. Due to this, it has the best effect on the condition of nails, hair and skin. The cereal is also rich in valuable minerals – iodine, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium and iron.

The magnesium contained in it helps in the fight against migraine and asthma, keeps muscles in tone and strengthens the nervous system, reduces the likelihood of heart attacks and reduces pressure. Together with calcium, the substance strengthens bone tissue, prevents the development of osteoporosis and arthritis. Potassium present in the shell of red rice helps to remove salt from the joints and reduces inflammation in them, so dishes made from it will be very useful for people suffering from rheumatism and other joint diseases. In addition, rice grains will serve as an additional source of iron for the body, which will help prevent the development of anemia, from which, by the way, many people suffer.

The benefits of red rice lies in the fact that this croup is a powerful antioxidant. If it is regularly consumed, the concentration of free radicals in the body will decrease and the likelihood of developing cancer will decrease, especially colon and breast cancer. Parationida, which give this type of rice a characteristic red color, have a great effect on the condition of the skin – they increase their elasticity, reduce pigmentation and reduce the depth of wrinkles.

Dietary fiber in abundance contained in red rice, improve peristalsis, normalize digestion, swelling in the intestines, and allow for a long time not to experience hunger. They also contribute to the removal of toxins and other debris from the body, prevent the absorption of sugar and cholesterol into the blood.

Grains of red rice are very nutritious, while they are easily digested and do not stress the body. In this culture there are some of the amino acids that are contained only in meat, thanks to which it can partially replace meat products in the diet. Other advantages of red rice include the fact that, unlike other grains, it lacks gluten – not the most beneficial substance for the body. And also the fact that it has a low glycemic index, which is very important for diabetics and people who monitor blood sugar levels.

What can harm red rice

There is no evidence that red rice can harm the body. This product is considered quite safe, so it can be included in the menu, both children and adults, and even those who suffer from diabetes or allergies. The only thing to consider when consuming red rice is its caloric content, 100 grams of this product contains about 360-400 calories. Of course, this is not so much, but people who are accustomed to watch their figure, there is no need to eat it in huge portions.

How to cook ginger

How to cook red rice

Today, red rice is grown in many countries. So in the south of France red short grain rice is cultivated, which when cooking becomes a little sticky. His Himalayan “colleague” has a similar property, but after heat treatment it becomes pale pink. This variety of rice is very soft, with a spicy complex flavor. Thai red rice is reminiscent of jasmine – it tastes great and has a sweet floral aroma. In India, Rubin rice is cultivated, which is not only eaten, but also used for religious ceremonies. Americans grow darker, more burgundy than red rice, called “California ruby”, it is very popular among gourmets.

However, the distinctive feature of any variety of red rice is a fairly soft shell and a slightly sweetish taste. It is used to prepare a variety of unusual and delicious dishes. It can serve as a side dish for fish or meat, but if you cook it with vegetables, it will become a full-fledged separate dish. Also, red rice goes well with mushrooms, poultry, milk and even dried fruit. He is preparing a little longer than the usual white. However, due to the presence of raw shell on rice, it is almost impossible to digest it.

Red rice – cooking

To prepare a glass of rice, you will need 2-2.5 cups of boiling water. Since red rice is not polished, but only flakes, it can contain a lot of impurities. In this regard, before cooking cereal it is worth busting. To do this, pour the grains in a heap on a clean table, separate a little and spread them over the surface in one layer. Remove the garbage and move the rice aside, then separate and distribute another portion of the grains on the table and

Red Rice Recipes

Red rice with green beans and shrimps

  • red rice – 1.5 tbsp .;
  • shrimps – 300 gr .;
  • frozen or fresh green beans – 100 g;
  • green onions – bunch;
  • garlic – 3 slices;
  • ginger root – 15 g .;
  • sesame oil – about 3 spoons;
  • oyster sauce – 70 gr .;
  • chilli

Boil rice, heat sesame oil in a frying pan or wok and lightly fry chopped ginger and garlic in it. Then add the beans, minutes after three thawed shrimps, pepper, rice, green onions, sauce and salt. Increase the heat and stir the dish for about a minute.

Red rice with corn and zucchini

  • small zucchini;
  • red rice – 1.5 tbsp .;
  • ear of corn;
  • garlic – 2 cloves;
  • dill – a small bunch;
  • pine nuts;
  • olive oil;
  • juice of half a lemon.

Cook rice. Cut the zucchini into rings, pepper, salt, and then fry on both sides in olive oil so that they form a ruddy crust. In a dry frying pan, place the nuts and fry them for about two minutes. Mix lemon juice with pepper, chopped garlic, chopped dill and a small amount of salt, cut corn from the corn. Add zucchini, corn and dressing to rice, and then mix.

Rice with mushrooms

  • red rice – 1.5 cups;
  • bulb;
  • medium sized carrots;
  • mushrooms (you can take other mushrooms) – 300 grams;
  • basil – a small bunch;
  • red pepper;
  • butter.

Cook rice. If the mushrooms are small, cut them into four parts, if the large ones, cut them first in half and then every hour with plates. Cut vegetables into small cubes and fry them in melted butter. Add the mushrooms and fry to them, remembering to stir until a brown crust is formed on them. At the end of cooking, pepper and salt the mushrooms. Add the mixture to the finished red rice, then add the pre-sliced ​​basil and then mix.

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