How to control overeating

The figure is not so important as the way a woman looks. 50 years is not a sentence, and the beauty of an adult woman is especially attractive. If young girls are an unopened flower bud, then a woman of 50 is a rose with a heady scent.

First of all, you need to love yourself and your body, as well as know a few secrets of youth. Let’s open them together and we will remain the same beautiful and young soul.

Why do we get old

Aging is a natural process of being. Absolutely all living things on the planet age with age. This is due to the fact that the cells in our body, which constantly divide, are created new and die off, with age can not leave the body. Old cells block new ones and do not give them the necessary amount of nutrients.

The accumulation of “dead” cells leads to the fact that their work slows down and weakens, thereby not allowing the body to saturate itself with useful trace elements.

But if for men these criteria are sufficient, then women want not only to be healthy, but also beautiful. Of course, for this you need to adhere to some rules and secrets for personal care.

6 criteria for rejuvenation

The process of rejuvenation will not provide you with instant results. This is a set of rules that will have to observe all my life. If you use people’s secrets of rejuvenation, they will not bring such an effect as combining them with the whole system of proper care.

How to control overeating

The rejuvenation of the body includes several aspects:

  1. Nutrition.
  2. Cleansing
  3. Exercise stress.
  4. Folk remedies.
  5. Skin care.
  6. State of soul.

If a comprehensive approach to rejuvenation, then after a time it will be noticeable that you bloomed again. Each cell of the body will breathe health and youth.

How to eat

If you want to look young, you need to start changing your eating habits. Overeating, junk food, the wrong mode – all this leads to excess weight and aging. After forty years, muscle tissue begins to disappear, and adipose tissue – to accumulate, so it is important to reduce the flow of harmful carbohydrates and increase the amount of proteins.

Especially useful product for the rejuvenation of the body are bran. They are saturated with useful substances that can not only enrich the body with vitamins, but also cleanse it and build the digestive system. Just two tablespoons of bran per day will bring incredible benefits to your body. They can be added to different dishes or prepare a nutritious cocktail.

For a cocktail you will need:

  • Kefir 1 part
  • Bran 1 part
  • Dried fruit set 1 part
  • Honey 100 g
  • Crushed aloe stalks 1 part

Add all ingredients in the quantity that suits you. It is advisable to focus on their taste.

To keep your body in good shape, you need to get rid of harmful products. Eliminate from the diet artificial additives, an excessive amount of sweet and flour, fatty foods.

Cleaning the body

After 50 years, it is important to help the body get rid of harmful toxins.

10 reasons to purge your bowels:

  1. Blood is purified.
  2. Improves the quality of blood vessels.
  3. Headaches disappear.
  4. Pressure returns to normal.
  5. Digestion improves.
  6. Joints become more flexible.
  7. The skin is getting younger.
  8. Small wrinkles disappear.
  9. Feels light.
  10. There is a surge of energy.

In fact, there are a number of different cleansing that use simple products. It is important to choose a cleaning that is right for you. The most useful and easiest way to cleanse – kefir. This product is affordable and useful.

In a simple version, you will need only 2 liters of kefir at room temperature. It is necessary to drink kefir all day long, sometimes you can drink some water. Cleaning takes place one day per month.

How to control overeating


The question “how to preserve youth” was relevant at all times. After many years of experience, people learned how to create recipes for rejuvenation and proved their effectiveness. Despite the development of science and progress in medicine, folk remedies still work and cope with their task. The most popular is the Tibetan recipe.

The recipe from the monks of Tibet consists of a set of herbs. Herbs are used in the manufacture of special tinctures, which will help to gain youth and health.

The mixture consists of colors:

  • Chamomile 100 g
  • Immortelle 100 g
  • Hypericum 100 g
  • Birch buds 100 g

How to control overeating

  • Each grass is ground in a dry form and mixed.
  • one

Another popular recipe effectively helps rejuvenate the body and body. It consists of garlic, honey and lemon.

You will need:

  • Garlic 10 tooth.
  • Lemon 10 pcs.
  • Honey 1 l

Finely chop the garlic, squeeze the juice of lemons into it and mix everything with honey. This mixture is recommended to insist initially. Leave it in a dark, cool place for a week. After that, the mixture is eaten by 4

Face care

At the age of 50 years in the body of every woman there is a change in hormonal levels. There comes a menopause, which leads to a reduction in the production of hormones in the ovaries. As a result, the body does not emit a sufficient amount of sebum, which leads to the appearance of dry skin and other negative changes.

But if we can only remove some of the consequences with the help of surgical intervention, then most of the others can be controlled and not allowed to develop. Adult skin needs such procedures:

Wash your face only with the help of special moisturizers. Do not wash with alkaline detergents. Do not use alcohol-based cosmetics, so as not to overdry the skin. Be sure to protect the skin from sun and wind, as well as regularly do facial massage.

The best assistants in moisturizing will be natural oils. But there are only a few essential oils that can be trusted with the skin of the face.

  • Wrinkle reduction.

The best means to prevent wrinkles – retinoids and vitamin C. Be sure to do a facial massage.

Not very frequent and gentle peeling will help make the skin softer and more tender.

  • Pigmentation elimination.

Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of effective lightening creams with beta and retinol.

It is not necessary to use surgery. At the moment there are creams and masks with a lifting effect.

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