How to calm your mind

Do not be annoyed over trifles!

How many years have you been in the church? And what have you been doing for so many years? Do you succeed? Do you see a change? Ripening? Or maybe you continue to worry, get annoyed, quarrel with everyone around you, and you remain an external person, behind whom are lies a mess and a lie? So many years with Christ, have you attained genuine morality and simplicity of manners? Have you become a real person?

Here I have marked the characteristics that should serve as a sign that our life corresponds to the spiritual life in the Church. Listen to the “depth of the heart”, where everything subsides. As often as you strive there, it is so difficult for worldly sorrow to disturb her. Hear – but do not worry. It hurts you, but you’re not going crazy. You are calm and hardy. You do not just break! No one and nothing can disturb you! You do not take offense at insults, you do not fall into sadness. You have a choice!

Will you save your soul with the grace of Christ? This is all food for thought. Christ helps you to see things differently. The mind of Christ directs you, fills your everyday life with spiritual light, teaches you to love and be loved, to be close in spirit, human, holy.


Life without meaning and purpose. So every day you evaluate your past days. For hours you suffer, you get tired, you miss, you grow old ahead of time. Enough to inspire it to yourself. There is a solution, there is a way out! Fill your life, your communication, your home, your work with beauty. Change

Change Look for something that does not satisfy you, and improve it. Without retreating, without giving up and grumbling

How to calm your mind

Look for something that does not satisfy you, and improve it. Not retreating, not giving up and not grumbling. You usually do not live your life, but – a life that others impose on you: parents, society, politicians, teachers, priests. Unconsciously agree with the resulting education, he did not bother to live a bit, living without effort, without sacrifice. And your heart goes to deep sorrow. And all because you forgot that self-sacrifice is one thing, and quite another is suicide.

The solution is this: live the deepest aspirations of your soul and your heart. You are called to this, and you have been given the talent to realize it.

Christ came to earth in order to revive, resurrect hearts and our expectations, but not to kill us. And he came to kill our lies, but not the joy of our lives. With the voice of Christ sounding inside of you, your life is decorated, calmed down, and life becomes more joyful.

If you suffer, find what you strive for and make it happen! All this: self-knowledge, sincerity, courage, change, repentance – there is no pain. But you will not return to a miserable past, but, on the contrary, you will begin to live in a beautiful future.

Often we do not live our lives. Therefore we are languishing, we are exhausting ourselves.

One girl became a hairdresser and was happy. This was what she dreamed of. And the other is studying to be a doctor, but she is suffering because she has no desire. She went wrong to the chosen path.

Bring the glory and beauty of God to your home, to fellowship, to work: do everything cheerfully

And do not be afraid to rejoice. It is enough to do everything with gratitude to God. Do not be afraid to prosper. Therefore you live, therefore you create – to rejoice! Bring the glory and beauty of God to your home, to fellowship, to work: do everything cheerfully, live for real. Look for ways to fix and change. In any case, do not waste time, but live enthusiastically, joyfully, with thanksgiving, praising God!

So we received into ourselves – communion – the “living” Blood of Christ, so let our own blood, heart, and our whole life be quickened! I wish you and myself, and the whole world. For Christ is risen, having made us worthy of a better life, which we must live joyfully and enthusiastically.

Strength in prayer!

– Or rather? Do you pray to God or about your needs?

But do not rush to say that you pray to “God.” Because this prayer is not our daily business. “I pray,” you say, “I touch God” —The One who is peace and love. Look at the evidence of a real prayer: you are changing for the better, you are happy, you have a shining face, you have to yourself, you have a blissful state.

And yet you say that you are praying, but think about why your child does not see changes in your soul, despite the fact that you speak of yourself as a spiritual person and go to church. Remember what the power of prayer was with the Lord. When Christ prayed for us on the Jordan – Heaven opened, on Tabor – the Divine light shone, on the Mount of Olives – Roman soldiers fell to the ground. Here is a prayer.

Such a prayer befits us. She pulls us out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and surrounds us with peace and tranquility. When you truly remain in prayer, you forget everything: day, hour, place, time, food, need. You live in another place. Like Saint Nectarius, who “dissolved” in the serenity of prayer, like the silence of the sea surface.

Prayer is a journey to an unknown place, a journey through the seas and oceans.

I pray to God to become like Him, but not to place His own burden of suffering and anxiety on Him

I pray to become like Him, but not to place my own burden of suffering and anxiety on God. I pray that You change me, my Christ, but not so that I “change” You under me.

Prerequisite prayer: just put the mind in the heart. Calm him and stay in heart silence. She is the door to where there are no problems.

But there is a reason why I can not stand the silence of prayer. My mind is busy with a never-ending stream of thoughts, my life is vanity, and it is captured by the benefits of this world.

Some, when they pray, forget their problems! Dissolve in the grace of divine touch. Anxiety goes away. The soul is filled with hope, love and confidence.

And when you cool down in prayer, you deprive yourself, you lose something significant and fundamental. You leave yourself abandoned and helpless.

Pray a little every day. And if you can not talk to God, talk, say, with his wife, or with her husband, or with children. Start small

How to calm your mind

Pray a little every day. And if you can not talk to God, talk, say, with his wife, or with her husband, or with children. Begin with small things, try to soften, make your soul more sensitive to your “visible” neighbors, to your brother in Christ. Through this little thing in your life, the Lord will lead you to a prayerful disposition. It is like a start. And then you become a “prayer-inebriated” prayer, you will begin to create it and no life bustle can distract you.

I talk about prayer easily, but it’s hard for me to do it. Words are always more courageous. Sorry.

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