How to build friendship

Year of the Dog 2018

According to the Eastern calendar, on February 16, 2018, responsibility for what is happening on the planet Earth will pass to the Yellow Earth Dog, the reign of which will last until the beginning of the new astrological cycle on February 5, 2019. The totem animal, the Yellow Dog, belonging to the element Earth, symbolizes the northwest direction and controls the length of time called the Eleventh Guard. This period of days lasts from

It is important to clarify that the Dog, a symbol of 2018, is a bright representative of Yang energy, personifying the introverted male principle, the vector of which is directed not to the external, but to its inner world. This means that the stronger sex in 2018 will feel as comfortable, confident and calm as possible. Considering that the Yellow Dog is not an extrovert, and what is most important for it is not external vanity, but reigning in one’s own thoughts, this one-year cycle will be especially energetic for the laconic, brutal men accustomed to independently control what is happening. Non-team players in 2018 will receive additional bonuses from the Yellow Dog. They will be rewarded for their resilience by a major success in business, the economy, and trade. The introversion of the ruler of this year does not imply a complete withdrawal into herself. This is rather a guideline, followed by which one can understand – external gloss, incomprehensible bustle, tinsel, which embraces those around, are not as valuable as the fruits of their own thoughts.

Male energy in the year 2018 will undoubtedly prevail, but this does not mean that the weaker sex will remain without the support of the Yellow Dog. This support will be just the same many times stronger from the fact that the world during this one-year cycle will pass into the power of real brutals. The fair sex is worth remembering about its true purpose, looking to the side of home, family and other important things that are in the range of traditional objects of women’s care. Feminism will lose its relevance in this segment, and you should put up with it. So, becoming more feminine, focusing not on career, but on personal affairs, the beautiful half of humanity will feel particularly comfortable and protected.

2018, according to the Chinese astrological almanac, is the 35th cycle in the 60-year cycle of energy rebirth. This determines the color and direction of the totem animal – Earthen Dog. The color of the ruler of this year is yellow, and the period of the year she personifies is the end of autumn, the 9th month of the annual cycle according to the ancient Chinese calendar.

How to build friendship

2018 Dogs – the 35th cycle of the 60-year cycle of rebirth of energy.

Validity period – from

Element Earth, color Yellow, taste Bitter.

The earthly branch of Xu, the animal Dog, the season the end of Autumn, the direction of North-West.

The character of the 35th cycle, which is 2018, will determine the third Triangle of Spiritual Kinship, which is otherwise called the Triangle of Protectors. In addition to dogs, this triad includes the Horse and the Tiger. Each of these totem animals is responsible for a particular aspect. The horse symbolizes wisdom, the Tiger – courage, the Dog – protection (in the Triangle of Spiritual Kinship the Yellow Dog is assigned the role of guard). The triad of Dogs, Tigers and Horses will give peace and tranquility to humanity, as these totem beings are considered the strongest and most humane of all representatives of the eastern horoscope. Calm is just the basic feature of the 35th cycle, and on this peace you can build the foundation of everything that is most important for each individual person.

So, let’s see what the Year of the Yellow Dog will bring us in 2018. It should immediately be noted that the totem animal that controls this one-year cycle has a strongly pronounced conservative character, and therefore the year 2018 will not be crucial or crucial for most people. It will be a peaceful, calm and even stage in all respects, which is recommended to devote to creative activities. The yellow color inherent to the patroness of 2018 personifies calm and conservatism. Yellow, among other things, symbolizes the utmost clarity, sincerity and simplicity. These qualities will be welcomed in the Year of the Yellow Dog. Yellow is also responsible for optimism, or rather, this colorful shade sets up optimism, introducing faith in good and hope for a bright future. The most productive and emotionally comfortable period during the rule of the Yellow Dog will be for those people who look confidently at tomorrow and are not afraid of work. The dog, as you know, is an extremely active creature, and therefore lazy and idlers during the period while this animal controls our planet, you should not count on any bonuses.

A dog is strict, and if someone provokes justified anger in it, it will surely bark at such a person. In order not to arouse the indignation of the hostess of 2018, you should live in harmony with yourself and with the outside world, while maintaining the utmost honesty. By the way, people accustomed to walking on their heads or achieving their goals with the help of manipulations will fall into the risk zone during the rule of the Yellow Dog. The dog is not a supporter of adventures and will try to nip at the root everything that is based not on honest work, but on cunning and mercenary calculation. Taking into account this advice, lovers of fast enrichment schemes should build their way of life in a new way. We must not forget that the Dog is a very humane creature, which means it will give everyone a chance for correction. The year 2018 is generally the optimal moment to subject one’s traditional worldview to a radical review, refusing not only clever intrigues, but also the search for some absurd ideal. The dog is extremely simple in its behavior; it will carry this simplicity to the masses. During 2018, many of us will make for ourselves a series of sensational discoveries, imperceptibly coming to the conclusion that the show of life is really devoid of much meaning. Not designer outfits, not expensive purchases, not possessing any material goods would be appreciated in 2018, but something much deeper. First of all, this is humanity, kindness, ability to listen, ability to empathize, desire to make the world more peaceful and fair. All these qualities, of course, the dog will be able to develop in their wards. As a result, by the end of 2018, there will be much less wars, tense oppositions and international conflicts in the world. Peace and tranquility will settle in the walls of every single house. A dog is by nature exemplary family man, who believes that the home hearth – this is the most important value. People who decide to support this idea will enlist additional support. They will be given the opportunity to revel in harmony, enjoying every minute spent in the arms of a loved one. Singles during the rule of the Yellow Dog will gain the opportunity to build a happy love union. The only condition that will have to comply with this – is the refusal of greed. Relations, implying a cold calculation by one of the partners, will face contempt from the mistress of this year. As a result, the novels, the foundation of which is greed, not love, are doomed to failure in 2018.

How to build friendship

The Yellow Dog will fully support not only sincere and unselfish love, but also friendship. This totem animal knows about friendship more than others, it’s not for nothing that a dog is considered to be a creature personifying devotion. In 2018, support will be gained by everyone who opens up for a devoted friendship, for new partnerships based not on submission, but on the principles of equality. But, if we talk about partnerships in the business sphere, everything is not so simple here. The greatest success in the year of the Dogs awaits people moving forward to the heights of business or career. That is, the partnership begun this year should be seen as an aid to its potential victories, but in no case as a mechanism for achieving them. In general, the Dog, being a hardworking and active creature, will actively support both hard workers, businessmen, and careerists. The most in demand in 2018 will be the manufacturing sector. At the same time, everything that a down-to-earth Dog does not manage to understand too well will not remain outside its area of ​​interest. It’s about science and the arts. In these areas, the Dog is not at all strong, but it respects people endowed with talent. To them, it guarantees peace and the absence of adversity, thereby creating a solid base for intellectual and creative activity.

2018 will be fruitful for all who will not be lazy or hope for good luck. In order to strengthen their financial position, it will be quite systematic to work, forgetting about the imposingly contemplative attitude to this world. The incomes of many people during the reign of the year of the Dogs will increase significantly, and their maximum growth will begin in the second half of the year. At this time, honest entrepreneurs and careerists, not prone to backstage intrigues, will triumph, which can be measured in monetary terms. Analyzing where to direct your increased income, it is worth considering the conservative nature of the mistress of this year. The dog does not understand the absurd boasting, and it means that those far-sighted people who are right to direct their capital not for the purchase of unjustified luxury, but for something more important (for building a house, buying real estate or developing their business) will be right.

Chinese horoscope for 2018

According to the Chinese horoscope for 2018, neither global catastrophes, nor sharp currency fluctuations, or other difficulties threaten humanity during the rule of the Yellow Dog. This calm and even level stage is worth devoting to creative activities. The dog will willingly support everyone who starts building love, tries to harmonize his home, makes strong friendship, develops personal business, charity and other things based on honesty and humanity. Getting a Yellow Dog is pretty easy. All that is needed for this is to cultivate in oneself decency, kindness, and humane treatment of people.

How to build friendship

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