How to align your back

“He has a royal posture,” – so think about a man with his head held high and proudly straightened back and shoulders. Looking at handsome people is much more pleasant than slouching personalities, whose backs resemble question marks. At all times, straight posture was a sign of aristocracy and a noble position in society, because in the highest light, children, as soon as they learned to walk, taught them to keep their backs and watch their appearance. Today, straight posture is a sign by which we can determine perhaps the military, and this fact is very upsetting, because the smooth back is not only a beautiful gait, but also an indicator of physical and mental health, an indicator of positive and confidence.

How to align your back

Causes of poor posture

People who do not pay due attention to their posture, begin to complain of pain in the back area, initially minor, and later turning into symptoms of a serious illness. The opinion that health lost in youth and youth cannot be restored is mistaken. The curvature of the posture and disorders of the bone structure in the spine are not directly related. If desired, you can get a stunning effect and regain a smooth posture and a straight back with no signs of stoop.

Why does a person begin to hunch? Experts identify two reasons for the formation of this unhealthy habit:

  1. Weak muscular corset. According to statistics, it is observed in every second person. In the old days, people led a healthy lifestyle, were engaged in physical labor, and stayed a lot in the fresh air. Today, a person spends most of his time at the computer, does not play sports and does not eat properly. In childhood and adolescence, unfortunately, due attention is not paid to the health of the back. Performing lessons, the child sits hunched over. Parents do not always control this process, and the habit becomes stable. These factors lead to a weakening of the muscles and, as a result, to a violation of posture.
  2. Improper body position and uneven load distribution. This reason is closely related to the first one, however, it is aggravated by the inability to distribute the load on the body.

Why is correct posture so important

Not everyone understands the importance of maintaining posture. But it has a direct impact on the vital internal organs – they can not function normally due to improper blood supply. The human spine consists of 26 vertebrae. If you press any one of them, then the gait, posture and, as a result, blood circulation are disturbed. This is how various diseases appear.

Improper posture affects growth. A person who is constantly in a hunched position holds muscles in tension. Intervertebral discs are deformed, as a result of which there is no possibility to straighten up to its full height even in sleep. Meanwhile, if you follow your posture and your back from your childhood, you can grow as much as 15 centimeters!

And finally, the moral status of a person depends on the correct posture. It is noted that people with a straight back smile more often, enjoy life, live on a positive wave. But men and women, hunched past their age, seem to be tired. Yes, it really is, because they get tired much faster and put twice the effort to do this or that job.

How to train yourself to keep your back straight

Proud posture and light flying steps indicate human health, so you need to train yourself not to slouch. To do this, follow these rules:

  1. Keep your back straight, but you don’t need to strive to create the impression that a stake has been inserted at the back.
  2. Keep your shoulders wide, do not lower them forward.
  3. The head should be in line with the spinal column, while it can not be thrown back or lowered. Try to pull in the stomach, do not release the muscles.
  4. When walking and standing, straighten the legs, try to distribute the body weight evenly.

About posture must be remembered during the work process, sitting at the table:

  1. Sitting, cross-legged, bad habit. The feet should be evenly on the floor, and the knees should be below the hips.
  2. Expose the thorax to the front, the stomach, on the contrary, retract. The monitor of the working computer should be located at eye level, the laptop stand on the stand.
  3. Periodically (ideally, every thirty minutes), you need to get up and have a light workout, including for the eyes.

Properly chosen chair and mattress – a guarantee of a healthy back

Not all people work in the office, but at home most of their free time is spent by many at the computer desk, because the Internet has already become an indispensable part of our life.

To reduce the load on the spine and maintain a straight posture to such an issue as the acquisition of a chair, it is necessary to approach carefully.

An ordinary chair is not suitable for this. It is advisable to choose a chair with a special back orthopedic shape, repeating the curves of the back. It is necessary that the back fully adhered to the lower back, due to this, the load on the spine will decrease.

How to choose a mattress Properly chosen mattress and a pillow can also contribute to straightening posture, so before buying sleeping objects it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Too hard a mattress has a negative effect on the vertebrae.
  • The pillow should not be excessively wide and high.
  • For older people, a medium hardness mattress is preferable.
  • The back during rest should not sag.

How to straighten posture with exercise

To achieve a beautiful posture, it is not necessary to go to the gym. You can perform appropriate exercises aimed at improving muscle tone, and at home.

  1. Legs are joined, arms are lowered along the body. When inhaling, raise your arms up, as you exhale, bend backwards. Inhale again, lower your arms and lean forward. Round the back, head down and shoulders.
  2. Raise your elbows up and reach out with your hands to the shoulder blades, spread your arms up and pull the shoulder blades.
  3. Transfer the dumbbell weighing 1 kilogram from one hand to another behind his back.
  4. Get up on all fours. Straighten the back of the spine, then strongly bend the spine down and stand in that position for a few seconds.
  1. Lie on the stomach, stretch your arms loosely along the body. Tighten the abdominal muscles and lift the head and legs up.
  2. Hand hold the ankles and try to pull them to the head. Stay in this position for 10 seconds, then relax the body.
  3. Put your hands along the body, bend your legs at the knees, lift the buttocks as high as possible. In this position to be 5-15 seconds, then drop to the floor.
  4. Lie on your back, arms loosely placed along the body. Rise straining press. Legs do not lift, do not bend at the knees. With each lift, hold your breath.
  • Straighten your back, put your hands behind your head and bend over. Count to 5 and relax the body.
  • Stand up, throw your hands up. Tighten the abdominal muscles, stand on tiptoes and reach for your hands.

Exercises for balance are also very effective: stand with your back to the wall, hoist a thick book or a small bag of sand on your head. Head, waist and heels as much as possible to press to the surface. Try to walk with the object on the head, without touching it with your hands.

If the curvature is very strong, then some exercises are not enough. You need to act in the complex:

  • Massage with prior consultation with a specialist.
  • Corset therapy to eliminate muscle imbalance and maintain the body.
  • Drug treatment to relieve muscle spasm and lumbar pain.

By the way, Charcot’s douche is an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of spinal curvature, but it can be done only by doctor’s prescription.

You need to understand that the process is long and in order to achieve the desired effect, you need to be patient. Over time, the muscles and tendons will get used to the correct position of the body, and the efforts will pay off with a regal bearing, an easy walk and a great mood.

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