How much sleep do I need to function

Many people face the problem of lack of sleep. Getting up to work every morning is hell. If you are interested in the question of how to learn to go to bed earlier, then this article is for you. For more than half of humanity, going to bed early is a real problem. The inhabitants of the planet are chasing after big money, sacrificing their sleep and health. In addition, the body receives a full recharge only during sleep. No yoga, massage or relaxation sessions will help restore all energy.

How much sleep do I need to function

If a person goes to bed every night, but cannot sleep for a long time – the question bothers him: "How to learn to go to bed early?" But before answering this question, it is necessary to explain some details. There are several types of people. The first can sleep for 4 hours, and the second – only for 8. To begin, determine what type you are. Of course, you need to remember that a person is programmed to sleep for about 8 hours. More people are divided into owls and larks. The first will be hard to go to bed early and just as difficult to wake up early. Larks, on the contrary, may go to bed early and wake up early without any problems. In some countries, this feature is taken into account and they are allowed to come to work not in the morning, but when a person sleeps. The main thing is that the work was done on time.

There is such a theory that the whole dream is divided into stages. Each stage lasts 1.5 hours. That is why the dream should be a multiple of 1.5 hours. That is, 3 hours, 4.5 or 6, etc. If you wake up after 6 hours, by the end of a certain cycle, the awakening will be normal and even vigorous. But if you wake up after 7 hours, when the next stage of sleep is in full swing, it will be very difficult. The eyes will open, the body will still sleep.

How to go to bed early?

Another answer to the question of what time to go to bed to wake up awake is self-analysis and habit formation. To determine how much your body needs to sleep, you need to go to bed and wake up on your own. Write down on the sheet how much time you overslept. The next evening, repeat your measurements. Continue this for several days and calculate the average duration of your sleep. Knowing this, you can go to bed on time and wake up with ease. To sleep came quickly and easily, do not gorge on him. At night, you can drink a glass of milk or eat fruit. Also, before bedtime, it is better not to watch TV or use a computer. Best of all, if at night you take a bath and drink herbal tea. Before bed, you can read a book, but not very long.

How much sleep do I need to function

Plan your future day!

If you can not go to bed early, and therefore you are interested in how to go to bed on time, there is one more tip. It is necessary in the evening to plan your daily routine. Plan as much as you can do. But remember: do not postpone for tomorrow what you can do today. Leave the most important things in the morning, they will be stimulants of awakening. If there are cases that you do not like, postpone them for last. In the morning, do only what is pleasant for you.

How to get used to the regime?

There is another category of people. It includes those who go to bed early, but cannot sleep for a long time and, therefore, wake up hard. They are concerned about the question: "How to go to bed early?" The answer is very simple. You must accustom yourself to the regime. Every day you need to go to bed 15-20 minutes earlier and also wake up. Gradually, you will teach your body to fall asleep and wake up at the right time for you. Another important tip: the regime must be adhered to constantly, even on weekends. Perhaps it will seem ridiculous to you, because the weekend is the only opportunity when you can sleep. Know that if you have a mode, you will always feel cheerful and easy to get up in the morning, even without an alarm clock.

To easily get out of bed, you need to fall asleep with positive emotions and plans for tomorrow. If before going to bed you think about how you don’t want to go to work, or that you don’t get enough sleep anyway, the body will take note of this, and therefore awakening will be really difficult. And if in the evening you plan a lot of things, prepare yourself something tasty for breakfast, then waking up will not be difficult.

What should be the alarm clock?

Put on the alarm is not very loud music. It is better if it will gradually increase. Loud music can adversely affect the nervous system, and you wake up in a bad mood. If all these tips do not help you, put a few alarms in a row. You can also remove the alarm away from the bed. In order to turn it off, you need to get up, and you just wake up. Only after turning off the alarm do not go to bed again, otherwise you can fall asleep and oversleep important things.

Water is the source of life!

In general, it is desirable to sleep with the window ajar, but this is not always possible. Scientists have calculated: if before bedtime you just ventilate the room, and then close the window and go to bed, after 2 hours the air in the room becomes stale. Therefore, open the window immediately after lifting and take a few deep breaths. Oxygen will help wake up the brain.

Sex is the best start of the day!

Sexologists claim that the best start to the day is sex. In the morning the body is as relaxed as possible, and the pleasure will be unforgettable. In addition, after sex, the hormone of joy is released, which is enough for you all day.

What food should you start the day with?

In order to easily wake up, do not drink alcohol and coffee at night. They are classified as stimulants that affect sleep.

For breakfast, you need to eat carbohydrates, they will help the brain to wake up and start working. In addition, you need to eat vitamins of group B, magnesium. Walnuts and sea buckthorn have a positive effect on the nervous system and stimulate the production of serotonin – the hormone of cheerfulness.

Many are accustomed to waking up from energy drinks. Remember – it adversely affects health. Energy breaks sleep, calls blood vessels spasm, reduces attention and memory. Therefore, they are generally better not to drink, especially in the morning.

Coffee in the morning you can drink, but not very much. Coffee men also have health problems. Their hands are shaking, sleep is disturbed. But if you know the measure and drink 1-2 servings per day, there will be no problems.

Daytime sleep

Sometimes people need daytime sleep. It can last from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. For example, in Japan, there are special rooms for staff of institutions, etc., where people can relax at lunch. It should be noted that the Japanese have a high life expectancy and the same performance.

What to do if insomnia suffers?

In the world there is a record – a person did not sleep for 11 days. But ordinary people after three days of insomnia begin to go insane: the body is depleted, the nervous system is disturbed, a person loses attention and memory, and after 3-4 days without sleep, hallucinations may appear. In case of sleep disturbance, you should consult a doctor. This may be a therapist or a neurologist. There are specialists who deal with sleep problems – somnologists, but there are very few of them and it is very difficult to get an appointment with such a doctor.

You can not take sleeping pills without a prescription, they have a negative effect on the nervous system. Also, due to their attention is violated – this is especially dangerous for those who drive a car.

In order to wake up easily in the morning, be cheerful and vigorous all day, you need to go to bed on time.

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