How much fiber is in an apple?

Apples – a unique fruit, familiar to all from early childhood. About apples piled up fairy tales, poems, sayings and legends – all of them bring a very long time. We present to your attention the twenty most interesting facts about apples.

Fact number 1: originally from Kazakhstan

The territory of present-day Kazakhstan is considered to be the birthplace of apples. No wonder that its capital is called Alma-Ata (Almaty), which means “father of apples”. There is even a monument to an apple in Almaty. It stands on the Kok-Tyube mountain and is made of marble.

How much fiber is in an apple?

Fact number 2: Connection with Apollo

The English name for apple is “Apollo”. The fact is that in ancient Greece the apple tree was considered the sacred tree of Apollo.

Fact number 3: Paradise apples

In ancient Russia, the Garden of Eden in all the paintings was painted in the form of an apple orchard. And it was the apple that was the forbidden fruit, from which Adam and Eve bit off a bit.

Fact number 4: The apple tree is the first cultivated tree.

Archaeologists claim that the apple tree is the first tree cultivated by our ancestors for another 6500 years before the advent of the new era.

Fact No. 5: The Long-Liver Apple Tree

In 1647, American Peter Styuvesant planted an apple tree in his garden in Manhattan. Surprisingly, it not only survived to our time, but still bears fruit.

Fact number 6: Apple Leaders

One of the symbolic images of Russia are flowering apple orchards. However, China produces the most apples, followed by the United States. By the way, the apple flower is the official symbol of the state of Michigan.

Fact number 7: Thousands of Varieties

In the world there are more than 7,000 varieties of apples, each year they are becoming more and more, as breeders are constantly working, bringing more and more new varieties. But only a little over a hundred varieties of apples are grown for sale. The rest are used for decorative and technical purposes. The number of seeds in an apple depends on its variety.

Fact number 8: Millions of hectares

The area of ​​all apple orchards on Earth is about 5,000,000 hectares.

Fact number 9: the symbol of Kursk

Antonovka is an apple, symbolizing the city of Kursk. In this regard, in the center of Kursk, you can admire a two-meter apple monument. The sculptor Vyacheslav Klykov created it in 2004.

Fact number 10: small and large

Apple trees can grow up to 12 meters in height, but for the convenience of collecting fruits, breeders have bred dwarf apple trees, up to 2 meters high. The sizes of apples vary from a pea to the head of a newborn child.

Fact number 11: they swim!

If you throw an apple into the water, it will not sink, since it consists of a quarter of it. of air.

Fact number 12: all the benefits of peel

Most of the nutrients in the apple are concentrated immediately under the skin. Cutting off the skin, you deprive the apple of almost all of its antioxidants, vitamins and microelements.

Fact number 13: the longest peel

The list of summer competitions often includes cutting the longest skin strip from apples. So, Kati Madison’s record from New York, set

Fact number 14: lower cholesterol

Apples are the first helpers of those people who want to improve their blood counts. They contain pectin and fiber, which bind low-density lipoproteins and reduce cholesterol in the blood. Thus, apples improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, preventing the risk of death from heart attacks and strokes. This property of apples was noticed by all nations. In Russia, apples were called rejuvenating, and the British believed that eating two apples a day could do without the doctor’s services.

Fact number 15: Use depends on color.

Traditional medicine claims that green apples strengthen teeth and gums, yellow – immunity, and red apples – heart and blood vessels. We can agree with this, because green apples are the hardest and massage the gums, strengthening them, the yellow ones are the least allergenic, and the red ones contain more pectin.

Fact 16: The Benefits and Harm of Apple Fibers

Two apples contain a daily rate of dietary fiber, so they are very useful for digestion. However, those who suffer from gastritis or peptic ulcer fresh apples are strictly contraindicated.

Fact number 17: small spool, yes roads

The greatest amount of vitamins found in green unripe apples. As soon as the skin begins to change color, the amount of vitamins decreases.

Fact number 18: The Most Healthy Apple

The most useful apple can be considered the one that quickly darkens in the cut and has a “quality mark” in the form of a dug worm. This apple is rich in vitamins and trace elements and does not contain harmful substances.

Fact number 19: a picture of apples

The artist Emma Karp Lundström managed to recreate a picture of the Flemish painter Floris Frans from apples. The picture was placed on a canvas of 104 square meters and weighed 4 tons. To create it took 35,000 apples, 9 varieties of different shades.

Fact number 20: The Druid Apple Tree

Druids believe that the apple tree protects people born on December 23 – January 1 and June 25 – July 4, giving them tenderness, romanticism and ability to love.

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