How much do you need sleep by age

The act of examination of the living conditions of a minor

How much do you need sleep by age

Why do we need to conduct a survey of the living conditions of the child’s family?

It is not a secret that there are families in our country whose children are in socially unfavorable and dangerous conditions: they do not have their own “corner” (places for recreation, games and homework), do not have the opportunity to lead a normal life, due to conditions lives do not comply with the daily regimen, eat improperly, live in unsanitary conditions and

Also, a survey of living conditions can be conducted in families who are planning to adopt a child or take care. In this case, the commission checks the availability of the necessary conditions for the full life of the child.

In general, it can be noted that the survey of living conditions by teachers is carried out in the following cases:

  • Systematic violations by the child of discipline, rules of conduct at school, absenteeism, fights, appearing drunk at school and

A survey of the living conditions of the family in which the child lives may be carried out by the Commission on ZhBU. This commission “from the school” may include a social teacher, a class teacher, a deputy director, and also:

  • juvenile inspector
  • representative of the guardianship and custody
  • precinct police
  • doctor, representative of a medical institution
  • workers Sanepidnadzor (SES), Bureau of Technical Expertise (BTI)
  • and others. Persons, depending on the purpose of inspection of the living conditions of the child.

The survey of living conditions is intended to assess:

  • financial situation of the family
  • condition of the dwelling (house, apartment)
  • number of people living together in the house
  • sanitary condition of housing
  • having a separate place for the child (for a full sleep, games, pastime)
  • in the case of admission to the family of the child – the parents’ readiness for this and the possibility of the child’s full-fledged residence in the house.

What time is the ZHBU survey conducted?

The check of the living conditions of the child can be either without warning to the family, spontaneous or previously agreed.

6. During the examination revealed:

What to look for when checking ZhBU?

  • The general condition of the apartment (floor, ceiling, walls, heating, ventilation and

    The act of inspection of the living conditions of the family

Terms of drawing up the act and notifications

According to the results of the survey of living conditions, an act of inspection of living conditions in which the child lives (planned to live) is drawn up. The act is drawn up within 3 days from the day of the survey, in duplicate. Each copy is certified by the head of the institution whose employees conducted the survey. One copy is sent to the guardianship authority, the second remains in the institution. A copy of the act, certified by the guardianship authorities or the head of the institution, is sent to the parents within 3 days if the address of the parents is known.

If during the survey it was determined that the child does not have proper care from the parents, within 1 day from the day of the survey, the organization should notify the guardianship authorities at the place of the actual stay of the child.

How much do you need sleep by age

The act states:

  • The composition of the commission (name, position)
  • The object of the survey (family …, living at …)
  • Characteristics of the dwelling (type of housing: house, apartment, area, number of rooms, availability of amenities (electricity, gas, heating, water supply, telephone, internet, elevator and

    Parents of the child should not sign the act (this is not necessary).

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