How longer is the orgasm

Full sexual life is an important component of every man’s life. Any violations in the work of the genitals lead to insecurity and isolation of the stronger sex. But it happens that the only problem is the duration of sexual intercourse. If the man himself can be completely satisfied with the fact that the intimacy lasts no more than fifteen minutes, then his partner clearly remains unsatisfied. As a result, a completely reasonable question arises: how long does it not end?

What is the problem?

First of all, it is necessary to find out what causes the rapid ejaculation, because very often men immediately go to the doctor, although the problem can be solved independently. The short duration of sexual intercourse can be triggered by:

    Increased sensitivity of the penis head. This is the most common reason, since it is this area that is one of the strongest erogenous zones.

Thus, it can be seen that the short duration of sexual intercourse can be triggered by various factors. Only by identifying the real cause, you can find the right solution. Therefore, the stronger sex should analyze their lifestyle and sexual activity so that in future there will be no trouble in bed.

What to do to not end for a long time?

But what does a man have to do in order not to end for a long time and to bring pleasure to his beloved? First of all, you need to calm down and set aside all experiences. The duration of sexual intercourse can be adjusted in various ways. About them will be discussed below.

How longer is the orgasm

Extend the proximity can be very simple. A man should warn his partner that the first time he ends very quickly, but this will be followed by a sequel. Of course, the second ejaculation will not happen very soon, and during this time the woman also has time to get an orgasm, and perhaps not one.

The following recommendation may seem too banal. No need to hurry anywhere. Representatives of the stronger sex often pass the time while watching porn and draw new ideas from there. But do not forget that the actors take special drugs that improve erection. In everyday life, repeating what you see on the screen is virtually impossible. Therefore, it is better to give preference to calm measured movements. This will help not to finish and get double satisfaction.

Argued that a small dose of alcohol can help significantly prolong sexual intercourse. This is true, but to apply this method on yourself is absolutely not worth it. Of course, the problem with rapid ejaculation is solved, but one should not forget that regular intake of alcohol will not benefit the body.

Effectively in solving the problem will help regular sex life. If a man has a regular partner, and at least three times a week there is an intimacy, then no problems with the duration of sex will arise.

It is also recommended to abandon all methods of contraception, except for the condom. Its use will help to slightly reduce the sensitivity of the penis and prolong sexual intercourse at least twice. But this method is doubtful, as some men can not finish at all in a condom.

In order not to end a long time, men should try to be distracted a little from sex and think about something completely different. It may be thoughts about work, about problems in life, you can even imagine that in bed is not an attractive woman, but a fat one. Most likely, such reflections will help delay ejaculation.

So, the issue of rapid ejaculation can be solved without resorting to taking various special medications. A man should take his problem seriously and not be afraid to inform her partner about it, which will make his life much easier.

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