How long does food digestion take?

Sometimes, not being a physician, it is worth going into the details of the digestive process, estimating how much time food passes through the gastrointestinal tract, comparing the digestion of products by duration. Why know how to quickly digest food? The body of the dock in this matter, even if he himself is engaged. Because the unconscious choice of unsuccessful combinations makes the stomach work harder and provokes the occurrence of complications. Let’s see why it is important to know the time of digestion.

How many hours does a person’s food digest?

Consumed in the form of food fuel is extremely important for the functioning of the body. Without essential nutrients, cell development, repair and protection are impossible. Eaten foods go a long way before they become necessary for the body of bricks, however, the energy consumption for processing and the time of digestion of food strongly depend on the food belonging to a particular class.

The answer to the question of how much food is digested in the stomach may surprise with a range: from half an hour to 6 hours. How long does the food get into the intestines? After 7-8 hours of advancement along the small intestine with parallel splitting, the food passes into the large intestine, where it can be about 20 hours. Let us sum up how much food fuel will be processed to the maximum (apologize for the “not to the table” terminology): in the region of 1.5 days.

Digestion time in the stomach:

It is necessary to separate the concept of “digestion” and “assimilation.” The first determines how long the food is in the stomach, being processed in the form of splitting into simple chemical compounds. The second implies the absorption of the elements obtained and their use for replenishing energy needs, regenerating cellular tissues, and maintaining the viability of organs and systems.

It is important to understand how much food is in the stomach, to distinguish between the time of digestion and the time of digestion. Doctors do not recommend mixing food intakes, throwing a new batch of “fuel” until the old is completely processed. In our article, digestion will imply full assimilation for easy orientation.

What is digested the fastest (table)

The period indicating how long the food enters the intestine after processing in the stomach is the speed of digestion. Products differ sometimes by directly opposite characteristics with respect to this parameter.

The table of digestion of food on time will help to systematize the indicators and divide the food into groups.

No more than 45 minutes.

How many fruits are digested – 35-45 minutes

How much fish is digested – 1 hour

About 2-3 hours.

How much porridge is digested – 2 hours

More than 3-4 hours or just displayed.

How much pork is digested – up to 6 hours

It became clear how much food is digested in the stomach. The table reflects approximate product grouping vectors, presenting the overall picture. However, certain methods of processing and mixing ingredients can affect the absorption of food. We distinguish three steps complicating the life of the gastrointestinal tract:

  • Equal digestion time, no heat treatment, fats and sugar are not mixed.
  • Equal time of digestion, sugar or oil, spices are added.
  • Different digestion times, different processing and preparation methods, oils or fats are added.

In the third situation, the body will be particularly difficult to absorb the incoming fuel due to fat, which creates a repulsive gastric juice film, and stretching the processing time of the “material”. As can be seen from the table, the longest digestible meat and mushrooms. Consider this when planning a menu, especially for children: fast-digestible food is preferable to a child

The feeling of heaviness and lack of appetite will tell you how long the food actually is digested. The simple compatibility of components in terms of processing time and the suppression of fanaticism from fats will improve overall well-being.

How long does food digestion take?

How does the stomach digest food – recommendations for nutrition

Competent analysis of the data, how much food is digested, will allow you to build an infallible food system that is ideal for the body. There are a number of general rules, following which will greatly facilitate the work of the gastrointestinal tract:

1. Try not to mix products of different time parameters, so as not to burden the stomach.

2. Strive to create recipes and combinations within the same time group.

3. The addition of oils increases the duration of food digestion by an average of 2-3 hours.

4. Dilution of undigested food with any liquid will reduce the concentration of gastric juice, complicate the processing of the “material” and clog the intestines with undigested residues subject to fermentation.

5. It is recommended to chew food thoroughly, grinding and processing it with saliva enzymes.

6. Boiled and fried foods lose some useful properties and lose their original structure, so the digestion time increases by 1.5 times.

7. Cold foods are processed faster and can lead to obesity due to disruption of the assimilation process. The feeling of hunger returns faster, the processes of absorption and utilization are disturbed, the intestines undergo rotting processes. In particular, this rule applies to protein foods, which must be digested for at least 4 hours, and in a cold state leaves the body in 30 minutes.

8. Consider that the most favorable time for processing the “material” is lunchtime, so it is fashionable to quench the thirst for mixing incompatible categories without consequences. Breakfast and dinner do not differ in such activity, so try to select products of the same time of digestion and quick absorption.

9. When asked if food digests during sleep, the answer will be a call to simple logic. Night time – a period of rest and recovery for the whole body, including the gastrointestinal tract. Eating before bedtime is tantamount to filling the stomach with useless rotten food, since the body will only digest and assimilate the fermenting material during the night in the morning.

Despite the visual isolation and independence of the gastrointestinal tract, the indicators for how many hours the food digests in the stomach, sometimes directly depend on our informed choice. Make it easier for the body to work.

How long does food digestion take?

How the stomach digests food: video

The best time for different products.

The indicator of how many hours food is digested in the stomach directly depends on the nature of the material itself. This topic has already been raised by the above table “Time of digestion of products in the human stomach”, now we will examine the categories in more detail.

Cereals and legumes

  • Take the cereal. Buckwheat – the digestion time will stop at 3 hours.
  • The time of digestion of rice in the stomach is 3 hours.
  • Milk porridge digestion time is 3 hours.
  • How much is barley digested? Too 3 hours.
  • The time of digestion of oatmeal is 3 hours.
  • How much oatmeal is digested in water (from flakes)? Just 1.5 hours.
  • Is corn digested in humans? Yes, if the body has enough weight to highlight the necessary enzymes. The procedure will take 2.3 hours (corn grits).
  • We turn to the bean. How many lentils are digested? The answer is 3 hours.
  • How many peas are digested (dry) – 3.3 hours.
  • Digestion of green peas will stop at 2.4 hours.
  • How many beans are digested in the stomach? At least 3 hours.


  • How much pork is digested depends on the part: tenderloin – 3.3 hours, loin – 4.3 hours.
  • Mutton digestion time is 3.3 hours.
  • How long does chicken breast digest? About 3.2 hours.
  • How much duck meat is digested? About 3.3 hours
  • How many hours the meat (beef) is digested does not depend on the part. Approximately 3.3 hours.
  • How many dumplings are digested in the stomach – 3.3 hours.
  • The time of digestion of fat can pass for a day.

The speed of digestion of meat in the stomach depends on the method of its preparation. For example, the time for digestion of ground beef will be reduced if, when cooking meatballs from it, you add pureed vegetables, such as zucchini or carrots. But the jelly of pig legs will be assimilated for a very long time – more than 5 hours. Jelly chicken digest a little faster – about 3-3.5 hours.


  • How long the fish is digested depends on the variety: low-fat (cod) will be laid out in 30 minutes, fat (herring, salmon, trout) – 50-80 minutes. Quickly digested in the stomach hake – no more than 2 hours.
  • How many shrimp are digested? About 2.3 hours.
  • Mastering sea cocktails will take approximately 3 hours.

In drawing up the menu, do not forget about such factors as the compatibility of various products.


  • How many potatoes are digested? Young – 2 hours.
  • How many fried potatoes are digested? 3-4 hours already. Boiled – only 2-3 hours. How much baked potatoes can I digest? Young – about 2 hours.
  • How to digest carrots raw? For 3 hours. The question of why carrots are not absorbed without oil is not entirely correct: vitamin A is poorly absorbed because it is fat soluble. With carrot oil, it digests longer, but the benefits are higher.
  • How many fresh (white) cabbage is digested – 3 hours.
  • How much sauerkraut is digested in the stomach? About 4 hours.
  • How many boiled beets are digested? It takes about 50 minutes.
  • How much is cucumber digested? On average 30 minutes (like tomatoes, lettuce, pepper, greens).
  • Vegetable corn is not digested longer than 45 minutes (cook without oil).


  • Consider a kiwi. Digestion time will be 20-30 minutes.
  • How many orange is digested – 30 minutes.
  • How many tangerines are digested – also 30 minutes.
  • Take a grapefruit. Digestion time is 30 minutes.
  • How long does an apple digest? The process will take 40 minutes.
  • How much is absorbed banana? Approximately 45-50 minutes.
  • Wondering how much pineapple is digested? The answer is 40-60 minutes.
  • How much is mango digested? About 2 hours.

There are other types of fruits that are digested long enough by the digestive tract. For example, do you know how much persimmon will digest in a person’s stomach? Almost 3 hours! Therefore, do not eat this product at night.

Animal products

  • How much milk is absorbed – 2 hours.
  • How much time is cottage cheese digested? Approximately 2.5 hours. Low fat cottage cheese? About 2.4 hours.
  • How much cheese is digested – 3.3 hours.
  • I wonder how much kefir is digested? 1.4 to 2 hours (non-greasy – fat).
  • Digestion time ryazhenka will be 2 hours.
  • How much yogurt is digested? Approximately 2 hours.
  • For gourmets: how much ice cream is digested? The process takes 2.3 hours.
  • How many boiled eggs are digested – 2.2 hours. And egg white? The same indicators.
  • How much eggs are digested depends on the volume. A dish of two steep eggs – 2-3 hours.
  • How many scrambled eggs? Just over 2 hours.

Flour products

  • The time of digestion of bread in the stomach depends on the type of flour: from 3.1 hours (wheat) to 3.3 hours (rye).
  • The question of how much bread is digested is difficult. The product has a lot of fiber (100 grams = 4 loaves of rye bread), which is absorbed for a long time.
  • How many pasta are digested? Approximately 3.2 hours.

How long does food digestion take?

Sweets (honey, nuts, chocolate)

  • How many marshmallows are digested – 2 hours.
  • Chocolate digestion time will be 2 hours.
  • How much halva is digested? Approximately 3 hours.
  • Peanuts, like other nuts, are digested on average 3 hours, but the process can be accelerated if the product is crushed and soaked.
  • Take dried fruits. The digestion time varies from 2 hours (raisins, dates) to 3 (prunes, pear).
  • Honey digestion time is 1.2 hours.


  • Coffee with milk is not digested, as tannin and milk proteins form an indigestible emulsion.
  • Time digesting tea in the stomach will be about an hour.
  • How long does the water stay in the stomach? With food – about an hour. Liquid, drunk on an empty stomach, immediately enters the intestine. About 350 ml are absorbed at a time (for water and food).
  • How much soup is digested? Vegetable broth – 20 minutes, meat – depends on the base and ingredients, it is difficult to determine.
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