How good to laugh for you

Where today you can see “secular alcoholic” Madame Polina, why Elena Borshcheva left Comedy Woman after 6 years and how Natalia Medvedeva’s fees grew on this project.

How good to laugh for you

In 2019, the well-known comedy show Comedy Woman will be 11 years old, and if you recall the project Made in Woman, from which it all started, then as many as 13! During this time, the composition of the women’s team, of course, has undergone some changes, the team for various reasons left several bright and talented participants: Polina Sibagatulina, Elena Borshcheva, Ekaterina Baranova, Natalia Medvedeva. Who of these comedian actresses was able to build a successful career, and who completely forgot about the scene, tells

Polina Sibagatullina

“Socialite alcoholic” from Peter Madame Pauline disappeared from television screens in 2015, not quite reaching her tenth anniversary in Comedy Woman. Mad rhythm of filming and irregular schedule strongly exhausted the actress, realizing this, producer and author of the program Natalia Yeprikyan Polina herself called for a frank conversation. The result of this conversation was that Sibagatullina decided to leave the project. Later, Natalya admitted that parting with this participant was one of the most painful for her, since they knew each other very well from the time of KVN.

Today, if you look at the artist’s Instagram, you get the feeling that the scene for her is in the past, and Polina fully focused on her passion for photography, but this is not so. In 2017, together with Dmitry Khrustalyov and Viktor Vasilyev Sibagatullina participated in the play “Three-Man Game” on the play Emile Braginsky, In addition, the actress performs in the musical The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen. He also actively works and helps actors on the stage with Down syndrome to play on the inclusive film-theater project “Interaction”.

Elena Borshcheva

Borshcheva, known to viewers as Elena Hulievna Santa Maria Guerra, began acting in Comedy Woman in 2006, when the project was called Made in Woman, and lasted as a member of the women’s team for a long 6 years. And although the actress became part of the team thanks to the invitation of Natalia Yeprikyan, the creator of the famous show herself once admitted in an interview Irine Shihman, that for a long time I didn’t want to cooperate with Borschev: “. I did not understand what to joke, except on her appearance. In the “Team of Pyatigorsk” they joked about it as they did at a freak. I was against such humor and categorically did not want to. It is impossible to joke endlessly on her “eccentricity.” “.

Having become a free bird, Borshcheva organized a culinary and comic show “Cook-ha”, which takes place in restaurants in Moscow, and began to hold a master-class “How to develop a sense of humor”, where she promises to share with the audience recipes for creating jokes. She also writes scripts, leads various events and gives stand-up concerts. In April 2015, the humorist became a mother. Daughter Uma – Borshchev’s second child is married to a fitness trainer Valery Yushkevich. Firstborn Elena gave birth when she was a member of Comedy Woman.

Ekaterina Baranova

Catherine, like almost all the participants of the Comedy Woman, came to this women’s team from KVN. She left the project in 2011 due to the birth of her daughter and for some reason hasn’t returned anymore, which, however, did not prevent her from keeping warm relations with her former colleagues: photos with Natalia Medvedeva and Dmitry Khrustalev appear in her Instagram profile. and other members of the Comedy Woman. In August 2017, she again became a mother, the actress had a son Demid, however, the mother of two children did not stay long on maternity leave. Today, Baranova makes a living by holding various events, but, alas, she no longer appears on television.

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