How do you wash the kidneys?

Rassolnik, in general, like borscht, each mistress has his own. And the point here is not even in taste, but in the little secrets that everyone has. If in general, for the preparation of classic pickle are usually taken by-products such as kidneys, giblets, navels of birds. Meanwhile, the pickle on the meat broth will be no less tasty. But in this case, it is better to take the meat on the bone for better saturation of the broth. Salted cucumbers and pickle are what are the constant ingredients of good pickle.

Since there are a lot of recipes on the Internet, we have selected ten of the best for you. Use them at your discretion, please your loved ones with excellent pickle! If they like the dish, we will be very pleased too!

Classic pickle with pearl barley.

What you need: Take a liter of meat broth (preferably unsalted), 150-200 grams of ordinary pearl barley, 3-4 medium potatoes for the soup, 150 grams of pickled cucumbers (that’s just not enough without them!), 1 carrot and 1 onion.

How to cook: When your broth is boiling, put the potatoes into it, which you have already cut into strips. Cook until the potatoes are ready for 2/3. Boil the barley in a separate saucepan and cool. Pickled pickled cucumbers on a fine grater, also stew separately, adding a little broth. It will take 7-10 minutes, no more. Fry carrots and onions in butter, finely chopped. Once the potatoes are cooked, add barley (you can not all, look at the situation as you like), cucumbers, carrots and onions, and then your favorite spices. Boil another ten minutes, then prisolit and remove from heat.

How do you wash the kidneys?

Pickle with chicken meat.

What you need: First of all, this is a chicken (1 kg). The remaining ingredients are classic: 2 heads of onion, medium-sized carrot, chili pepper, 2 pickled cucumbers, half a cup of pickle, half a teaspoon of vinegar (for frying, do not get scared), 2 tablespoons grow. oils, salt, we take to taste, 4 potatoes, 5 spoons of sour cream, low-fat (take tablespoons with the top), greens to taste.

How to cook: Initially, you and I will need to cook excellent chicken broth. Put the chicken meat in a saucepan, fill it with water at room temperature and set on fire. We cook the whole thing for an hour. Traditionally, we cut the onions and carrots into small cubes and fry them in vegetable oil just a little, adding vinegar. After 5 minutes, add 50 grams of broth, add spices and simmer your vegetables until soft. Cool the ready chicken meat by putting it in a separate plate. In the broth add carrots with onions and put on a small fire. There we also send potatoes in cubes, chili pepper (no need to cut). Meanwhile, free the chicken meat from the bones, cut into cubes and also load into the broth along with the diced cucumbers. Give it to boil for literally 20 minutes and let it stand on the stove for the same amount. Before serving, be sure to add fresh sour cream and fragrant greens to taste.

Rassolnik with beans.

What you need: Rassolnik can be cooked with beans, it turns out very piquant and tasty. You will need to take 50 grams of beans, two pickled cucumbers, no longer needed, three potatoes, a tablespoon of butter, four tablespoons of sour cream, one egg yolk, one onion, one carrot, five grams of parsley and the same celery, bay leaf pieces, salt, greens and peppercorns.

How to cook: Soak the beans for 6 hours and boil it until tender. You will have a decoction, we do not pour it. Cut the greens with carrot thinly, fry in a frying pan until soft together with onions, cut into strips. Peel the pickles, cut lengthwise and cut into strips. Boil separately for five minutes in the water. Potatoes cut into cubes, like soup. In the remaining bean broth, add more water so that you can cook pickle. When it boils, send potatoes there, cook until half cooked. Then add pickles, greens with vegetables to pickle, and boil for 15 minutes. For 5 minutes until the end of cooking, put boiled beans in a saucepan, pour in boiled pickle, put spices and salt. After removing from the heat, the pickle will need to be filled with raw yolk, poured into plates, put a little sour cream and also greens.

Fish pickle with barley.

What you will need: Take for a fish pickle 1.5 liters of water, two potatoes, two tablespoons of pearl barley, one parsley root and one carrot, two salted cucumbers, half a bulb, two tablespoons of thick fat, spices to taste. Fish perfect scad (200 grams).

How to cook: Wash the pearl barley in hot water and boil until ready. Cut potatoes into cubes, like on soup, parsley (root) into slices, and cucumbers with diamonds. All this roast in fat for about ten minutes. In another pan at this time fry the carrots and onions. When the water boils, send the vegetables first (cook for 20–30 minutes), and then take turns for cucumbers, canned fish, cereals, spices and salt (cook until ready).

What will be needed: 2 liters of beef broth, 3-4 potatoes, 1 medium carrot, 5 small pickled salted cucumbers, 1 onion, pickle (cup), always take salt to taste, ten grams of butter for frying, one tablespoon of wheat flour with a hill, 5 tablespoons of sour cream.

How to cook: In Polish, this soup sounds like Ogurkova Zupa. It differs from other pickles in dressing, which consists of sour cream and flour. In the heated broth, put the potatoes, cut into cubes, cucumbers, rub on a very fine grater, and grated carrots fry with onion in butter. Add cucumbers, a glass of pickle and fried onions with carrots to the pan. Stir sour cream with flour in a bowl and dilute with broth. You should get a kind of sauce with a consistency of liquid sour cream. Pour sour cream into the soup, stir and boil. At this pickle ready. It is best to eat with rye bread and your favorite greens.

What you need: We offer to take dried mushrooms in the amount of 50-100 grams, two liters of cooking water, 50 ml of vegetable oil, 1 onion, half leeks, 200 grams of celery root, carrot, five pieces of potatoes, the same by the number of salted cucumbers, 100 ml of pickled pickle, salt and various spices are to your taste.

How do you wash the kidneys?

How to cook: Cooking pickle with mushrooms begins in the evening, when you pour boiling water over the mushrooms and leave them overnight. The same mushrooms are boiled the next day in water until ready. So, mushrooms for pickle are ready! Next, take onion and carefully cut it into half rings. As for carrots and celery, it is desirable to cut them into cubes. Beat the vegetables with onions, then add the roots and stew for 10 minutes. Remove the mushrooms from the broth with a slotted spoon, cut into two pieces and add to the vegetables. While all this will stew, boil the potatoes in cubes. At the end of the stew, add the leek and send in the mushroom decoction to the almost ready potato. It remains to boil for five or six minutes, cut the cucumbers into strips and add to the pickle soup. Boil for 2 minutes and cool by pouring in brine (to taste). Be sure to serve with greens.

What you need: Of course, for sea pickle, we will take the fish, the best herring in the amount of 350 grams. Potatoes take 2-3 pieces, no longer needed. Of the other ingredients: a couple of tablespoons of sour cream, the same amount of butter, a spoon of barley, half a liter of water, a carrot (1 pc), one onion bulb, one salted cucumber, greens and spices with salt to taste.

How do you wash the kidneys?

How to cook: In principle, sea pickle is prepared classically. First, you boil the pearl barley, fry the onion and send it into boiling water with diced carrots and diced potatoes. Cook for 15 minutes, then put sprat, pickled cucumber and spices in pickle. Cook for 10 minutes, remove and pour into plates along with sour cream and parsley.

Rassolnik with croutons.

What you need: In this recipe, pickle will be with croutons, which are perfectly combined with cucumber soup. You will need to take 300 grams of wheat bread, 1 liter of meat broth, literally ten to fifteen grams of flour, 100 grams of milk, 1 egg yolk, 40 grams of butter, 300 grams of pickled cucumbers, 100 grams of pickle, salt and pepper to taste.

How to cook: And in general there is nothing complicated! Initially, you make croutons by drying the bread into cubes in the oven. Then lightly roast the flour, dilute it with milk. This sauce is introduced into the broth and brought to a boil. Yolks are ground with butter, poured into the soup. Traditionally, do not forget to add pickled cucumbers, pre-ground on a grater, as well as cucumber pickle and salt. Put dried cubes of bread in a plate and fill with ready brine.

Rassolnik with kidneys.

What you need: Very tasty get pickle pickles from giblets and kidneys. You will need meat broth from veal or beef, 400 grams of buds, two pickled cucumbers and one carrot, celery and parsley are taken by an amateur (if you don’t like, you can without them), one onion, 150 grams of cereals (better rice or barley ), six small-sized potatoes, half a glass of sour cream, three to five liters of water, salt to taste.

How to cook: You remove the film from the kidneys, cut it in two parts and pour cold water on it. Bring to a boil, drain the water and add a new one, then cook for at least 1.5 hours. Greens, onions and one carrot cut into slices, fry and send in broth. Do not forget to put potatoes with cereals. Ten minutes later add finely chopped pickles. Kidneys do not add! When the pickle soup is cooked, spill into deep plates and only here put in each of the portions of the kidney, cut into squares. You can fill with sour cream.

Pickle with corn.

What you need: We want to warn you at once that the taste of pickle with corn is specific, for an amateur. Therefore, it is advisable that you first cook and taste this dish on your own, and then treat them to guests or loved ones. Ingredients are standard, with the exception of 100 grams of corn and 1/5 of a head of white cabbage: broth, two pickled cucumbers, no more than four potatoes (otherwise the soup will be thick), 40 grams of parsley root (just be careful!), One carrot, one bulb onion, spoon of butter for frying, sour cream for taste, greens and spices.

How to cook: You rinse all the roots in warm water, cut them into cubes, and onions are beautifully cut into strips. He will need to be spasserovat a few minutes in butter along with the roots. When the broth boils, add fresh cabbage, bring the soup to a boil again. The next step is to add the potatoes, which you cut into slices. Literally ten minutes before the end of boiling pickle, put cucumbers, peeled and diced vegetables, canned corn, spices in the form of bay leaves and peppercorns in it. When the pickle soup is ready, it is immediately poured into plates and put sour cream to taste.

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