How can you prevent Alzheimer’s disease

For several years, the famous domestic actress Margaret Terekhova Alzheimer’s disease. This became known from her daughter, who admitted that her mother was suffering, explaining why she hadn’t appeared in public for a long time. How this disease develops and how dangerous it is, how long the actress has undermined her health, we will tell in this article.

Terekhova disease

Even the most famous people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Margarita Terekhova was no exception. This disease affects not only the health, but also the appearance of the person. The one who recently led an active life, talked a lot and appeared in public, becomes withdrawn, avoiding friends. The disease leaves its mark. The same happened to Terekhova, who during her long and bright creative career played several dozen roles in cinema and theater, tried herself even in directing, and now she is helpless and ill.

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease Margarita Terekhova was made several years ago. Now the actress is almost 76 years old, while she no longer appears at public events for a long time. This closure is due not only to a respectable age, but also a serious illness.

Margarita Terekhova told her daughter Anna several years ago about Alzheimer’s disease, who also works as an actress. She noted that the problems with the memory of her mother began about ten years ago, since approximately that period she can no longer do without outside help.

Manifestation of the disease

Today, many people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Margarita Terekhova, whose photo is in this article, also turned out to be uninsured from her. Although the doctors claim that the intellectually developed and educated personalities have little chance of getting sick.

All those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, sooner or later begin to experience memory problems. They forget the appearance and the names of even the closest people, they cannot remember any important and significant dates for themselves, events that took place quite recently.

Often they have a speech disorder, patients can not clearly communicate, their words are often confused so that they can not make out. Often, in Alzheimer’s disease, a person stops elementary monitoring his decent appearance, in many respects this is due to the fact that even the most elementary actions become unbearably difficult to perform. All these symptoms are present and in Margarita Borisovna Terekhova, Alzheimer’s disease develops according to the classic scenario. For a long time, she can no longer, without outside help, perform the most simple household chores, get together to leave the house, for example, to shop. Margarita Borisovna Terekhova’s illness has become a serious burden for her relatives and friends.

How can you prevent Alzheimer's disease

How does the actress cope?

Her daughter Anna took care of the mother. She is a popular actress, plays a lot in cinema, performs in the Moscow Theater of the Moon. Anna is a busy man, so she had to hire a nurse to deal with Margarita Terekhova with the disease. The medical worker helps the famous Soviet actress with everything, cares for her.

Photo now of Margarita Terekhova (Alzheimer’s disease struck her several years ago) can strike many. For this reason, her every walk ended in problems. Those who recognized her, began to shamelessly stare at the celebrity, the affected ailment. In addition, because of her illness, she often forgot the way home; now she cannot go out at all without help.

About the disease, the biography of Margarita Terekhova described in detail in this article. According to her daughter, her mother’s health deteriorated after the film was shot "Gull" in 2005. This was her first directorial experience, and she also wrote the script for the film, based on the play of the same name by Anton Chekhov.

Terekhova herself in the picture played Nina Mikhailovna Zarechnaya. The work exhausted her so much that she simply had no strength left for other projects, and soon she developed a terrible disease.

What causes the disease?

Alzheimer’s disease in Margaret Borisovna Terekhova, the photo of which is in this article, manifested itself for an incomprehensible reason. The fact is that the disease itself has not yet been fully investigated. Most scientists believe that it is transmitted at the genetic level.

Most often the disease manifests itself after 55 years. At the same time, the gender of the sick person does not matter much, although women are ill more often than men. Usually it affects those who have close relatives who have had a similar disease or Down’s disease.

At the very beginning, it is very difficult, almost impossible to recognize this disease. Even the closest people do not understand that a person has the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

The saddest thing is to prevent it altogether impossible. Especially if you can prove that it really has genetic roots. In this case, you can only slow down its development and improve the quality of life of a sick person with the help of drugs. Anna Terekhova is trying to do this for her mother with all her might.

Biography of the Soviet actress

Margarita Terekhova was born in 1942 in the Sverdlovsk region. She was born in the small town of Turinsk. Her parents were actors of the regional drama theater, she decided to follow in their footsteps. Over time, the Terekhova family moved to Uzbekistan.

The heroine of our article graduated from school with a gold medal, from childhood she was engaged in basketball, even was the captain of the youth team of Uzbekistan. She started to get higher education at the Tashkent University at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, but then she left the university and went to Moscow. She decided to realize her dream of a career as an actress by enrolling in the Zavadovsky studio school, which was opened at the Mossovet Theater.

Stage debut

She received her theatrical education in 1964, making her debut on the stage of the Mossovet Theater. There she worked for many years, playing a lot of bright roles. For example, Marie in the play "In the eyes of a clown" according to the novel of the same name by Heinrich Boll, Cleopatra in "Caesar and Cleopatra" Bernard Shaw, Sonya in "Crime and Punishment" Dostoevsky.

I tried Terekhova myself and as a theater director, putting the play "When will five years pass" based on the works of Garcia Lorca.

On the big screen

In the movie Terekhova debuted in 1965 in the drama Frunze Dovlatyan "Hello, it’s me!"by playing a character named Tanya. Fame to the heroine of our article came in the next picture in 1966 – the drama of Pavel Lyubimov "Running on the waves". In the adaptation of the novel by Alexander Green, she got the role of Frazie Grant.

Among her other high-profile works of that period is the role of Natasha Shipilova in the melodrama of Andrey Smirnov. "Belorussky Station" and Natalia in the film-reflection of Andrei Tarkovsky "Mirror".

Milady Vinter

In a short time, Terekhova became a popular and sought-after actress, who was invited by directors to play the roles of various characters. National love got to Terekhova in 1978, when Georgiy Yungvald-Khilkevich’s musical adventure adventure appeared on the screens. "D´Artagnan and the Three Musketeers".

In this film adaptation of the novels of Alexander Dumas, she appears on the same set with the most popular artists of her time – Mikhail Boyarsky, Veniamin Smehov, Valentin Smirnitsky, Igor Starygin, Oleg Tabakov, Alisa Freindlich.

Terekhova gets the role of insidious Milady Winter, who deprives the duke of suspensions, kills her beloved protagonist Constance with the help of poison, weaves networks of intrigue in medieval France.

In 1980, another tape was released, thanks to which everyone today remembers Terekhov. This is a melodramatic comedy by Jan Fried. "Pious Martha". In the film adaptation of the playwright of the same name by Spanish playwright Tirso de Molina, she plays a noble dona, which makes you crazy and makes all the men in the neighborhood fall in love with you, and also all the spectators in the hall.

Also among the works Terekhova can be noted role in the drama of Alexander Orlov "Edwin Drud’s Mystery", Alexander Efremov’s melodrama "Let’s get married", drama Valeriu Jereghi "It could be different", Olgerd Vorontsov melodrama "Over the blue nights", the historical film Gennady Vasilyev "Russia is original", psychological drama Valeriu Jereghi "Dissident", the tragicomedy of Sergei Ovcharov "It"the drama of Faith Glagoleva "Broken light", the drama of Yuri Shvyrev and Yuri Sorokin "Ivan Fedorov".

Her role in her own movie "Gull" became the last career. After that, Terekhova finally overcame the disease.

Works outside the cinema

Outside the shooting area, Terekhova always remained a bright and creative person. She was close friends with Igor Talkov and in the 80s she played in the theater group he formed "Balaganchik".

In 2012 at the film festival "Moscow Premiere" Margarita Terekhov was honored on the occasion of her 70th birthday. Festival President Alexei Batalov presented her with a diploma and an honorary prize for his contribution to the national cinema.

Personal life

Margarita Terekhova was married three times. For the first time she went to the honored artist of Russia Vyacheslav Butenko, who was her peer, in 1964. The marriage was fragile, breaking up after three years.

Immediately after parting with Butenko, Terekhova formed a relationship with Bulgarian actor Savva Hashimov, with whom she played in a film "Running on the waves". Then in the 67th daughter Anna was born. This marriage broke up in 1969.

Only after a long break did Margarita Terekhova decide to get married for the third time. In 1980, she entered into a marriage with director Georgy Gavrilov, who was 16 years younger than her. His most famous work is a documentary about the drug subculture. "Confession. Chronicle of Alienation", shot in 1988. They have been married for 15 years.

In 1981, the couple had a son, Alexander, who received a diploma of a graduate of VGIK, became an actor. In 1995 they divorced, and soon Gavrilov left for New York.

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