Home remedy for flu

Our ancestors were considered to be a natural panacea for various diseases, a product of beekeeping – propolis, from which many medicinal preparations were prepared. One of the best dosage forms that have passed the test of time is propolis ointment. Instructions for use of this modern homeopathic remedy states that it is recommended for the treatment of a wide range of external diseases, epithelial zones (vaginal and rectal), as well as the respiratory system and the musculoskeletal system.

The composition and therapeutic properties of ointments based on bee products

Due to the main biologically active component, which is part of the homeopathic preparation, propolis ointment (instructions for use will be described below) belongs to the group of stimulants of plant origin, actively influencing the processes of tissue regeneration. In addition, the chemist’s or even homemade product has antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, analgesic, antifungal, wound healing and antipruritic properties.

Home remedy for flu

Propolis ointment: instructions for use

The homeopathic remedy based on propolis (matrix tincture) is intended for the complex treatment of neurodermatitis, chronic eczema, psoriasis, pruritic dermatosis and dermatitis, trophic ulcers and nonhealing wounds. The uniform consistency of the ointment with the characteristic smell of propolis is available in various shades: from light yellow to yellowish brown. In a tube with a capacity of 30 g of the active component – matrix tincture of propolis – contains 1.5 g.

Bee glue, as the bee product is called, has an analgesic and antipruritic effect, has a mild anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates the process of regeneration and epithelization of the wound surfaces. The method of application of propolis ointment (instructions confirm this information) depends on the type and severity of the disease. When erosive lesions of the skin, burns and deep wounds, apply propolis ointment once a day with a thin layer. Instructions for use recommends repeating this action regularly, at intervals of 24 hours. In this case, the full therapeutic course should not exceed three weeks. Other pathologies may require twice the application of ointment, but in this case, the damaged cells of the dermis are restored in two weeks. Propolis ointment significantly speeds up the process of epithelization of tissues and their healing, therefore, further treatment is often not required. Wounds and trophic ulcers are treated daily or every other day no more than once a day, their healing usually occurs within 14–20 days.

The pharmacological action of a natural medicinal product, propolis ointment, is defined by the manual as homeopathic. The tool is recommended for psoriasis and chronic eczema, hyperkeratosis and eczematous dermatitis, athlete, fungal eczema and dermatitis. It is used in gynecology (for the treatment of cervical erosion), dentistry (with periodontal disease), as well as in chronic subatrophic rhinitis and ozena (“crusts” in the nose and ears, accompanied by a sharp unpleasant smell).

Due to the property of propolis ointment, it is easy to penetrate into the skin and warm it, this product has found wide application in the treatment of respiratory diseases (sinusitis, rhinitis, cough). Homeopathic propolis ointment when coughing produces a double effect due to the inhalation of vapors by the patients and the warming effect of the drug. Judging by the reviews, this symptom of a cold disappears in 4-5 days, and for bronchitis or lung diseases, relief comes within a week. Pharmacy version of propolis hemorrhoids ointment on sale is rare. In addition to petroleum jelly and beekeeping, it must contain lanolin, calamine, borneol, as well as extract of the root burnet. Home remedy is made from propolis and olive oil, mixing them in a water bath. Store it in the fridge. On hemorrhoids apply ointment from 5 to 8 times per day.

External treatment

In combating articular inflammation, propolis ointment helps well. The use of compresses and rubbing with this inexpensive homeopathic product is justified in the early stages of the disease. Rubbing is recommended to do at night, before bedtime. At the first painful symptoms you need to apply a little ointment in the knees or spine. By rubbing the preparation thoroughly, it is possible to provide a sufficient warm-up effect to relieve discomfort and alleviate the condition. After grinding, the instruction advises leaving an ointment on the patient’s skin until completely dry.

Home remedy for flu

Noticed and inhalation effect of the drug on the body. The tool is often used for cough. The most effective is the use of ointment on the basis of propolis in the form of compresses. Home or pharmacy remedy is applied on a small cotton napkin of gauze or flax, put in the chest and on the back, wrapped with plastic wrap and a warm scarf on top. As the reviews say, this method of treatment with propolis when coughing is very convenient and effective.


Like any drug, the product we are considering has contraindications for use, and it does not depend on whether you use a home or pharmacy drug. Have you decided to try propolis ointment? It must be approved by your health care provider or phytotherapist. Prohibited drug for people suffering from acute eczema (inflammatory spots that soak, blistering and itching unbearably). Particular care should be exercised in patients in whom bee glue or similar products cause an allergic reaction.

Different opinions and comments about the product

Propolis ointment reviews are often referred to as “a practical cure for a ridiculous price.” The conviction that a cheap drug cannot be effective, in this case, is erroneous. A universal remedy based on bee glue is praised for the excellent healing of wounds during their treatment (including animal bites); excellent flu prevention; effective aid for burns and fungal skin lesions; for the relief of symptoms of a runny nose, cough. Pregnant women are especially optimistic about him, because the ointment consists entirely of natural ingredients, which makes it as safe as possible for the fetus and future mommy. Negative comments about propolis-based ointment also exist, but they are mainly related to a general distrust of homeopathic medicines, which allegedly cause only a placebo effect. But many true reviews about the successful treatment of this ointment refute this.

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