High (ast) high

We are pleased to start the new year with you!

Let me congratulate you on this wonderful holiday, wish you health and success and well-being to you and your families. That in the new year there should be new victories and achievements, the most cherished desires should be fulfilled.

We believe that in the future our cooperation with you will be fruitful and successful! And we will offer the best service and quality services.

THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH US! Rafailov Leonid Solomonovich

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AST is our largest supplier since its opening.

High (ast) high

The breadth of the assortment, speed in placing orders and support for the assortment with stocks, training of our cavists is the key indicators of success of our cooperation. We are confident that it will last a long time and will be proportionate to our common development.

Company Ltd. "Maestro" Has been working with AST for over 10 years. We express our appreciation for the professionalism, wide range, tastings, promotions, timely deliveries and assistance in everything.

Special thanks to the manager of Myasautova Maria for interesting activities, suggestions, tastings and a timely story about all the new products of the range.

AST is one of the leading companies in the premium alcohol market. A good portfolio of wines and spirits, which is constantly updated with interesting new items. Our teamwork lasts 10 years. Working with the company is pleasant and convenient. Experienced, professional staff always meet customers. Arising inconsistencies (where without them!) Are corrected promptly.

High (ast) high

Reliable partner. We will continue and develop our cooperation.

Company Ltd. "Lime" works with the company "AST-International Invaerment" for 5 years.

During this time, the cooperation was literate, clear and effective. All deliveries were carried out quickly and on time. Promotions and discount systems were provided. Constantly offered in the format of our institution are new and interesting positions of the company’s range."AST – International Invaerment". We plan to continue cooperation further.

We cooperate with the company AST for more than 5 years. Every year working with the company is becoming more productive. Large selection of assortment of wines in different price categories.

High (ast) high

We hope for a stable relationship.

Soon three years, as our company fruitfully cooperates with the company AST. This is the case when work brings not only benefit, but the main thing is pleasure. The high level of training of AST managers allows us to understand each other perfectly. It is very pleasant to hear regularly about new positions in the assortment and to have the opportunity not only to hear, but also to try new items. Special thanks and kowtow for the opportunity to visit Israel and the iconic Barkan winery. I sincerely wish prosperity and development of the company AST and believe in a long and fruitful work.

We cooperate with the company AST since 2014. During the work only positive impressions of interaction with the company as a whole, and with the manager in particular, took shape. High professionalism, clarity of action, a wide range of alcoholic beverages. During the work I took part in several tastings and trainings.

We hope for further fruitful cooperation.

I have been working in the catering industry since 2010 and throughout all these years I am grateful for your contribution to the development of my region and your work. I am glad that you replenish your range with new brands and value your customers by applying an individual approach to us. Thanks to your master classes, young bartenders will learn about new types of alcohol and become familiar with the culture of alcohol consumption, and the older generation do not forget to repeat the previously studied. I am also glad to your updated site and rebranding of the company. In the modern world, of course, it is more convenient to work through the Internet. I am expecting from you the same stable work, support for the young and development in the alcohol market in Russia and abroad! Good luck and thanks again.

Cooperation with AST was one of the most loyal business decisions in 2017. Professionalism and customer focus are the two main criteria by which we choose partners.

AST is one of the few large companies in the Russian alcohol market that has both of these qualities.

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