Herbs to lower cortisol

There are contraindications, consult a doctor.

Herbs to lower cortisol

Elev8 is the core product of the network marketing company Bepic. It is supposedly created to improve the population, strengthen the immune system, improve the psycho-emotional state. Although in reality it is sold only to ensure profit to its manufacturer, as well as to a large army of zombed sellers, who with bulging eyes assure one and all that the Elev8 treats all diseases.

The stated effects of supplements:

  • immunity strengthening;
  • rejuvenation of the body;
  • improvement of metabolism;
  • stimulates physical performance;
  • improves mental performance;
  • gives a great mood and well-being for every day;
  • protects against stress;
  • mobilizes the body’s defenses.

Instructions for use

Elev8 take 1 capsule per day, after meals, with water. You should feel a surge of energy, better sleep and other effects in 2 weeks. The official website states that 85% of people notice the effect of taking dietary supplements in the period from three days to 2 months after the start of taking Elev8. The tool is completely safe. It has no contraindications and side effects.

Elev8 contains a mixture of adaptogens, energy and whole-food nutrients. Adaptogens include:

    Rhodiola rosea – to create a balance of cortisol in the body, increase and decrease it as necessary.

Ganoderma – to regulate the level of oxygen and pH in the body.

Bakopa – supposedly helps with back pain and impotence due to anti-inflammatory effect.

Cordyceps – due to cordycetic acid and adenosine, it improves the absorption of oxygen by the cells and charges them with energy.

  • Chaga – a source of glyconutrients and 215 photochemical elements that stimulate the production of T and B lymphocytes.
  • The promised effects and the proposed mechanisms of action look quite unconvincing. Cortisol is undoubtedly important for the human body, but it does not regulate all processes in the body, and with its increase or decrease it is impossible to achieve the effects indicated by the sellers of Elev8. In addition, the human adrenal glands themselves “know” when to increase the level of hormones, and when to lower them. However, this discussion does not make much sense, because in reality Rhodiola cannot regulate the secretion of adrenal hormones.

    As for the enhanced production of T and B lymphocytes, this effect can be realized by stimulating the function of the bone marrow, because it is there that factors of cellular immunity are produced. Chaga can not enhance the work of this body. And this is good, because such stimulation would be dangerous for the body. It could cause many problems: autoimmune inflammatory processes, depletion of the red bone marrow, followed by a decrease in all sprouts of blood.

    The mixture of natural energy includes:

    These substances can actually stimulate mental and physical activity, enhance cognitive functions of the brain, and even improve mood. Apparently, most of the effects provided by Elev8 are provided by these components. True, they can easily be replaced with a cup of strong coffee in the morning.

    Finally, the third group of substances in the composition of Elev8 are whole-food nutrients. These include:

    It is assumed that taking ELEV8 can cover the need for the listed fruits and vegetables by 50%. Considering that they take only 1 capsule per day, it seems that the sellers believe that your need for fruits and vegetables is 0.5-1 grams per day.

    Doctor’s review

    Elev 8 is one of the many “from all diseases” supplements that really doesn’t work at all. Perhaps you believe in this tool because of the large number of reviews on the Internet. But you must understand that Bepic is a network company. And this means that it has a huge army of sellers from among private distributors. Each of them is interested in creating a good 8 Elev 8. In addition, most sellers are also consumers. They scribble numerous reviews and publish them on the Internet.

    The inefficiency of the additive can be judged by its composition. It contains:

      adaptogens – improve immunity and strengthen the body with long-term use;

    stimulants – cause an instant psychostimulant effect, increase physical endurance and mental performance for several hours;

  • vegetables and fruits – do not affect anything, because they are contained in scanty quantities (tenths or even hundredths of a gram per product).
  • With the same success, you can buy in the pharmacy infusion of lemongrass for 100 rubles and take it for months. It also has adaptogenic and stimulating effects. It also strengthens non-specific immunity and improves adaptation to external conditions. That only costs ten times cheaper.

    The main disadvantages of Elev 8 are as follows:

      Too loud promises – on the Internet you can read that the tool treats all diseases.

    Price too high – because the product is from America, and most of its value is the seller’s fee, which Elev 8 managed to get into you.

  • Miserable, and therefore ineffective doses of active substances – this can be judged by the huge number of components in the composition with a daily dose of 1 capsule. Indeed, in a capsule weighing half a gram it is impossible to shove dozens of active substances in adequate dosages.
  • Reception Elev 8 is a self-deception. At best, the supplement works as a cheap adaptogen from a pharmacy. At worst, it doesn’t affect anything at all.

    Elev8 is not cheap. A sample can be purchased for $ 25. This is a mini-packaging, which contains only 10 capsules. They will last for 10 days. It is assumed that during this time you will be able to feel the full benefits of this tool and ask for supplements.

    Standard packaging contains 30 capsules. It costs 50 dollars. Cheaper to buy in bulk. If you take a Leader Pack that includes 2 packs and one probe (that is, only 70 capsules), it will cost you $ 90.

    Thus, the most unfavorable packaging (probe) costs the buyer $ 2.5 per capsule. The most profitable is 1.2 dollars per reception day – 2 times cheaper. Therefore, if you are on long-term use of ELEV8, it is better to buy a Leader Pack.

    A source:

    Thank you for the objective and honest article, I read it with pleasure. Tired of these unscrupulous sellers, riding on the ears in an attempt to cash in on our diseases.

    Good day! But what about the recommendations of doctors about the reception of pink radioli, to normalize the level of cortisol?

    Pavel Viktorovich stop fooling people and earning money for free. read this article

    Reviews: "Elev8 (Elev 8): composition, doctor’s tip, price"

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