Herbalism for beginners

Hello to all! From the preface I want to say that for about eight years I have been playing the Druid tank and I really like this class. I tried to find a lot of information on the Internet for this class, but I couldn’t find a normal guide, so I decided to express all my thoughts and preferences in upgrading the Druid tank. I hope this helps many newbies, and not only, to gain respect among the raiders in the world of gaming World of Warcraft. It is possible that in the game you will need to go in the role of heal or DD. Therefore, for the second specialization, you can see guides for Druid Balance and Druid restaurant.

General idea of ​​the Druid tank

I can tell you right away that a bear is powerful, strong and enduring. Excellent in the raid feels like the role of the first tank, and as an auxiliary. Bear superski gains and holds aggro, while it does not matter, there is an attack of a heap of mobs or a boss. Cool set of raid buffs and so on. Therefore, a bear is a great tank – that’s all I can say. Well, of course, you are the friends to choose!

Choosing a race for Drulya Tank

In the Horde choose tauren. Here the stock of HP is increased by five percent, the herbalism is increased by fifteen units, the general camp is massive for two seconds, the resistance to natural magic is increased.

In the alliance, choose a night elf. Here, evasion is increased by one percent, there is an opportunity to hide in the shadows, resistance to natural magic is also increased, the speed of movement of the spirit is raised by fifty percent.

For the most convenient game, see our Macros for the Druid. It is also necessary for the tank to know the whole strategy and tactics of the CLK for all the bosses.

Tank Druid Talk

I will say this: professional tanks use several talent layouts. Since at different points, even a slight difference in skills helps out. The first build shows the standard tal:

The second build is aimed at the greatest survival of bears. This alignment is good only for beginner tanks, when there is no normal gear.

The next build is personally upgraded from me, and I will explain why I made this layout of skills. Build almost does not differ from the standard. And I chose “King of the Jungle” tal because if you remove Infected Wounds, you will get aggro more. The difference in the loss of HP, I almost did not feel.

Rotation at the Druid tank

Banging – is a powerful attack that increases damage in close combat and will coolly raise the level of your threat. You need a glyph and pumped tal “Rvi and torment”. With stacks and mutilations from the non-sick ability to “tear to pieces”, a rattle increases the level of outgoing threat. Abilka under GCD does not fall. It replaces the next auto attack. It’s cool when Attack Spanking is associated with each available macro attack and must always be in a certain queue. ” Mangle – For 60 seconds, your target receives 30 percent additional damage from bleeding effects. We use constantly on CD. Gives a decent set of aggro. Magic fire – reduces the armor available to the boss by 5% for five minutes. At the time of this action, the target can not be invisible or invisible. The ability increases aggro and fill free CD. Tear to pieces – the enemy breaks into pieces, bringing 88 units of damage at the time of your impact and due to bleeding 320 units, lasts 15 seconds. The kick generates a huge level of aggro. The effect will always be summed up to five times on the target. Keep 5 stacks constantly and update, keep aggro level. Swipe – Attack near opponents. Switch constantly between the mobs to check that everyone has enough gentle bashing. Roar – provokes the enemy to attack. It functions only as a provocation.

Spells that are used strictly by CD

Oak leather – the skin becomes durable. All damage will be reduced by 20 percent. This spell is used when stunning, freezing, paralyzing, intimidating, or sleeping. Use in all guises. Survival instincts – temporarily increases the supply of HP by 30% in the form of a cat, a bear, and a ferocious bear. This is a very “emergency” button. Frenzy recovery – 10 rage will transform to CP once every ten seconds.

So, how is it all used

Fight with one goal:

We seek five stacks of torn apart, in parallel we live through the “Magic Fire” and “Damage”. Then periodically click “Tear apart”, the stacks of the bottom should not fall off and calmly emboss on the “Magic Fire” and “Mangle”. In principle, there is no difficulty here. It is advisable to add more and bashing – this is definitely.

Herbalism for beginners

Fight with a group of goals:

Little different from a duel with one monster. As often as possible use the scope and bashing. Change your target quickly when every target dies. Be constantly on the alert to re-launch mobs, if someone from the group accidentally over-agrees.

Herbalism for beginners

How to aggro and bullet:

For spuding use roar, then magic fire or animal charge attack. Use one of them at your discretion. Personally, I start the Magic Fire pool, and I jump to the mob. After that I turn on “Frenzy”, I get a good rage and a good increase in physical damage by 15% and, of course, injure myself. Roar the shore to the extreme.

Use of all abilities on CD

Use all at your own discretion. Just do not be zealous, otherwise you may not have enough of them in a difficult situation. Usually, these buttons are lying around me unnecessarily. They go into business if I make any mistake.

Buffs and work in PvE raid

You have a set of four things that you, competently using, will help the entire raid. If there are no other friends in the raid, then hang up the “Gift of Wildlife”. Do not forget about the “Spikes”.

“Revival” or BR– A useful thing, this is not a buff, but it benefits the raid – it is possible to revive party members outside the battlefield with a revival “Illumination” – can be useful when the heal ends in manna. VERY IMPORTANT: keep the “Wild Thypolist” with you to use the massive, common “Gift of Wildlife” at a critical moment.

Be sure to use good raid add-ons that will show you all the statistics and will assist in the battle process.

What you need to carry with you

Endurance scroll – + 165 points of stamina Drums of Forgotten Kings – similar to your “foot”. Stone Blood Infusion – it is desirable to have a couple of bottles with you. Wild Thornwood – mast hev Banks with HP – in case you need to get sick urgently. Mana Banks – if he has strained with manna.

Tips for Beginner Druid Tanks

Keep vigilant observation of your heal, for the level of his mana, you can’t stretch without a healer. Watch the chat. Sometimes there are such requests that can not be ignored. Learn tactics and insta cards. In the raid you are behind the helmsman, so this is necessary to know, video guides are very useful. If you use the Omen addon for agro measurements, remember, aggro breaks at 120%. Coordinate all actions with healers, and other tanks. You do not have to pump your weapons possession, it will be equivalent to the maximum rate in the form of a bear. Set up intelligently addons.

Herbalism for beginners

List of required addons

Symbols for Drulya Tank in

The characters in all layouts are no different. In place of the big set: “The symbol of frantic recovery”, “The symbol of bashing”, “The symbol of survival instinct”. In small insert: The symbol of thorns, the symbol of the defiant roar, the symbol of limitless rebirth.

The main characteristics of the Druid tank in

Here I will say that each characteristic directly affects the increase in the indicator of another characteristic. In different forms – indicators vary.

Strength raises the power of your attack. In the form of bears with the “Defender of the Pack” indicator of attack power more. Agility – One of the main avoidance characteristics. One unit of agility raises your crit, dodge, and armor. Endurance – raises the amount of overall health. Intelligence – regenerates health and mana, lifts crit with spells – note intelligence is useless for feral. Spirit – regenerates health and your mana outside the battlefield – which is also completely useless for the feral. Crete rating – raises the frequency of prok “Wild protection.” Dodge Rating – mostly dodging rises due to dexterity, and this great stat is on the armor. We do not put stones on this indicator, we type a cap from the gear. Speed ​​rating – regenerates aggro. Hit Rating – raises the chance not to miss Skill rating – magnificent in the regeneration of aggro. Protection rating – reduces the number of incoming hits on the target. This characteristic of mechanics is better than agility. However, dexterity is still better, because it will give an increase in armor and crit, even if you do not gain 60% of dodge – this is indisputable. Armor penetration rating – cool generates aggro and is part of many epic items. White armor – we collect as much as possible. This is the most important feature in order to survive!

Capes on Drulya tank in

Cap armor. A score of 49905 units will reduce incoming damage by 75%. But in reality, there is no need to collect 75%, only 63% will suffice. Cap skill against the boss is

Druid’s Stones and Glasses


Red set: + 20 units of agility. Blue stick on: +30 units to endurance. Yellow stuck on: + 10 units of agility and + 15 on endurance. Meta socket: + 32 stamina and 2% increase in armor. Free slot: Tear of nightmares.

On the helmet we charm Enchantment of the Silver Avant-garde + 37 to HP and 20 protection rating. Shoulder: pack from Sons of Hodir +20 to the rating of your evasion and + 15 to the rating of protection. Bib of course +10 for all specifications. Belt – by far the eternal belt yarn. Pants – of course, “Covers for snowskin leggings” + 55 to endurance and 22 units of skill. Boots: unconditionally – resistance II, if you have pumped an engineer, then Nitro Boosters. Bracers – zacharka – endurance VI – +40 endurance. If you are a tanner, then make an improvement of +102 for stamina. If the smith, then the sockets in the nest. Gloves – Dexterity IV – if there is an engineer, then we make a hydraulic nitro booster. Cloak – zachrka – agility V – when there is a professional engineer, then we make a parachute + 22 to increase agility. Weapons – I personally chose the Mongoose, as universal and suitable for long battles.

Professions for drula tank

Jeweler – Allows you to add three universal Eye of the Dragon to your gear, they are much more powerful than epic stones Forge – will add to the equipment two sockets for stones. Leatherworking – magnificent charms on bracers Mining – increased endurance, growing with your level of leveling profession. Enchantment – charms available ringlets. Inscription – beautiful zacharki on shoulders Alchemy – enhances the effect of infusions and elixirs that you learn to cook. Tailoring – we embroider a magic pattern on a raincoat, increases a strong attack force by as much as 400 units for 15 sec. Herbalism – gives the blood of the earth, and the possibility of self. Skinning – Raises the chance to a critical hit. Engineer – will give a parachute and an elastic lining on 23 to the available dexterity.

I pumped herbalism and alchemy. After all, it is easy to download, and they are useful in raids. I will say that all combinations are beautiful. Everything just depends on your preferences.

Macros on Drulya Tank

In general, it is convenient and simple for me to gamble without these macros. After all, in my opinion, the bear needs little of them. For completeness of this guide, I found it necessary to write them. Above, I said that it’s cool when Throwing is added by macros to all available abilities.

Damage looks like this: #showtooltip / cast Damage (bear) (Level 5) / cast!

Magic fire is prescribed as follows: #showtooltip / cast Magic fire (beast) / cast!

To rattle do this: #showtooltip / cast Tear down / cast! Spitting

Swipe looks like this: #showtooltip / cast Swipe (bear) (Level 8) / cast! Spitting

Macro puts “Skull” on the enemy, on which you prokat magic fire. #showtooltip / cast Magic fire (beast) / script SetRaidTarget (“target”, 8) / startattack

With a lack of rage, we press 2 times and get 20 to rage without your debuff to reduce armor. #showtooltip / cancelaura Frenzy / cast Frenzy

Thank you very much for your attention. If somewhere wrong write in the comments.

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