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Few people think about what to do with snoring, if such a symptom from time to time disrupts the sleep and rest of the person himself and those around him. In fact, medical research confirmed that snoring eventually leads to the development of apnea syndrome and other consequences. Therefore, each person should be examined in the clinic and visit a somnologist, who will determine the feasibility of therapy and appropriate methods.

There can be several ways to cure snoring, it all depends on the patient’s state of health, the presence of concomitant diseases, and most importantly, on the established causes of snoring. Strong snoring is often treated with a combination of treatment methods such as drug therapy, the use of anti-snoring devices and popular recipes at home. There are often cases when snoring requires surgery.

What is snoring?

According to statistics, more than 70% of the adult population worldwide suffers from snoring, most of them are in the stronger sex.. In order to determine the causes of snoring, it is important to establish the exact causes and precipitating factors. It is also important to diagnose the problem in time and be examined at the clinic; for this, specialists note the characteristic symptoms of snoring.

Causes of snoring

Today, medicine has a clear idea of ​​what factors can trigger the development of snoring and apnea in the future. To determine such causes, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive diagnosis in the clinic. Typical causes of snoring include the following factors:

  1. Overweight – against the background of excessive accumulation of adipose tissue in the neck narrows the airway.
  2. Endocrine pathologies – deficiency of certain hormones can provoke the development of snoring.
  3. Age-related changes – low muscle tone in the nasopharynx and flabbiness of the soft tissues of the palate and uvula is inherent in older people.
  4. Nasal neoplasms – polyps or tumors that cause obstruction of the nasal passages.
  5. Congenital or acquired defects – this may be a curvature of the nasal septum, the small size of the lower jaw or a long, large tongue.
  6. Colds – an increase in tonsils, inflammation of the mucous membranes, rhinitis and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract cause their obstruction.
  7. The presence of bad habits – alcohol and smoking irritates the respiratory mucosa, reduces immunity and can cause snoring.

It is also not uncommon for snoring to occur in people who have taken drugs that can affect the nervous system and muscle tone, for example, hypnotics and anti-depressants.


It will be impossible to stop snoring without a visit to the doctor and the appointment of the best methods of therapy. Independent attempts, as a rule, lead to a temporary result. A very important condition in the fight against snoring is the timely detection of the problem. For this, snoring must be recognized by its characteristic symptoms, namely:

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  • strong snoring during the night;
  • stopping a person’s breathing during sleep for a period of 10 seconds or longer;
  • daytime sleepiness;
  • low performance;
  • low memory concentration and mental performance;
  • feeling of inferiority of night rest;
  • headaches in the morning;
  • decrease in sexual activity;
  • irritability and nervousness.

If you identify at least one of these symptoms, it is important for a person to consult with a somnologist. Launched cases lead to an increase in respiratory arrest, which in turn pulls along a number of other disorders and the development of diseases.

Should I be afraid of snoring?

Snoring is dangerous in the first place for those people in whom it is accompanied by apnea syndrome. In addition, the danger of such an alarming symptom is that very few snorers seek to cure this problem. There are often reviews from people on the Internet of such a plan as “what to do to cure snoring on their own,” “I snore in any position, should I go to the doctor”, “can I get rid of snoring with improvised means”, etc.

In fact, only a somnologist can prescribe a treatment for not snoring like the factors and stimuli provoking it. Without treatment, snoring disrupts such systems as the heart and blood vessels, the nervous system, immunity, psychoemotional and hormonal levels, the reproductive system, and even the brain. Snoring is dangerous for children due to slow development and risks of disability.

Methods of struggle

After the patient has been examined at the clinic, the doctor selects a course of treatment that would eliminate any irritants and provocateurs of snoring. Of the traditional methods, drug and surgical treatments are most often practiced, and among alternative methods, the use of anti-snoring devices, homeopathic and folk remedies.


Specialized remedies that eliminate snoring directly are not offered on the pharmacological market. But there are a number of drugs that can eliminate those disorders in the body, against which snoring occurs. Most often, doctors prescribe the following types of drugs:

  1. Nasal drops to facilitate the process of breathing in a dream. When it comes to rhinitis allergic nature, doctors prescribe hormonal drops, as well as:

Help with snoring

  • Nasonex hormonal drops to relieve swelling and inflammation of the mucous membrane;
  • vasoconstrictor drops and alpha adrenomimetics Otrivin, Nazivin, Sanorin or Naphthyzinum to expand the nasal passages.
  1. Preparations for softening the walls of the nasopharynx – sprays, solutions for gargling and vegetable oils. Due to this action, the contraction and adhesion of the walls in the nasopharynx is prevented, against the background of which there is a vibration of tissues and snoring. There are the following drugs in this group:
  • Good night – drops, which are used for rinsing passages in the nose, the composition of the drops contains 10 oils;
  • Sleepex – spray for spraying methyl salicylate and essential oils in the composition on the mucous nasopharynx;
  • natural spray formulations – Evkabal, Tui oil or Pinosol for children and pregnant women;
  • Asonor – spray, whose components increase the tone of the muscles of the nasopharynx and soft palate, preventing snoring.
  1. Herbal preparations for sedative sedative effect – extracts of lemon balm, valerian or motherwort.
  2. Preparations of the tablet form, for example, Snorstop, which gives a quick, but not long-term effect. You can dissolve the pills when flying in an airplane or traveling in a train, as well as not in the background of drinking alcohol.

In the event that a patient’s snoring is a consequence of OSA with respiratory obstruction, the use of such drugs can be unsuccessful. Usually, doctors use completely different methods of therapy.


In general, the quality of sleep and respiration during sleep is the responsibility of several departments of the patient’s respiratory system – the oropharynx, nasopharynx, and hypopharynx. Surgical intervention is carried out only on one zone – this is the nasopharynx. The operation is carried out under the supervision of the surgeon’s somnologist and in most cases gives the maximum effect. At the same time 3 types of surgery against snoring are practiced:

  1. Uvulopalatoplastika – the surgeon performs his work in the uvula and on its arms.
  2. Pharyngoupaloplasty – with this type of surgery, the surgeon affects the sky, removing excess muscle tissue or tonsils.
  3. Septoplasty is an operation to smooth the nasal septum, remove possible polyps and neoplasms in the nose, if necessary, then the plastic of the nasal concha.

Help with snoring

Ways to perform such types of operations can also be of 3 types – using a scalpel in the traditional way, radio frequency or laser exposure. The new alternative methods of surgical treatment of snoring include Pillar-implantation, in which the surgeon inserts an implant in the sky to increase its elasticity.

CPAP therapy

CPAP is an alternative method of treating snoring with a special breathing aid during sleep. The use of such a device is performed with one goal – to eliminate the obstruction of the respiratory passages and stop breathing against the background of snoring and its causes. The device includes an oxygen mask and a compressor, due to which the air supply pressure will be controlled.

CPAP prevents snoring and apnea syndrome, and also guarantees the following results:

  • prevention of strokes and heart attacks;
  • the elimination of daytime sleepiness;
  • improving sleep quality;
  • increased memory concentration;
  • increase physical and mental performance.

To begin with, the use of the device is made in the clinic, so that the specialist will properly set up the compressor. In the future, the patient will use a mask to supply oxygen at night at home. CPAP therapy does not cure snoring, but does not make the problem worse, prevents complications and consequences of snoring.

Intraoral equipment

Before buying intraoral devices to eliminate snoring during sleep, a person needs to be convinced of the need for such treatment. This requires direct readings from the doctor, usually it is a shifted back or insufficiently developed mandible. The indications include the weakening of the muscles of the pharynx, oral floor, palate and low tone of the walls of the upper respiratory tract.

Intraoral devices are as follows:

  1. Silicone caps in the mouth for the regulation of the correct bite during sleep and full breathing.
  2. Capes of a complex arrangement with regulation mechanisms that help push the jaw forward a little, adjusting the breathing process during sleep.
  3. Thermo labile caps – such devices soften in the heat, but become hard at room temperature. Before use, caps are put in hot water, then inserted into the jaw and bitten to fix the imprint of teeth and bite.
  4. Adhesives and stickers – such means give a temporary effect only during the night, but it does not allow snoring to be aggravated by complications. Apply nasal stickers and patches should be on the wings of the nose just before bedtime. Their components constrict blood vessels, relieve puffiness, moisten nasopharyngeal mucous membranes.

Intraoral devices can be used in conjunction with other methods of dealing with snoring. It is forbidden to use such tools without a prescription, as only a medical specialist will be able to identify the exact causes of snoring and, accordingly, they choose effective methods of treatment.

Folk methods

With the help of traditional medicine, many people managed to get rid of various diseases, including snoring. But to achieve maximum benefit from the recipes, it is desirable to combine home treatment with other methods of combating snoring. Of all the recipes, the experts point out the following:

  1. Cabbage with honey. Honey can be mixed with white cabbage milled in a blender or squeezed from it. Take this tool will need to sleep at least 1 month.
  2. Sea buckthorn oil. Oil for internal use should be instilled into the nose before bedtime also regularly for a month.
  3. Oak bark. For the treatment of preparing the infusion, in 500 ml of boiling water diluted with a tablespoon of herbs, boiled in a water bath for about half an hour. Strained broth to gargle before going to bed regularly for 2-4 weeks.
  4. Carrot. Vegetable should be cleaned and baked in the oven, and then eaten before bedtime.
  5. Sea salt. In a glass of warm water dissolve a teaspoon of salt, after which the nasal passages are washed with a means. To do this, the solution is first poured into the nostrils, and then blown back.

In the treatment of snoring caused by low tone of the muscles of the nasopharynx, traditional medicine recommends the use of such herbs that can have a tonic effect on the root of the problem. To do this, they recommend such plants as rose hips, orchid, eleutherococcus, dandelion roots, aralia or levzeya root. To enhance the immunity of the use of the fruits of sea buckthorn and mountain ash, vervain, strawberries and blueberries.

Does lifestyle affect snoring?

Undoubtedly, his state of health depends on a person’s lifestyle. Doctors recommend that you follow only the healthy way of life according to the following rules:

  • refusal of bad habits (tobacco smoking, alcoholic beverages or narcotic substances);
  • physical activity (staying in the fresh air, maintaining mobility);
  • balanced diet;
  • the mode of work and rest (refusal to overload);
  • maintaining immunity;
  • personal hygiene;
  • sleep in a comfortable position (on the side);
  • balance of psycho-emotional background;
  • timely treatment of any diseases (allergies, ENT diseases, viruses and infections).

Only under the condition that a person fulfills all the specified points of a healthy lifestyle, can the development of snoring be prevented and even its initial form can be cured.

Doctor’s recommendations

For people who are prone to snoring and sleep disturbance, medical specialists recommend revising their lives first. Eliminating any factors provoking snoring, you can not face its appearance and consequences. Also, doctors recommend sleeping on an orthopedic mattress and pillow, observe sleep and rest, do not overeat in the evening before bedtime, avoid stressful situations.

When snoring is detected for no apparent reason, doctors insist on timely visits to the somnologist. You should also pay attention to the tone of the muscles of the nasopharynx, performing a few simple exercises. During sleep, the most optimal posture of a person is on the side. In parallel with this, it is important to monitor your health and weight index. Any colds and allergies is important to treat in time.

Tortured snoring?

Already a lot of things tried and nothing helped? These symptoms are familiar to you and you are tired of them:

  1. I wake up from my own snoring;
  2. I snore not only on my back, but also on my side;
  3. Spouse (a) goes to another room, because under my snoring is impossible to sleep.

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