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Raspberries are called the semi-shrub of the Pink family and its fruits. Berry fruit of raspberry is called erroneously, it is a complex fruit, consisting of many stone farms, gathered around a conical stalk. The color of the fruit is usually red hues, from dark pink to crimson-burgundy, some varieties are colored yellow. The sizes of raspberry berries depend on the variety and place of growth, forest raspberries are always smaller, but more fragrant than garden ones. Raspberry berries are juicy, sweet and have a delicate flavor.

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Raspberry stalks are strewn with needles, harvesting should be carried out with care, lifting long shoots to the top and collecting berries from the bottom.

Calorie raspberry

Calorie raspberry is 46 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition and beneficial properties of raspberry

The raspberry contains vitamins B, C, a rather rare mineral manganese, fructose, and a large amount of coarse dietary fiber, which removes toxins and cholesterol from the body. The special substances ketones, which are found in raspberry berries, are stimulants for the breakdown of fat deposits, therefore, the product is recommended for people who are overweight. According to some reports, raspberry helps to slow the growth of cancer cells, sometimes stopping the growth of a tumor at the very beginning.

Raspberries are considered the most harmless of the berries when allergic reactions occur, it is no wonder that it is recommended to be introduced into the diet of babies first. Raspberry has anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic properties, it can be used as a means of improving immunity. Raspberry leaves are often used as part of tea collections.

Raspberry Harm

Raspberries should not be abused by persons with urinary tract problems and kidneys, the product contains many mineral salts that cause the formation of stones.

Healthy Yeast

Raspberry slimming

Low calorie content, excellent taste and the presence of vitamins make raspberries a desirable ingredient in fasting days and diets, for example, the Pritykina diet recommends eating raspberries in your menu.

Healthy Yeast

Raspberry varieties

Raspberries usually begin to bear fruit in the second year after planting, the main harvest occurs in July-August (calorizator). The raspberry varieties tested by gardeners: Malakhovka, Abundant, Golden Giant, Bulgarian Ruby, Scarlet Sails, Reward, Biryusinka, Cumberland. There are varieties of remontant raspberries, which gives several harvests per season, these are: Noble, Atlas, Perseus, Ruby Necklace, Yellow Giant.

Selection and storage of raspberries

When purchasing raspberries, you need to visually assess its condition, the berries must be whole, dry and without signs of damage. Raspberry is a very delicate berry, it can be stored fresh for no more than two days in the refrigerator, and it is best if the berries are laid out in one layer, because any weight causes damage to the berries and the appearance of juice. Raspberries are perfectly frozen, with this method of storage all the useful properties of raspberries are preserved, unlike jam, jams and compotes.

Raspberry in cooking

Raspberries look very elegant, they are often used as decorations for desserts, ice cream, cakes and fruit salads. It is preferable to use raspberries raw, combining it with cottage cheese, yogurt, cereals. During heat treatment, the useful substances that are contained in raspberries are lost, but traditionally jams and syrups are made from berries, jelly and mousses are prepared.

You can find out more about raspberries by watching the video about the TV program “About the Most Important”.

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