Healthy hours of sleep

What to do to fall asleep every evening, and wake up in the morning vigorous and rested?

Man wakes up a third of his life. It may seem to someone that this is too much. But we have to sleep for a certain amount of time, otherwise our body may suffer. To find out the importance of sleep for a person, experiments were conducted when volunteers were asked not to sleep as long as possible. For 5-8 days all participants had poor eyesight and hearing, coordination of movement was disturbed, and some had hallucinations. The experiment had to stop. But he proved the need for sleep for our body.

“If a person is given a mode of alternating wakefulness and sleep, then such a regime should be. If a person artificially tries not to sleep, the central nervous system is depleted, ”says Svetlana Bogatikova, narcologist, head of the intensive care unit of the Dnipropetrovsk regional narcological dispensary.

An adult’s sleep should be 6–8 hours each day. This time is enough to accumulate the necessary amount of energy we need during the day. If there is a systematic lack of sleep, it can lead to health problems.

Age problems with sleep

In young age sleep comes easy. Often it is enough just to touch the pillow with your head, as we get into the realm of morpheus. But with age, many people have trouble sleeping:

  • it becomes harder to fall asleep
  • sleep quality worsens: sleep becomes too sensitive and superficial, nightmares
  • Awakening is too early, and it is impossible to “sleep”
  • no feeling of rest after sleep
  • insomnia appears

Older people need to get enough sleep!

Sleep is important for people of all ages, but it is especially important to get enough sleep in old age:

  • Many regeneration processes take place in the the body, and with age it is especially important that they work in full force.
  • Immune is restored in a dreamsystem. When lack of sleep, our immunity is weakened, which can lead to the emergence of various diseases.
  • Healthy sleep helps maintain normal body weight. People who sleep less than they should have increased desire to eat too much. And not slept more often pulls to cookies, sweets and cakes, rather than to vegetables and fruits. This happens because with insufficient sleep (4-5 hours) in the blood increases the level of the hormone ghrelin. This hormone increases the feeling of hunger. And with a strong sense of hunger person pulls to eat more simple carbohydrates. Numerous studies have shown that with a lack of sleep, the probability of earning excess weight doubles. And overweight for the elderly is a powerful factor causing the development of many diseases.
  • Sleep normalizes pressure. Many older people are prone to hypertension. Lack of sleep provokes an increase in pressure.
  • Sleep helps to get rid of unnecessary experiences, forget stressful situations, streamline thoughts.

Statistics say the older a person is, the more likely he is to have trouble sleeping. But this can be avoided. You just need to try a little and take control of your sleep.

Healthy hours of sleep

To sleep in old age was healthy

  • Go to bed today. It is important not only the amount of sleep, but also the time when you go to bed. It is better to go to bed at 10-11 o’clock. Sleep in the evening is very important for normal recovery.
  • Do not go to bed if there is no sleepiness. Lying down at 10 pm is helpful. But if you do not want to sleep at all at this time, do not force yourself. Instead of tossing and turning in bed for a long time and thinking about insomnia, it is better to do some useful, calm work. And at the first signs of drowsiness, immediately go to bed.
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time. Try to accustom the body to the regime. Then the “disconnection” and the awakening will come faster and easier.
  • Take time for physical activity in the afternoon. Physical activity in the morning and afternoon will help you sleep better in the evening.

    Often cause sleep problems is the hidden depression of the elderly. But age is not a reason for gloomy moods at all. Do not let depressed moods “capture” yourself. Be positive, enjoy life and let a healthy sleep gives you a charge of cheerfulness at any age!

    Healthy hours of sleep

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