Healthy fast foods

US fast food. American fast food or Fast food – a term denoting optimized for its simplicity of preparation, serving and eating food, as a rule, in such a restaurant or cafe there are no traditional cutlery, communication with the waiter, menu selection is simplified. It is offered to eat both at the table and at the bar or in general outside the restaurant. Fast food is especially popular as street food. Fast food is peculiar not only to modern society with an insanely fast pace of life, fast food is also available in Italian and French cuisine, for example, a pizza, a French croissant with coffee, also some kind of fast food.

Back in Ancient Rome, there was a prototype of fast food, there were street kiosks that sold bread and rolls with sausages, also wine, and there were taverns where ready-made baked vegetables were sold, soaked bread in wine. In the Middle Ages in cities such as London and Paris, there were many street establishments that sold cakes, pies, waffles, pancakes and sausage products. Such establishments were popular with the poor, who had no housing with a kitchen, as it was popular with non-family citizens who found it difficult to cook only for themselves. Such establishments were opened not only in large cities and on central streets, we can assume that they are located, for example, on pilgrimage routes, the first tourists were their clients.

In the UK, the first fast-food establishments were places on the beaches or at fish markets, where potatoes were cooked with fish, the first such famous institution appeared in 1860. Each region of the land left its mark on fast food establishments. Even now, it seems that unified McDonalds in different countries offers its own unique menu. The United States and the United Kingdom adopted the fast food culture of other countries, for example, migrants from Turkey brought doner kebabs to it, Italians pizza, and the people of the Caucasus kebabs, today there are more healthy options for fast food.

Healthy fast foods

Fast food appeared in modern form in the USA in Kansas in 1921, when the White Castle eatery appeared, it offered exotic for those times sandwiches called hamburgers, which had a very low price, until 1940 the price was completely affordable for everyone to soothe their appetite, namely 5 cents.

By the end of the 40s, they had a very serious competitor in the form of the McDonald’s company, from which time the USA entered the era of fast food.

McDonald’s showed the highest rates of growth and distribution of the network, in 1956 there were only 14 restaurants in the USA, in 228 – in 228, in 1968 – 1000, in 1975 – 3076, in 1980 – 6263, in 1984 – 8300 , in 1990 – 11,800, today more than 30,000 in 118 countries of the world. Fast food restaurants in the USA have the widest network, they are also located in 100 countries of the world, 4.1 million people are employed in the US fast food.

The US government has begun to actively fight fast food culture, an increase in obesity and related diseases is to blame, the southern and central part of Los Angeles has suffered greatly, where about half of all restaurants are fast food, although in the west of the city such restaurants are only 16% .

Gas stations

Petrol stations in the US. In the US, fast food is often located at gas stations, where you can find convenience stores with pre-packaged sandwiches, donuts, and hot food.

Street food in the USA

Street food in the US. Here, as a rule, migrants and national minorities manage, but there can be operators as well as private owners. Popular Vietnamese noodles, Japanese sushi, Italian pizza, cuisine from the Middle East, in New York carts with hot dogs and tortillas. Such stands look very bright, the sellers do everything they want to stop the passerby and sell him a treat. Depending on localization, sellers use local types of food, usually Chinese fast food is sold in Chinatowns, often there are their barkers, music can be played, street theater performers perform, often it gathers even more visitors than the food itself. The prevalence statistics of fast food restaurants in the world.

Healthy fast foods

Fast Food Kitchen

Kitchen fast food in the US. Modern commercial fast foods get ready-made products at a high degree of processing, the kitchen in the restaurant can only be heated, which reduces the cost of the kitchen at each point, the ingredients are produced in one large factory on a conveyor belt, which makes it possible to optimize the cost of each dish sold.

Fast food options

Fast food options in the United States. Chinese institutions are designed for takeaway, although there is not always only Chinese food, in most cases it is noodles, rice and meat. But often the food is presented in the form of a buffet, when the visitor chooses the capacity and there he collects everything he wants, paying only for the size of the container. Many restaurants offer fast food delivery, it can often even be free delivery if you order a little more food than a standard portion.

Japanese sushi is popular, Italian pizza is not far behind, Papa John’s, Domino’s Pizza, Sbarro and Pizza Hut work here in the USA.

A bright representative of fast food from the Middle East is kebab, dener, shawarma, kebabs, it is interesting that kebab houses are not so widely spread in the USA as in Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Fish and fried potatoes found their buyer in the USA, although we still see more popularity of this dish in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

In the United States today, fast food consumers are left in fast-food establishments at $ 170 billion annually, compare in 1970 it was an amount of $ 6 billion.

The secret of the popularity of fast food

Foods in the US. In large metropolitan areas, where the rhythm of life is very fast, fast food has become a big time optimization, it’s easy, simple, cheap and fun, people in the USA have learned to even eat in their cars, you can go to a restaurant and get your menu right off the window. Add to this aggressive advertising on television, billboards on the streets promise delicious hamburgers at an inexpensive price, cooling Coca-Cola, ice cream, McDonalds and similar restaurants focusing primarily on family visitors with children, who have their own menu with toys.

In the USA, Russia and Ukraine, fast food restaurants are the most visited places among all catering establishments, from 50 to 70% of residents of large cities regularly go to such places, the main contingent is young people who are more mobile, active and do not think about what they eat. as health still allows. For example, in Russia, 61% of all fast-food establishments are located in the city of Moscow, 12% in St. Petersburg, 12% of other millionaire cities and 15% of a city with a population of less than a million people. But in some countries, fast food is very expensive food, in Ukraine, a trip to McDonald’s for one person in 2015 can cost you daily wages.

Nowadays, small family-owned restaurants constitute a big face-to-food competition in the USA, where you can get normal homemade food for the same money, lunch time will be slightly higher than at McDonalds, the percentage of such restaurants will surely grow from year to year, and fast food restaurants will for them lose profits. Note that the cost of lunch in a fast food restaurant, especially in large networks is very low, the government subsidizes such restaurants with high-calorie food density, including in the form of the cost of beef, soybeans and corn.

Fast food and health

Fast food and health in the United States. It is no secret that in the US grocery stores they sell all the same semi-finished products that can be found in McDonalds and other fast-food establishments, what difference does it make in McDonald’s kitchen or go to McDonald’s itself. On the one hand, in a typical cheeseburger or hamburger there are not many more harmful additives and substances that are found in ordinary, so-called homemade food. A higher percentage of trans fats are found in pies or ice cream and desserts using hydrogenated margarine fats.

The menu of many fast food restaurants is designed for quick eating of food, often the dishes are given on the road, you can take food and dine in the car, on the go or at home.

Of course, most fast food dishes are burgers, sandwiches, pita breads, rolls, hot dogs, maki, pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries, but there are also slower or healthier dishes, such as salads, mashed potatoes, chili.

Healthy fast foods

Hamburger rolls or bread for sandwiches in the USA are incredibly sweet, meaning that too much sugar is added to bread as by our standards, if Americans make similar remarks, they are unlikely to mark such a detail, as they are accustomed to this taste. childhood.

In fast-food restaurants, sugary drinks, soda, soda flows like rivers, and for free, buying a glass of soda for one dollar, then you can go back to the machine and get as much as you like, and you can choose not two drinks like ours, but ten. Also, cola can be brought in any other restaurant, even if you did not order, you can not be afraid that such an additional glass will be free, of course it is not free for your health.

Super size me

In 2004, the movie Super Size Me or Double Portion was released, a documentary tape that told how the food from McDonalds and similar establishments affects the health of an ordinary person. The protagonist of the film ate a fast-food restaurant for a whole month and gained 11 kilograms during this time, suffered liver damage and other health problems, and had to go on a diet for 14 months to bring their weight back to their original state.

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