Healthy and fit

How your life can change if you stop drinking alcohol.

Andy Ramage (Andy Ramage), author of the program OneYearNoBeer, helped rethink the attitude to alcohol for more than 10 thousand people. Thanks to his experience and the experiences of others, he became an expert in instilling a love of healthy habits.

Three years ago, the Range decided to live a year without alcohol. Many thought it was impossible. They believed that it would hurt his brokerage. But in fact, giving up alcohol helped change his life and business for the better.

How it all began

The Range was one of those who first come to the bar and last out of it. Spirits helped him celebrate holidays, relax, make friends, communicate and entertain customers. It was fun with the Range, but the jingle of glasses or bottles was always nearby.

His happiness was rated at only 5 points out of 10, which did not correspond to his successful career and beautiful family. Discontent grew in him. He had dreams and goals that eluded him. He was unsporting and lethargic. His life turned into a vicious circle, consisting of work, family and stress.

Search for a cause

The Range wanted to be much happier, so for the first time in my life I began to evaluate everything. He rethought his diet and sport mode, began to meditate. But it did nothing: there was not enough time and motivation for the exercises, the Range was too tense for meditation, and the healthy diet was negated by meals with clients and night snacks.

He continued to search and once realized that he must deal with a much more serious problem – alcohol. But the refusal of alcohol frightened him incredibly, even though he was not an alcoholic.

Nevertheless, the Range understood that alcohol does not allow him to move forward. He wanted to stop drinking, to be a better father and husband, to become more fit, fast, healthy and productive in life and work.

Healthy and fit

Three weeks without alcohol

To give up alcohol while living in a big city is very difficult. Most people will do their best to keep you from drinking.

But after several attempts, the Range still managed to live without alcohol for three weeks. Finally, he began to feel the benefits of giving up alcohol.

Go to the “boring” corner

Social pressure grew, rumors began to circulate. The range went to a corner of boring sober-drinkers, from which he was allowed to return only if he began to drink again.

He decided that if his business would suffer because of this, he would give up his ordeal. If he had broken, this turning point would not have happened, which radically changed his life.

Benefits of not drinking alcohol

Three weeks flowed smoothly at four, then at two months, and then at three. Then dramatic changes began to occur.

Very quickly, the Range began to gain physical shape. No longer had to give up exercise because of a hangover. Without alcohol, it has become easier to understand which foods and activities are energized, and which ones are deprived of it. All this helped him lose weight: for the year he lost 19 kg, and the level of fat decreased from 30% to less than 10%.

The Range returned to the university, received a degree and switched to a master’s program in positive psychology and coaching. He helped create a 30-day Mindfit program to tackle mental health problems in a big city. He also co-founded OneYearNoBeer.

Relationships of the Range have developed successfully both at home and at work. His brokerage business was growing rapidly, motivation was excellent, he felt great.

Time to live out of work appears

Drinking takes a lot of time, hangover takes even more. As soon as you stop drinking, you have plenty of time and energy for old hobbies and interests. You begin to live again, not to exist.

Your relationship flourishes

Customers appreciate someone who has no hangover in the morning and with whom you can communicate normally. Children appreciate a father who is full of energy and is happy to play with them. My wife loves her new and happy husband even more.

Self-confidence grows

False confidence, which gives alcohol, destroys real confidence. The restless and nervous state caused by the hangover reduces readiness for combat to nothing. Without alcohol, your inner confidence is growing.

Mental abilities are revealed

Alcohol and hangovers are detrimental to mental well-being. With the trickle, the Range felt very anxious. It seemed to him that he was falling into a hole: the longer the hangover lasted, the deeper this hole was. He completely got rid of this sensation when he quit drinking, and it became a real revelation for him.

Health improves

Everyone knows how badly the use of alcoholic beverages affects health, but still continue to drink. A hangover destroys training motivation and creates cravings for junk food. When you stop drinking, it is easier for you to eat properly, there is more energy to go in for sports.

You are creative in your entertainment

Having given up alcohol, you begin to choose entertainment more carefully and creatively, and this improves your relationships with people. Clients like activities like yoga, karting and cycling. But for the party with a drink, the Range did not receive a letter of thanks even once.

Sleep improves

Sleep is an integral part of high performance. And even a small amount of alcohol can spoil it. Even one glass can cut you down, but you sleep so badly that the body does not have time to recover. And when you still do not have enough time to sleep, the productivity tends to zero.

How to stop drinking

Take a pause

First you should change your attitude towards alcohol. The only option is to pause. It can be 28, 90 or even 365 days.

It is impossible to gain complete control over yourself without showing that in social and business life you are able to do without alcohol.

Set a sporting goal

Challenge yourself beyond your ability. Let, for example, it will be regular five-kilometer runs, if you are just starting, or a marathon, if you run 10 kilometers without any problems.

As you become more focused, your body and spirit will become stronger. In addition, you will gain self-confidence and begin to usefully spend time that you have previously taken away from your drink.

Having made a mistake, do not be discouraged

Learn, become stronger, compare your achievements and do not blame yourself for anything. Forgiveness leads to responsibility, and guilt makes you look for excuses.

It is widely believed that a mistake is a failure. Because of this, people begin to overeat or drink too much and feel weak.

Realize your mistake, think about it and become stronger. Remember: no one is perfect.

Find a replacement for bad habits

The best way to get rid of a bad habit is to find a substitute for it. Find your trigger – it can be a time, place, emotion, action or person. Find the driving force: for example, you can drink to relax or join a company.

After that, simply replace the bad habit with a healthy one, so that the trigger and the driving force remain the same. If you drink alcohol to chat with friends, go with them not to the bar, but to the gym.

Use the excuse

Most of us need a good reason to stop drinking. But if you are not pregnant and not sick, then all arguments are shattered when friends, family or colleagues ask you to drink with them.

Justification may well be your non-alcohol program. The next time you start to pour, say: “No, thank you, this year I planned a lot of things, so I decided to challenge myself and not drink 28/90/365 days.”

Tell us about your desire for peace

Share your decision with others, for example through social networks. The more people know about it, the easier it will be your way.

You will not need to explain to everyone you meet, why you do not drink. And you will have additional motivation, because instinctively every person wants to please his surroundings.

Write down every reason you want to make a non-alcoholic pause.

Write why you want to give up alcohol. It helps a lot to change habits. Ask yourself why you need a life without alcohol. What led you to this?

Use paper, tablet or laptop – choose what suits you the most. For additional motivation, post a list of reasons where you will see it daily.


If you decide to give up alcohol, begin to carefully plan your life and get ready for the unexpected. At any moment, an old friend may appear on the threshold, whom you have not seen for a hundred years and who will definitely want to skip a glass with you. At such a moment, just smile and remember what you wrote down in your list of reasons.

If you are going to an event, make sure that there will be non-alcoholic beverages. If the celebration will take place in a bar or cafe, call there and ask.

Imagine how you order a soft drink, have a good time and tell others how well you live without alcohol. Similar equipment is used by athletes in preparation for competitions.

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