Health benefits of drinking water

from oleg_r · June 5, 2016

Redox potential

The oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) is a measure of the chemical activity of elements or their compounds in reversible chemical processes associated with changes in the charge of ions in solutions.

Health benefits of drinking water

ORP, which is also sometimes called the redox potential (RedOx – English Reduction / Oxidation, ORP), characterizes the degree of activity of electrons in redox reactions,

The value of the redox potential for each redox reaction is calculated by the Nernst formula taking into account the pH value (information on the measurement and the calculated ORP values ​​of blood and internal tissues is contained in

In natural water, the ORP value is usually in the range from –400 to + 700 mV, which is determined by the combination of oxidizing and reducing processes occurring in it. Under conditions of equilibrium, the value of the redox potential characterizes the aquatic environment in a certain way, and its magnitude makes it possible to draw some general conclusions about the chemical composition of water.

Depending on the ORP value, there are several basic situations that occur in natural waters:

one. Oxidative. It is characterized by ORP values ​​exceeding the values ​​of + (100 – 150) mV, the presence of free oxygen in water, as well as a number of elements in the highest form of its valence (Fe 3+, Mo 6+, As 5-, V 5+, U 6+, Sr 4+, Cu 2+, Pb 2+). This situation is most common in surface waters.

2 Transitional redox. It is determined by the ORP values ​​from 0 to + 100 mV, unstable geochemical regime and variable content of hydrogen sulfide and oxygen. Under these conditions, both weak oxidation and weak reduction of a number of metals proceed;

3 Recovery. It is characterized by negative ORP values. This situation is typical for groundwater, where there are metals of low degrees of valence (Fe 2+, Mn 2+, Mo 4+, V 4+, U 4+), as well as hydrogen sulfide.

The most common natural oxidizing agent is oxygen. An example of redox reactions is corrosion of metals or darkening of the surface of fruits, for example, apples.

Redox reactions also occur in humans. Oxygen entering the body interacts with the cells of our body. It acts as an oxidizing agent, and instead of rust, oxidation products – free radicals – are formed and accumulate in the body. They accelerate the destruction of cells, activate the processes of physiological aging and wilting of the whole organism.

The difference of electric potentials between interacting substances is called redox potential (ORP).

Water with a positive ORP has oxidizing properties. Such indicators are most often found in surface waters. Water with pronounced acidic properties is called “dead” water. Its ORP can reach + 800 + 1000 mV. Dead water is the strongest oxidizing agent and this explains its disinfecting and bactericidal properties.

Water with a negative ORP has reducing properties. This is typical of underground mountain springs, melt water. This water is called “living” water. Living water (alkaline) is an excellent stimulant, toner, energy source, it invigorates, stimulates cell regeneration, improves metabolism, and normalizes blood pressure. Living water quickly heals wounds, burns, ulcers (in

Usually, the ORP of the human body ranges from -90 mV to -200 mV, and the ORP of ordinary drinking water is often significantly higher than zero:

– tap water from +60 mV to +300 mV; – water in plastic bottles from +100 mV to +300 mV; – well, spring water from +120 mV to +300 mV.

As a result of the redox reactions that constantly occur in the human body, energy is released, which is subsequently used to maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis is the ability of an organism to maintain the relative dynamic constancy of its internal state by conducting coordinated reactions. In other words, the energy obtained in the course of redox reactions is consumed to ensure the vital processes of the human body, as well as for the regeneration of its cells.

Scientists conducted a series of experiments aimed at determining the magnitude of the redox potential of the human body. A platinum electrode was used to measure the redox potential, and a silver chloride electron was taken for comparison. As a result, it was found that, in a normal state, the person’s ORP ranges from -90 to -200 millivolts.

A similar method was used to measure the redox potential of drinking water. Experiments have shown that water usually has a positive ORP, ranging from + 100mV to +400 mV. And it does not matter what water is used for drinking or for food: tap water, bought in stores in bottles, purified with the help of various filters, or using reverse osmosis systems. Measurements of the ORP of a person and water indicate that the activity of electrons in drinking water is much lower than the activity of electrons of a human body.

Health benefits of drinking water

From the activity of the electrons present in the human body depend all the processes that ensure its vital activity.

It is known that all systems of biological significance that are responsible for the accumulation and consumption of energy, the replication and transmission of various hereditary traits, as well as systems of the body that produce various enzymes, contain certain molecular structures with separated charges, between which an electric field strength is formed within 104 -106 V / cm. These fields determine the transfer of charges in biological systems, which in turn determines the implementation of choice and auto-control at some stages of the most complex biochemical transformations. The activity of electrons, which expresses the redox potential, has a great influence on the functional properties of electroactive components of biological systems.

Due to the difference between the AFP of the human body and drinking water, when water enters the tissues and cells of the body, an oxidative reaction occurs, as a result of which human cells deteriorate and deteriorate.

How can you reduce or slow down the cellular destruction of the human body? This is quite achievable under the condition that the water that enters our body will have properties that correspond to the properties of our internal environment. That is, the redox potential of water should have values ​​close to the ORP values ​​of the human body. The greater the difference between the AFP values ​​of a person and of the water they drink, the more the expenditure of cellular energy is required to achieve compliance with the water and the internal environment of the body.

Therefore, the phrase “You are what you eat” from the standpoint of modern science can be completely replaced by the phrase: “You are what you drink.”

If the ORP of drinking water corresponds to the redox potential of the internal environment of a person, the water is absorbed by the cells of the body without using the electrical energy of the cell membranes.

If the redox potential of the consumed drinking water has a greater negative value than the AFP of the internal environment of a person, then when assimilating such water, energy is released by the cells as an energy reserve of our antioxidant protection, which serves as our main shield of the body, protecting it from negative impact of harmful environmental factors.

It is because of the imbalance of the mechanisms of redox processes in the human body that many human diseases appear. Therefore, even ordinary water can become harmful for a weak person. Penetrating into the cells, such water takes away electrons from them and then the biological structures of cells under the influence of an oxidative attack are destroyed. All this leads to the aging of the body – the physiological systems and organs wear out faster, and chronic fatigue accumulates. Prevent premature aging can be, if you regularly use for drinking correct water, close in its properties to the internal environment of the body.

Proper water normalizes the redox balance. It puts in order the gastrointestinal microflora by stimulating the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli and inhibits the growth of pathogenic microflora: S. aureus, Salmonella, dysentery, aspergillus, listeria, clostridium, Pseudomonas bacilli, bacteria responsible for the development of ulcer diseases. With the help of proper water, the immune system is quickly restored.

Negative ORP values ​​of proper drinking water indicate the course of the recovery process and the availability of free electrons. Negatively charged water is alive, and it is this that gives our body energy and health.

Indicators of measurements of parameters of some liquids:

Fresh melt water: ORP = +95, pH =

This is what will help make living water with the correct ORP.

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