Healing Your Chakras

We release vital energy by opening the chakras.

All 7 chakras are equally important. Each of them corresponds to different aspects of a person’s mental and physical health. But not everyone knows how to work with chakras.

For example, some open with unique exercise. Others are best tuned with words, stones, or diet changes. But to use the real power of these energy centers, we need knowledge about each individual chakra, writes The Law Of Attraction.

If you want to increase your creativity, are tuned to change in all areas of life, then refer to the energy center of your emotions – the sacral chakra.

How to open sacral chakra, fight its blocking and practice effective exercises for sacral chakra?

Meaning and location of sacral chakra.

As mentioned in the introduction, it is useful to present the chakras as the seven major energy centers. The lowest – the root chakra, or Muladhara, is located at the base of the spinal column. And the top one, Sahaskhara, is located at the top of the head.

When all the chakras are aligned and open, the person thrives both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, even if one chakra is displaced or closed, you most likely will feel bad and have difficulty achieving goals.

Having worked on the sacral chakra, or Swadhisthana, you will be able to most fully show your individuality and accept yourself. The resulting openness will also give you an impetus to open other chakras.

The place of the sacral chakra is located in the center of the abdomen, just a couple of centimeters below your navel. She is responsible for sexual attraction and satisfaction, imagination, potential for personal growth and the realization of creative ideas.

What you need to know about the sacral chakra.

  • Location: in the middle of the abdomen, about five centimeters below the navel.
  • Orange color.
  • Element: water.
  • Related animal: crocodile.
  • The effect of the blocked sacral chakra: when there are problems with the sacral chakra, a person is bored, he is sluggish and lacking initiative. He has reduced sexual desire, he resists change. The physical symptoms associated with a blocked sacral chakra are a tendency to allergies, difficulty urinating, problems with the stomach and liver. Moreover, these problems are not related to the abuse of drugs or alcohol. Problems with Svadhistana at shopaholics, gamers and gluttons.

Balancing chakras: what is sacral chakra for?

What does sacral chakra affect?

  • Ability to feel.
  • Sexuality.
  • Satisfaction intimate life.
  • Self-reliance and beauty.
  • Reproductive health.
  • Creative potential.
  • Energy to implement ideas.

So, if your sacral chakra is open, then you will be filled with energy for the realization of ideas. You will not be afraid to act to change your life for the better.

It should be remembered that the sacral chakra can be blocked by unfair criticism, monotonous and tedious work, disorder in the house and lack of physical exertion.

Symptoms of blocked sacral chakra.

Like any chakra, a blocked sacral chakra can emotionally and physically destabilize the body. Here are the most common symptoms of problems with sacral chakra:

  • Boredom;
  • Touchiness;
  • Lack of creative inspiration;
  • Fear of change;
  • Blame for the past;
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Envy;
  • Dependent behavior (including unhealthy use of drugs or alcohol, as well as shopaholism, sexual compulsions, problems with gambling and overeating).

The physical manifestations of the blocked sacral chakra appear as follows:

  • Lack of energy;
  • Sluggish libido;
  • Discomfort of the genitourinary system;
  • The appearance of allergy symptoms.

It is not always possible to determine what exactly blocked the sacral chakra. However, keep in mind that it is affected by everything related to change, creativity and sexuality. For example, sexual incompatibility in relationships, licentiousness, unwillingness to develop creatively and even problems with reproductive health.

When you develop the skills necessary for the restructuring of the sacral chakra, it will become easier to notice the life events that have blocked this chakra.

Healing: how to open and unlock the sacral chakra.

In addition to physical exercises aimed at opening the chakras, spiritual practices are also needed. The first step is to work on improving self-esteem, stabilize relationships, accept changes, release old guilt and develop healthier ways to regulate your emotions.

Let’s look at four powerful approaches to the restructuring of the sacral chakra.

1. Use stones.

There are special stones that have ancient connections with each of your chakras.

Healing Your Chakras

Orange calcite: the color of the sacral chakra is orange, therefore many of the healing stones of the sacral chakra are also orange. Orange calcite stimulates creativity, helps you overcome the emotional barrier and reunite the mind and body.

Moonstone: The moonstone of any color is designed to reduce anxiety and awaken the energy of love.

Carnelian: this semi-precious stone of reddish-brown shades is ideal for the work of sacral chakra, because it stimulates motivation, gives courage and confidence.

Citrine: these golden-yellow stones are sometimes called “stones of the mind.” They help boost self-esteem if your blocked sacral chakra has led to less confidence or jealousy problems.

2. The method of meditation and yoga.

Meditations for sacral chakras are not different from standard meditative practice, but they also include a visualization component that helps unlock the power center at the navel.

Meditation for the awakening of the sacral chakra.

  1. Sit in a comfortable, quiet place where no one will disturb you. Back straight, arms and legs relaxed.
  2. Take ten slow deep breaths.
  3. Draw an orange circle at the location of your sacral chakra.
  4. Since the sacral chakra element is water, imagine that the orange light of the chakra slowly envelops your body. Feel yourself warming up in response.
  5. Do this for at least five minutes, then open your eyes.

Yoga can well complement the work of the chakra. There are specific poses in it that are aimed at the sacral chakra.

In particular, try the assana of Dvipada Pitham, or the pose of the bridge, the essence of which is to lay on your back, lift your hips, supporting your body with your shoulders. This is one of the best assan for sacral chakra.

3. Power adjustment.

All chakras somehow react to food, so you can unlock the sacral chakra, simply by changing food preferences. Healthy food has not been canceled, but special attention should be paid to the products associated with the chakra. For example, products for sacral chakra are:

Healing Your Chakras

  1. Fruits: as mentioned above, the sacral chakra symbolizes orange, so color matters. In addition to oranges, these are any fleshy fruits – papaya, mango and peaches.
  2. Seeds: any seeds are useful – pumpkin, sunflower, poppy and hemp.
  3. Coconuts: thanks to healthy oils for the cardiovascular system, coconuts can increase energy levels and inspire creativity.
  4. Broths and teas: clear liquids can heal your sacral chakra, so a tasty vegetable broth or fruit tea is a great option.


4. Affirmations for the sacral chakra.

The use of affirmations is a way to rewrite old ones, which have become obsolete with new ones — positive ones that affirm. There are powerful installations specifically for balancing the sacral chakra.

Here are some of them:

  1. “I deserve the pleasure and satisfaction of my needs.”
  2. “I am sure that what I offer to the world is enough.”
  3. “I safely express my sexual” I “in a fun, creative and healthy relationship.”
  4. “I attract relationships with loving, kind people who will support me.”
  5. “I accept change and do my best for my future.”
  6. “Every day I feel more joy and satisfaction.”
  7. “I am filled with inspiration and potential for creativity.”
  8. “My body is bright and I feel comfortable inside it.”
  9. “I am a strong, creative person, and I like what I create.”
  10. “I am ready (a) for positive changes and deep personal growth.”

Say it right after waking up, or in those moments when you feel despondent and depressed.

5. Filling positive.

Fill your life with all that brings you joy and pleasure. The main sources of positive and vital energy:

  1. Creation. Any touch to the beautiful is useful for the sacral chakra.
  2. Physical exercise. This is not necessarily a barbell. Joy and clarity of thought will provide even walking.
  3. Positive people. Communication with good and cheerful people fills with joy and changes thinking for the positive.
  4. Order in the house. Get rid of junk and unnecessary things, and immediately feel how it became easier to breathe.
  5. Pleasant trifles. Indulge yourself with delicious food, beautiful things and decorations.

Healing Your Chakras

And most importantly – control over your mind. Positive thinking, pleasure from simple things, love for oneself and others – this is the secret of harmony and happiness.

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