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On Monday in Moscow, a meeting arrived with an official visit Beibuta Atamkulova, appointed at the end of last year by the head of the foreign affairs agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, – with the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. Beibut Bakirovich assured his colleague that “the Russian vector of Kazakhstan’s foreign policy remains the most important priority” for Astana. And today’s “relations of Kazakhstan and Russia are the standard of interstate relations” for both states. “We are ready to continue the policy of strengthening and expanding good-neighborly and trustful relations between our countries,” the Kazakh politician emphasized.

But, as the talks showed, the priorities of which Atamkulov spoke are still somewhat divergent. Astana is closer to the Kremlin as a reliable geopolitical ally in the region. Kazakhstan, in turn, considering plans for close cooperation between the two states, focuses primarily on more active foreign economic cooperation.

By the way, at the end of last year, a consulting company The Boston Consulting Group summed up its annual study for 2018, publishing a ranking of 152 countries for their well-being and sustainable economic development. According to this index, Kazakhstan in 2018 is located in this rating two steps above Russia, taking 57th place. It is difficult to draw any concrete conclusions from this.

However, indirectly, the efforts of qualified personnel of the Russian part of the population contribute to the well-being of Kazakhstan to a great extent. And they (according to their own feelings) have been slowly and unobtrusively being forced out of the republic by Kazakh nationalists lately. What can I say: many bluntly declare that Russians are simply being frankly squeezed out, or at least forced to leave for their historical homeland.

Last fall, for example, users were shocked by a video posted online, in which a children’s (!) Otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) Moldyr Utebaeva from the Kazakh city of Arkalyk of the Kostanay region, rudely refused to accept the mother of a four-year-old child with acute otitis, whom she had brought to the clinic. She refused only because the applicants spoke Russian. Having heard the Russian language, the doctor cut off with irritation that she was not obliged to speak Russian.

– And on what you are obliged to talk to me? – the woman is quietly interested.


– I am Kazakh and speak only Kazakh! – with a challenge, throws a medic in her native language.

– So we, Russians, should leave for Russia, right? – asks the mother of the child.

– Yes, leave! – the doctor responds and immediately begins to roughly “poke”, moving already into Russian: – Take the camera!

– Why are you poking me? – the woman is surprised.


– And who are you to apply to “you”? – cuts off medic.

– I came to you culturally … – the visitor begins, but at this moment the otolaryngologist is already heading for the door to the exit from the office. “This is how our children’s doctors accept,” it remains only to be disappointed to utter the child’s mother.

The video catches the eye, on the one hand, the face skewed from unmotivated aggression and the medic’s rough speech. And on the other hand, the patient’s completely calm appeal to the doctor. However, commenting on this incident, the head physician of the Arkalyk regional polyclinic Irina Turanina (who was not present at the conversation) confidently stated: “The patient was rude, and the doctor fell through. It was the end of the working day. Nerves have passed a little.

So it turns out that we have to talk about the double standards of our “Kazakh brothers” in relation to the Russian population. That is, about the blatant lie of the official, by the way – a public servant. But the camera impartially recorded all the questions and answers: who refers to the interlocutor on “you”, and who is rude and pokes. True, later in an interview with Nur. kz, the head doctor was no longer so categorical: “It’s hard to say who provoked the conflict: the doctor Utebayeva says one thing, the patient says something else. We will be able to provide information after the investigation, when the final conclusions will be made. ”

By the way, about 85% of the population of Kazakhstan speak Russian, and the Constitution of this Republic recognizes the right of citizens to apply to state institutions in Russian. What have we come to! And they have come to the point that they are already calling for a fine for the Russian language in the open spaces of a neighboring state! This proposal was made a month ago by the head of the administration of the Shcherbaktinsky district of Pavlodar region. Azilkhan Abuov.

The official believes that it is necessary to penalize children who rest in the camp, if they speak Russian. And those who refuse the Russian language, you need to reward the badge “Expert of the Kazakh language.”

“The Russian language is not only the state language of Russia, but also the language of interethnic communication, both in the Russian Federation and abroad,” commented the proposal of the Director of the Institute of History and Politics of the MPGU Vladimir Shapovalov. “And, of course, this kind of attitude towards the Russian language is unacceptable.”

Probably, our compatriots do not like all this very much; if they run from Kazakhstan to Russia, they have been leaving for more than 27 years. And they will continue to run from such an attitude towards them. Moreover, even those who loved the Kazakhs and created families with them are returning to their historical homeland. For example, a woman who has long lived in an international family with a Kazakh husband writes on the network: “Skilled workers leave. I personally know the woman doctor.

She came to Moscow with her family. He says – the Kazakhs are completely oppressed and spread rot; they had to leave. The Kazakhs are offended by the Soviet authorities for not fully giving soviet rules to teach them their language. And the Russians have learned a little bit of culture; at least a little have been freed from wildness and nomadism. But many do not like Russians. We are easy and free. Kinder and generous in everything. This is what infuriates many people, including the Kazakhs … I was Russian alone in their family. Married a Kazakh. He drove me to the house, where all the relatives lived together. Nightmare, like in a hostel. I cooked them, cleaned them, carried them. And they looked into the kitchen and lectured or reproached. They asked stupid questions. No, I could not get used to it. No, thank you, I do not want anymore … “.

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