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A series of harassment scandals that have not ceased since October 2017 mercilessly devoured the main authorities of Hollywood – starting with the legendary producer Harvey Weinstein and ending with the favorite of the fashion world and the British royal family by photographer Mario Testino. Without exaggeration, one of the most important moments in modern history is unfolding in front of us – when one word of an offended woman can drastically change the balance of power in the world top show business and not only.

However, the above-mentioned scandals are not the only case when realized or unfulfilled sexual desires went beyond the bedroom and turned into the most unpredictable consequences for the whole world. We tell you what other changes in the history of mankind led to sex.

Cleopatra and Guy Julius Caesar and, later, Mark Antony

When: I century to

Cleopatra is one of the most popular ancient characters, which, however, is not surprising. She is considered to be not only one of the most beautiful women in history, but also one of the sexiest. Resolve historical controversies with your naked body and feminine charm? Yes, it is in its part. They say that from the spell of Cleopatra it was impossible to either escape or hide. Even a couple of minutes of socializing with her forever turned men into her fans.

Sure, played an important role and queen apparel. According to legend, her favorite clothes were translucent Egyptian dresses, which revealed all the charms of the immaculate figure of the queen. In addition, Cleopatra was one of the first to understand the captivating power of aromas. When ordinary women of the ancient world smelled of sweat and earth at best, Cleopatra was fragrant with honey and aromatic oils. In this case, it is not at all surprising that neither Guy Julius Caesar nor Mark Antony could resist her charm.

Guy Julius Caesar promised the queen then expelled to forgive all the debts of Egypt, as well as return her to the throne, reconciling with his brother, who at that time did everything to rule alone. As a result, the Roman conqueror’s love for Cleopatra turned into an eight-month war between the Romans and the Egyptians.

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The connection of Mark Antony and Cleopatra ended in a bloody civil war and the tragic death of both beloveds. The plot of their relationship in drama is in no way inferior to Shakespeare’s tragedies. What is worth only the meeting of our beloved. To finally and irrevocably subdue Mark Antony, Cleopatra arrived to him to the sound of flutes on a gilded ship with purple sails. The very same queen sat on the throne almost naked, and around her were placed young men in the form of erotic and nymph servant.

Henry VIII Tudor and Anna Bolein

When: XVI century

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The English king Henry VIII changed his lovers like gloves, only the loving ruler was married six times. He was famous for his harsh temper and unbearable temper, so many did not want to pass off their daughters as king. But they were representatives of other countries, and in his native England no one dared to contradict the sovereign. The first wife of Henry VIII was Catherine of Aragon, the widow of the elder brother of ruler Arthur.

The wedding couple played immediately after the accession of Henry VIII to the throne. At first, their love knew no bounds, but soon everything changed. The reason for the cooling of the king’s feelings for his former sweetheart were unsuccessful pregnancy Catherine. Heinrich dreamed of an heir, but all children were born either dead or died in infancy. The only surviving child was the girl Maria, who would later become the ruler of England. But back to the story of “love.” Despite the fact that the king still had an heir, Heinrich could not imagine that a woman could rule his country, so he passionately hoped for a son.

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After 6 years after the birth of his daughter, Heinrich first meets with Anna Boleyn at a reception in honor of the Spanish ambassadors. Forgetting about his wife and other mistresses, the king begins to persistently seek the attention of the newly recognized beauty of England, who, according to his thoughts, can give birth to an heir. For seven years, Heinrich sought the favor of Boleyn, but Anna flatly refused to surrender to the King, saying that this would not happen before she became his lawful wife. In the end, Henry surrendered: he decided to divorce Catherine for the sake of Anna Boleyn. And then the fun begins. Indeed, at that time, England was a Catholic country, and the king could only get permission for a divorce from the Pope himself. And the one with this, to put it mildly, was in no hurry. Alas, but the Vatican clearly underestimated the passion of the English monarch. Henry VIII wanted so much to have Anna that he began the process of reformation of the church to simplify the process of divorce. With the help of associates in the church and parliament, a number of acts were passed that proclaimed the supremacy of the king over the church and the actual break with Rome. In essence, the king’s desire to marry his beloved led to the creation of the Anglican Church. In addition, for divorce and masterful marriage, Henry VIII was forever excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

The whole story ended with Boleyn tragically. She was accused of adultery and executed in the Tower in May 1536. The reason for such a sharp cooling of the king to the woman, for the sake of which he changed the way of the whole country, was the birth of a daughter, not a son, as expected, and the second unsuccessful pregnancy Boleyn. However, there are bright moments in this story. Another result of the connection between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn can be considered the birth of their daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, whose name is usually associated with the golden age of England and the flourishing of culture.

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