Grass for the immune system

Herbs for improving immunity are effective herbal remedies that strengthen the immune system and take care of the health of all body functions. But most importantly, medicinal herbs are absolutely safe for the body, both children and adults. The most effective herbs for strengthening the immune system are: ginseng, echinacea, dandelion, garlic, celandine, St. John’s wort, red clover and others.

The immune system is a protective milestone that protects us from harmful substances formed in the body or coming from outside. The immune system produces immunocompetent cells, i.e., plasmocydes, lymphocytes and antibodies, which are biologically active substances that recognize and destroy antigens, fungi, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and so on. It is lowered immunity, that is, a weak immune system – this is the cause of frequent diseases in both adults and children.

What herbs enhance immunity

What herbs enhance immunity? How to take them correctly and most importantly, when it is necessary to maintain and stimulate the immune system with the help of herbs. Let’s look at the most popular herbs that increase immunity.

Grass for the immune system

Ginseng – for a long time this plant is used to support the immune system. Ginseng is a plant that is rich in dopamine (the hormone of happiness and pleasure). The plant enhances the protective functions of the body, increases efficiency and good mood. Very often, ginseng is used as the main component of various drugs, immunostimulating and tonic.

Ginseng is recommended to be used as an alcohol tincture. You need to take the medicine once a day, three to four times a week. As a rule, a dosage of twenty drops of ginseng is used, diluted with water to maintain the immune system during the cold season.

Grass for the immune system

Eleutherococcus prickly – the plant from which the medicinal extract is made. For medicinal purposes, the roots and leaves are used. The main properties of Eleutherococcus are toning and stimulation of the immune system. The plant improves eyesight, increases physical endurance and performance in general. The effect of the use of herbs that enhance the immune system will be felt after two weeks of regular use. Alcohol tincture is prepared from the plant and must be taken before meals.

Echinacea for immunity

Echinacea for immunity – is used as an immunostimulant, which increases the number of phagocytes in the blood (cells that absorb harmful substances, that is, bacteria, dying cells and foreign particles). Echinacea affects the immune system as a comprehensive treatment for children and adults. The main action of the plant is to suppress the reproduction of herpes viruses and influenza, Escherichia coli, staphylococci and streptococci.

Echinacea tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy, but can be prepared at home. Let’s look at the recipes tincture and decoction of Echinacea.

Tincture: 100 g of boiled water should be poured over 200-300 ml of boiled water and put in a water bath for 15-30 minutes. After this, the infusion should be cooled, strain and take a quarter cup three times a day. Broth: Echinacea roots (pre-crushed) 300 g of boiling water and put in a water bath for 40-50 minutes. After this, strain the broth and squeeze. Take a tablespoon three times a day.

Altai Herbs for Immunity

Altai herbs for immunity are prized around the world. Since it is these herbs growing in Altai that have absorbed the special energy of the mountainous region with healing air and amazingly beautiful nature. Altai herbs make various balsams, syrups and tinctures that help strengthen the immune system, cure colds, or cope with cardiovascular diseases. For the preparation of medicinal extracts use herbs such as licorice, dog rose, St. John’s wort, meadow geranium, chaga, kopeck and others.

In the preparation of extracts to strengthen the immunity of the Altai herbs used water, which allows you to completely extract valuable biologically active substances from plants. Altai herbs have healing power, so they are dried and make teas, herbal preparations, balms and extracts.

Collecting herbs for immunity

Collecting herbs for immunity is the most popular medicinal herbs that are used to restore the immune system. Let’s look at an effective herbal collection that improves immunity. The collection includes:

Grass for the immune system

Herbal tea is valued for its immunostimulating properties. Herb harvest protects the liver cells and produces a choleretic effect. Collecting has a tonic effect. Since the herbal harvest is presented in shares, that is, the percentage of certain herbs, it is necessary to brew it in a special way. One tablespoon of herbs is poured on with 500 ml boiling water and infused. Drink collection is necessary before meals.

Herbal Infusions for Immunity

Infusions of herbs for immunity is a popular folk remedy that allows you to strengthen the immune system in the safest and most effective way. Most often, ginseng and echinacea are used for infusions, as these plants activate the immune system. But it is necessary to take herbal extracts very carefully, since the use of certain herbs leads to an intensive consumption of enzymes and substances that are extremely important for the normal functioning of the body. That is why long-term use of infusions of herbs that increase immunity, can lead to depletion of the body.

Let’s look at the most effective and popular herbal extracts for immunity and recipes for their preparation.

  • Excellent tonic drink can be prepared from hawthorn, wild rose and raspberry. All vegetable components must be thoroughly chopped and pour boiling water. Infuse for 30-40 minutes to cool completely, use as tea.
  • Infusions that boost the immune system can be not only beneficial, but also tasty. You will need 1-2 kg of fresh beets, as many carrots, 1 kg of pomegranates, 1 kg of lemons and 1 kg of flower or herbal honey. Ingredients are ground and poured honey. Insist night, take in the morning before meals and at night one teaspoon.
  • Mix dried mint herb, St. John’s wort, lemon balm and lime blossom (for a tablespoon each). The grass must be poured boiling water and insist for 15-20 minutes. Take during the day.
  • Mix echinacea leaves, black currant leaves, lemon balm, wild rose and strawberry leaves. Herbs are best insisted in a thermos for 3-5 hours. Drink in small portions throughout the day. The course of treatment with herbs that increase immunity is 18-20 days.
  • This recipe will not only strengthen the immune system, but also improve digestion. A glass of oats and 100 g of wild rose must be poured boiling water and infused for 12 hours (the infusion is better to do at night). Take a tincture of half a cup 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 30 days. Please note that you can add dried fruit to the dog rose for a more pleasant taste.

Herbs that increase immunity in children

Herbs that increase immunity in children help to safely restore the child’s immune system, to protect the children’s body from viruses and infections. Today, most children have a weakened immune system, which does not cope with infections and viruses. Because of this, kids of different ages often get sick. We offer you recipes for infusions and decoctions of herbs that will help increase the weakened children’s immunity.

  • Aloe is one of the most effective and affordable herbal ingredients to boost the immune system in a child. Mix a few leaves of aloe with 100 ml of homemade milk, 3 tablespoons of honey, lemon juice and walnuts. Ingredients need to insist within 48 hours and take a teaspoon 2-3 times a day half an hour before meals.
  • Black elderberry flowers allow you to increase the activity of cells that are responsible for the protective functions of the immune system. A tablespoon of elderberry poured boiling water and insist. Infusion is necessary to filter and drink before bedtime.
  • Walnut leaves are another affordable herbal remedy that perfectly enhances the immune system in children. A couple of spoons of leaves pour 500 ml of boiling water and infuse for 12 hours (it is best to do at night). Infusion is necessary to filter and take half a cup twice a day.

The best herb for immunity

The best herb for immunity, more precisely for its restoration and maintenance, is Echinacea, St. John’s Wort, dandelion and many other herbs. The most effective herbs that increase immunity in both adults and children are selected individually and depend on the presence of contraindications to their use.

Immunity enhancing herbs are a natural source of health that helps to safely and effectively restore the immune system and cope with various diseases. Herbal therapy refers to the methods of traditional medicine. Despite the healing properties of herbs, some of them have contraindications and certain rules of use. Therefore, before you engage in the restoration of the immune system with the help of herbs, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

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