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Every girl strives to always look beautiful and attractive. That is why we have to pay due attention to personal care. Make-up and manicure, elegant hair, stylish wardrobe, proper nutrition, sports, scrubs and body and face masks and much more.

Last but not least in this list of procedures is hair removal. Legs, armpits, bikini area and even the eyebrow line – all these places require the removal of excess vegetation after a certain period of time. Each of the fair sex has a favorite way of dealing with annoying hairs. Someone prefers wax strips, someone likes shugaring, some choose to go to a beauty salon for a laser session, and someone chooses an ordinary razor. But there is another good, but little-known way to get rid of unwanted hair – hair removal thread. In this article we will talk about what constitutes cleaning the face with a string.

Facial cleansing

This method of hair removal came to European beauties from the East. The women of China, India, Iran, Turkey, Egypt were the first to try this procedure on themselves. It is incredibly convenient to resort to using the thread in an effort to get rid of unwanted hair over the upper lip and in the eyebrows. Although in beauty salons this type of hair removal is offered for the abdomen, hands, underarms, shins, toes. In the American and European salons such a procedure is called “triding.” Due to its efficiency and simplicity, every year it gains more and more fans.

Good thread

What is epilation thread so good? The main advantage of the triding is that it is completely safe. Such hair removal in no way can injure the skin. Another advantage can be considered that during the procedure, the hairs are pulled out together with the bulbs, so the effect will last longer than from ordinary shaving. Also, if you compare triling with tweezing eyebrows, tweezers, epilation with a thread will allow you to capture several hairs at once, and you don’t have to remove each of the hairs individually for a long time. Another important advantage of face cleansing is its accessibility. You do not have to purchase expensive skin treatments. All you need is a skein of cotton or silk thread.

However, even such an affordable and inexpensive procedure has its drawbacks. First, before embarking on this procedure, you need to grow hair to such an extent that they become visible and visible. Secondly, using this method, large areas of skin will need to be processed a little longer than, for example, using wax or shugaring paste. Thirdly, you need to be patient in order to master the technique of working with thread. In spite of this, you should definitely try to clean the face with a thread. Sooner or later, without any doubt, you will learn to use the thread.

For the procedure you will need: thread, face cream, soap, talc, hot water and a thick towel. So, first you should thoroughly wash the area chosen for epilation on the face with facial wash. Now soak the towel in hot water and attach it to this area for one minute. This is necessary in order to facilitate the procedure, while steaming the skin. After that, allow the skin to dry. Only after that it will be possible to proceed with hair removal. Cut about forty-five centimeters of cotton thread and tie its tips to make a circle. Then put this ring on your thumb and index fingers. Twist the thread eight to ten times so that the figure eight turns out. In the middle of the eight will be a small loop, which you need to get the hang of catching hairs, and then pull them out. Good luck!

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